Photo collage of a newborn baby by yourselfin 2 minutes!

We welcome you, our dear readers, on the pages of the site “I
Your little one. ” Today the site administrator Valery is in touch with you.
We are often asked to mail a question with what, what
programs or online services you can make a photo collage of a baby with
then saving the collage on a computer or printing it on
paper. Just now we will give you step-by-step instructions.

In fact, everything is very, very simple.

Usually they ask how to make photo collages on the first day.
birth of a child. But you can, for example, make collages every month.
(look what memory it will be). The child is full
a month or two or three … and keep the best for each month
moments. Cool!

How to create a photo collage online

Council Before you create
photo collage, select the desired and best photos and save
them in a separate folder on the computer. So…

Go to the site to create photo collages

Шаг 1

Choose any template (40 templates), left click

создать фотоколлаж онлайн бесплатно

Step 2

We load the necessary number of photos from the computer. Hover the mouse on
“Upload photo” window and go through the explorer to the folder on
computer in which the photos are saved. After downloading the necessary
photos, drag the desired photo into any empty block in
collage. Attention. In the upper right corner
hints appear!

создать фотоколлаж

онлайн фотоколлаж

Step 3

Drag the photo. Pushed as you like, click on the button
�”Create a collage”

готовый фотоколлаж

Step 4

Everything! Now you need to save the photo to your computer. Click on
photo collage with the right mouse button and select “Save image

That’s all the manipulation.

For a couple of minutes you can do it yourself
фотоколлаж из фотографий своего малыша, скинуть фото на
flash drive, go to the photo salon and print your creation.

Идея — подобные коллажи это отличный подарок
for your friends and loved ones!

And what is the memory … :)

Good luck to you!

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