Personal (intimate) hygiene of the newborngirls

In the first days of a baby’s life, nursing is done medically.
maternity ward personnel. But on returning home right
hygienic care of the newborn girl lies on the shoulders of mom.
Due to frequent bowel movements and urination care of the intimate area
should be well organized and safe. For parents
girls этот вопрос считается первостепенным, так как защитный
the barrier that an adult woman has but is missing
newborn, not yet formed, and because
characteristic-specific structure of the genital organs to bring inside
infection and acquire a variety of diseases is quite simple. BUT
this will affect the future on the cyclical nature of menstruation, the course of labor and
childbirth in general.

интимная гигиена новорожденной girls

The first days of life

At this time, the creamy lips are visible on the lips of the newborn.
(beige) or light gray patina. This is a smegma, a primordial lubricant, and
its presence is completely normal. If a little raid, he himself
will disappear, but if the secret is ample, it is recommended to remove it. it
must be done, because after a couple of days of fat,
contained in it, will begin to oxidize, what will cause active
reproduction of microorganisms and then inflammation. According to the structure of this
plaque is quite dense, so removal should be carried out in
several stages. Use cotton swabs or discs
и теплую кипяченую воду (проверьте температуру
water on the wrist). Act delicately! The raid will depart
gradually and after two or three days, 2-3 days will completely disappear.

Proper swimming is a guarantee of health

For a start, remember: the use of wet wipes can be
use only to remove fecal masses, after which
it is necessary to wash the crotch under a stream of warm water. AT
everyday life to use them is unacceptable!

AT домашних условиях гигиена грудной girls подчиняется строгим
правилам, одно из которых: подмывание в течение всего
of the day
It is necessary to wash the girl after each change
diaper, as well as after defecation. Do not forget to pre
wash hands with hypoallergenic baby soap!

ATажная информация! У новорожденной girls
должны быть собственные предметы гигиены — мыло,
towel, sterile wipes, cotton swabs.

When rinsing children’s genitals is important to comply with
следующее правило: спереди назад, то есть по направлению к
back passage.
Particles of feces should not get into the vagina,
this will lead to inflammation. For the same reason, girls should not be washed in

need to wash away from front to back, that is towards back passage.

need to wash away from front to back, that is towards
back passage.

ATажная информация! Observe the measure:
excessive zeal for purity may entail synechia (partial
fusion of the labia minora). it — следствие травмы нежной
mucous membrane of the vulva due to frequent contact
with towel / soap / napkins.


Proper intimate hygiene for a newborn girl –
 это важный момент для последующего
здорового развития половых органов (здоровья), поэтому
Remember the following sequence of external genital cleaning
чистым и мягким полотенцем досуха промокают
first genital slit, then labia, groin folds and in
the last turn is the anus.

AT младенчестве кожно-слизистые покровы сухие и ранимые, поэтому
We recommend moisturizing them with allergen-free baby cream. Do not wipe
labia inside, it leads to urine infection

ATажная информация! AT первую a week у
girls могут появиться кровянистые выделения из влагалища. it не
need to be treated, the discharge will disappear after a while. But at
redness of the genital organs, purulent secretions with a strong odor
— немедленно обращайтесь к
No discharge, except white mucous
(vaginal protective secretion) and blood-mucous not be

Breast care

AT личную гигиену новорожденной girls входит и уход
for mammary glands. After 4-7 days after birth, breasts may
swell and turn red or stand out colostrum (this is also a sign
presence of maternal estrogen). Avoid gross exposure.
on baby’s chest: do not rub it, do not squeeze out the liquid,
eliminate the possible rubbing of the nipples on clothes – everything will go through
a couple of weeks. Consult a pediatrician in case
pronounced redness and increase in dairy

Immediate care is to

wash your nipples 3-4 times a day with a weak raster of furatsilina. is he
It has disinfecting properties, but does not harm delicate baby skin. AT
as a means to accelerate the reduction of breast swelling
use compresses with camphor oil.

Данный опыт по уходу за новорожденным малышом пригодится ATам как
during his infancy, and in early childhood. But don’t forget
that one of the main parental responsibilities is to teach your child
self-care and rigorous follow-up
personal hygiene.

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Помните: ежедневная гигиена новорожденного малыша —
his future health!

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