Pinworms in adults – treatment, symptoms,tablets, drugs

Update: December 2018


  • How does the infection occur?
  • Pinworm symptoms in adults
  • Pinworm diagnostics
  • How to treat pinworms in adults – tablets

Pinworms are the most famous and common parasites that
affect the intestines of humans. With the reproduction of these nematodes arises
a disease that is called enterobiosis. Most vulnerable to
pinworms are children, and the level of infection
among preschool children according to various data 
makes 25-90%. Infection of people around the pinworm eggs
occurs in a household contact way, so pinworms can be
adults whose children are infected with nematodes (most often these are babies,
attending daycare facilities). Treatment of pinworms in
adults, similar to the treatment of children, the same anthelmintic
drugs or folk methods. About the signs of pinworms in adults,
treatment of enterobiosis – will be discussed in this article.

How does the infection occur?

Enterobiosis carriers are children or adults who are infected.
pinworms. Infection occurs from person to person through
handshake, through household items, door handles, clothes, all those
items that were touched by the patient, if not washed after contact
hands and take food with dirty hands. Pinworm eggs can also
get on food with flies and cockroaches or be on wool

The female pinworm enters the human intestine by the oral route,
through dirty hands on which the eggs of worms fall. Further
she mates with a male representative and then migrates to
human colon, where it receives food, and after 4 weeks
it moves to the rectum, where at night it creeps out to
anus and lays up to 15 thousand eggs on the skin near
the anus.

The child or adult then itches in the back.
passage, and scratching an itchy place contribute to the entry of pinworm eggs
on the hands and under the nails of the patient. Further механизм самозаражения и
infection of others is understandable. If you have long grown nails, do not
wash hands after combing, after using the toilet, before eating, on everything,
what concerns an infected person, thousands of eggs are deposited. it
promotes the further spread of nematodes, getting from under
nails, bedding, underwear on the hands of other children and adults.

It is not easy to get rid of parasites, because more often
only if there are children in the family attending kindergartens,
all family members are infected. In addition to taking medicine for pinworms,
should constantly handle the patient’s underwear, isolate
it from other carriers of pinworms, as well as abide by strict rules
personal hygiene that preschool children sometimes do not
easy. To teach your baby from an early age to wash their hands after
toilets, after the street, before eating, you can buy soap in the form
toys, colorful, interesting, turning washing hands in the game.
Also from an early age should teach the child not to take in his mouth
nothing but food, and with clean hands.

Pinworm symptoms in adults

In cases where a person has recently become infected, by chance, not from
family members, a small number of pinworms, adult symptoms
enterobiasis may be absent altogether or accompanied
insignificant not noticeable discomfort. Moreover, subject to
personal hygiene, namely:

  • daily intimate hygiene
  • change of underwear in the morning and in the evening
  • washing hands before eating, after using the toilet

In this case, re-invasion (self-infection) does not occur, because
the life cycle of pinworms is only a few weeks, they die and
no colony replenishment occurs. it при условии, что в окружении
no adult or child suffering from enterobiasis.

In other situations, when a powerful attack of nematodes occurs and
strong invasion, the most characteristic symptom of pinworms in adults
is itching near the anus, which intensifies in the evening
and at night, during the exit of the female pinworms to the anus.

And the itch can disturb a person only 1-2 days, and then
resumes after 2-3 weeks. This frequency is just
indicates that the generation of pinworms is being replaced and

With prolonged absence of treatment of pinworms, with constant
contact with infected children or adults, in case of non-compliance
hygiene, the colonies of pinworms grow very quickly and then
ass in the anus may be more permanent and in some cases be
very painful.

With frequent scratching microcracks, scratches,
abrasions that pathogens can easily penetrate,
causing dermatitis (see dermatitis cream), develop secondary
bacterial infection, which complicates the clinical picture and

With constant infestation of pinworms in adults, without treatment
intestinal disorders such as constipation or diarrhea
(see list of pills for diarrhea), mushy feces with mucus or
even blood particles, intestinal dysbiosis.


Not proven, but there is a suggestion that exacerbation
appendicitis in both adults and children occurs with large concentrations
pinworms in the cecum, in complex with bacterial attachment

What are dangerous pinworms? If adult enterobiasis is not treated,
prolonged invasion leads to intoxication, exhaustion,
increased irritability, fatigue, allergies
organism. Not rarely blood tests indicate helminthic invasion –
decreased hemoglobin and increased eosinophils. therefore
a person may experience headache, dizziness, fast
tired, fall asleep badly, suffer from insomnia, may appear
various allergic manifestations.

