Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump Review

ручной молокоотсос Philips AVENT

The need for a breast pump occurs in many
nursing moms. It is indispensable for working women who want
keep lactation and continue feeding the baby during force majeure
circumstances (illness, business trip). Some prefer
use a breast pump in a maternity hospital on high tide days. Among
Many companies and models are popular
Philips AVENT manual breast pump.

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Features of the Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump

The kit of the device for manual decanting of breast milk

  • breast pump with a handle;
  • massage nozzle;
  • 125 ml milk bottle;
  • nipple for feeding the baby;
  • covers for transportation and storage of expressed milk.

комплект ручного молокоотсоса Philips AVENT


Features of operation

  • small weight and small size facilitate storage and
  • thanks to the compact design and ergonomic shape of the handle
    breast pump is convenient to attach to the breast, to produce pumping
    one hand and control the process;
  • connection order of parts is easy to determine even without
    instructions, such ease of assembly is provided by the form
  • carefully designed form of breast pump allows nursing
    mothers relax and take a comfortable position while pumping,
    which contributes to the revitalization of milk flow;
  • The patented five-petal massage tip has
    soft cover that mimics baby’s sucking and
    leaves a feeling of warmth on the body;
  • bottle and wide nipple, similar to the shape of the breast, allow
    it is easy to alternate between breast feeding and bottle feeding;
  • breast pump compatible with other feeding accessories
    this Philips series;
  • Large number of individual parts for easy cleaning.
    device, incl. in the dishwasher.

How to use the Philips AVENT breast pump

  1. Before the first use of the breast pump, all parts are disassembled.
    the form must be sterilized. You can do this with
    special sterilizer or by boiling for 5
  2. Wash hands thoroughly before assembly. Build
    according to instructions. All actions should be carried out easily, without
    the use of force.
  3. Immediately before decanting, wash your hands and chest with soap and water.
    Check duct patency in the mammary glands cautious
    pushing on the nipples. After the appearance of the first drops of milk can
    use a breast pump.
  4. Tightly apply a petal massager to your chest so that in between
    and the skin did not penetrate the air. With a little effort, make 5-6
    quick taps to stimulate milk flow.
  5. Then, after pressing the handle, hold it in that position.
    2-3 seconds. This rhythm corresponds to the natural sucking
    movement of the baby.
  6. If within 5 minutes the process of decanting does not start, try
    should stop for a while. Check the correctness
    breast pump assembly, it is possible that no vacuum is created in it.
  7. In case of unpleasant or painful sensations
    pumping process, try to pump less intensively, without lowering
    handle to the end. If the situation does not change, operation
    breast pump should be stopped and seek advice from
    a specialist.
  8. To prevent the milk from flowing out from under the hull, you need to follow
    filling the bottle. If the volume of milk expressed at one time
    regularly exceeds 125 ml, you should use a bottle or
    larger container.
  9. After use, the breast pump must be disassembled and rinsed.
    details in soapy water without abrasive and antibacterial detergents

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The Philips AVENT breast pump works smoothly and completely silently.
The effectiveness of its work is not inferior to electrical analogues, which
proven by clinical trials. Use it to extend
breastfeeding period and make the pumping process quick and

Цена на ручные молокоотсосы Philips AVENT около
3000 rubles. You can buy a breast pump in the online store


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Philips AVENT Learn to use the breast pump

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