Phthalates (contained in plastics) – specialallergens for babies

Update: February 2019

Day by day we use a lot of plastic items. In her
The composition contains a number of compounds, including the so-called
�”Phthalates” – plasticizers. They provide elasticity

But phthalates can be dangerous to humans, because it is very good
get into the organs and tissues through the skin, food.
These compounds inhibit hormonal and metabolic processes. Quite
It is important that phthalates are potential allergens and pests for
the immune system of children of different ages.

A group of scientists representing the University of Leipzig closely
engaged in the study of the health effects of these components
plastics (plastic containers, disposable tableware, etc.). By
their findings, published in the famous journal of Allergology and
Clinical Immunology, these compounds have a detrimental effect.
not only when breastfeeding a child, but also during
mother’s pregnancy.


Doctors have put a number of experiments where they made analyzes.
qualitative composition of the urine of pregnant women. During the work of scientists
tried to find phthalate metabolites in it (for example,
benzylbutyl phthalate).

It turned out that the established elevated level of metabolites
testified to the high risk of asthma in children
the subjects.

The researchers duplicated their conclusions on laboratory mice:
phthalates, which affected the pregnant and lactating milk
offspring, caused allergies in mice. In the future, it was
It is established that the effect of plasticizers is due to the action on
genes of the organism.

Byзднее ученые планируют запустить ряд исследований, где
try to figure out the processes of phthalate functioning on
molecular level. Already today, doctors have been subject to
reducing the severity of allergies through the introduction of drugs
�”Includes” genes, but all this is still under development.

We all understand that to exclude plastic items from use
almost impossible. Byэтому постарайтесь исключить их использование
at least during lactation and pregnancy, above all, it
for food containers.

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