In women, worm infestations can lead to endometritis and
vulvovaginitis because pinworms crawl into the genitals,
causing pathogens and causing
inflammatory processes. They may also contribute to irritation.
peritoneum, thereby causing pain near the navel.

Pinworm diagnostics

Как выглядят острицы у взрослых

The usual analysis of feces on the eggs of worms for the diagnosis of infection
pinworms are not informative at all, as eggs are laid
не в кишечнике, а возле ануса, поэтому используется анализ  —
scraping on enterobiosis. It is produced by 2 methods – using adhesive
tapes that are stuck to the anus and cotton swabs with

These methods are not 100% diagnostic and can give
false negative results. Because females do not every day
lay eggs, if you suspect the presence of pinworms, should pass
a similar analysis at least three times, for a reliable result, and
also repeat it after 2 weeks. Should especially be
persistent when there are children in the family attending
preschool institutions.

How to treat pinworms in adults – tablets

The doctor prescribes medication for the treatment of pinworms in adults.
pills, the same as children, only in dosages, according to weight
the patient. Today there are not so many preparations from pinworms,
which are effective against these nematodes (see Drugs
from worms for children). How to choose a drug and what
to treat pinworms in an adult? The attending physician may recommend
any of the following tablets:

  • Левамизол  — Декарис  (средняя цена 70 руб.) этот
    the drug from pinworms is also an immunomodulator
  • Пирантел —  цена 30-50 руб, Гельминтокс 80-120 руб.,
  • Mebendazole – Vormin 20 rub., Vermox 90 rub., Mebex,
  • Carbendacim – Medamin
  • Пиперазин —  это мало эффективный препарат, но его можно
    use for women during pregnancy and lactation, price
    about 30 rubles
  • Nemozol is a very strong anthelmintic drug with many
    side effects, its use is possible only if
    and other helminthic invasions or giardiasis (nemozol with
    лямблиозе,  симптомы лямблиоза у взрослых) или при мощном
    enterobiasis, poorly treatable.

For greater effectiveness of drugs taken, tablets from
pinworms in adults, should be the day before taking the medication, not
use products that hold the chair, and in the evening dinner should be
easy The next day, medicines are taken in the morning, and
it is advisable to use some laxative (all
possible laxatives), it will improve rapid elimination
pinworms from the intestines, especially those that did not die. Compulsory
the success of pinworms is a prerequisite for successful treatment.
drugs after 2 weeks, since not all drugs have
action on the larvae and eggs that have recently entered the body, and
Only adults will be destroyed.

With a pronounced itch, to relieve the condition shown
antihistamines such as Cetrin, Zodac, Loratodine (see
list of the best allergy pills). it также необходимо, для
avoiding scratching the skin and reducing eggs on clothing,
spreading them over the body.

Sodine enema can also be used to reduce itching.
carrying enough 1 liter of water and 2 teaspoons of soda.

In addition to taking medication to get rid of pinworms
adult, treatment must be accompanied by compliance
some rules, and all family members must comply with them, not
regardless of whether they have pinworms:

  • Wash hands thoroughly after using the toilet, before eating, after the street
  • Nails should always be cut short.
  • Underwear is important to change in the morning and evening, and after washing each
    ironed once
  • Disinfection of the toilet, wet cleaning the apartment every day

If these rules are not followed, the effectiveness of drugs for pinworms in
adults is reduced to zero, the risk of pinworms reinfection and infection
surrounding is very high. On the use of folk remedies for
enterobiasis can be found in our article Pinworms in children – treatment,
symptoms. We will focus only on the most famous method.
excretion pinworms in adults using pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin seed is the most famous herbal remedy,
It is believed that the main action against pinworms and other parasites,
due to the properties of the gray-green film, which is between
peel and seeds. therefore нельзя использовать для лечения уже
cleaned seeds, and you need to clean them yourself. AT
for 2 days, the patient is given an enema every morning, in the evening
laxative saline and repeat an enema again in the morning. ATзрослому
clean 300 grams. seeds, then they are ground in a mortar, mixed with 100
gr. honey, mix thoroughly. AT течении 1 часа больной должен
eat this mixture on an empty stomach, eat nothing, and after 4 hours drink
laxative, через 30 минут снова сделать клизму. After
emptying the intestines can be eaten.

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