Persistent, severe dizziness: causes,treatment

Update: October 2018 I feel dizzy – very
common phrase. Fine when these words
accompanied by emotional perception of joyful events. But oh
dizziness, as an unpleasant symptom, often heard
doctors – every second patient makes a similar complaint to his
to the doctor. The reasons for dizziness will be discussed in this article.

What is dizziness

Under true vertigo, another name for which is vertigo,
imply a state manifested by a false sense of movement
surrounding objects or a sense of movement and rotation
own body.

True dizziness in many cases, especially
associated with nausea and vomiting, indicative of
diseases associated with the spatial control system
posture and balance. This система включает несколько органов
and body structures: eyes, sensory receptors
(proprioceptive systems) joints, muscles and bones, vestibular
the apparatus of the inner ear.

True vertigo is divided into 2 groups: peripheral
and central. If the cause of dizziness are diseases
головного brain, оно носит название центральное.
With damage to the vestibular nerve or peripheral structures
vestibular apparatus of the inner ear causes dizziness,
которое называется периферическим.

Dizziness is not always a distress signal.

  • When rotating on the carousel, dizziness occurs at the height of
    which is the normal reaction of an untrained organism to
    stimulation of organs and systems responsible for balance. Such a
    dizziness subsequently passes quickly.
  • Taking certain medicines may cause dizziness – usually
    manufacturer specifies this feature in the instructions for
  • Inadequate nutrition may also lead to
    dizziness due to lack of glucose.
  • There are also so-called psychogenic dizziness, which
    often associated with impaired activity of the autonomic nervous system
    system, stress, and is described by patients very colorfully, in the form of
    тумана, спутанности мыслей, предобморочного states.

Sharp dizziness is described as a feeling of loss of orientation.
man in space. Under the word dizziness may
imply absolutely diverse subjective feelings:
feeling of nausea, slight imbalance, condition similar to
intoxication, a sense of rotation of the body or objects in the environment. If a
the person is constantly dizzy – this is
certainly a good reason to check with a doctor.

You should urgently call an ambulance if the following are added

  • Loss of consciousness with dizziness
  • Severe dizziness lasts over 1 hour
  • Weakness in limbs, dizziness, headache
  • A person with diabetes, hypertension appeared
  • Рвота и высокая температура вместе с dizzinessм

The results of an interesting study

Поскольку понятие dizziness — это ощущение, которое может в
life perceived for other symptoms and conditions (subjective
concept) and not many appreciate it correctly. Very often for
dizziness понимают такие симптомы и состояния:

  • Loss of balance, instability gait
  • Weakness, nausea
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Darkening of the eyes after an abrupt change of position – sharp
    getting out of bed
  • Veil before eyes
  • Faint state

A study in St. Petersburg in one of
polyclinics of the city for 3 months found that 16% of patients
complained of vestibular disorders. In a study
650 people aged 18-78 participated. Duration data
intensity, the nature of the attacks are presented in tables.

Gender of study participants 74% women 26% of men
Employment 50% – non-working pensioners 20% —  люди физического труда 20% – people of mental labor
Duration of the attack 30 seconds 1-2 minutes daily and permanent
44% 18% ten%
Seizure frequency 40% – daily 4one% – several times a week
Time of onset 44% – in the morning 52% – at any time
Symptom buildup 66% – sudden 34% – gradual increase in symptoms
Feelings during the attack combination of many sensations instability pushes to the sides feeling empty in the head feeling of “falling through”
74% 67% 29% 22% one%

The study confirms that most patients
воспринимают некоторые ощущения за dizziness — толчки,
«проваливание», пустоты в голове, состояние instability. BUT
illusion of rotation of the patient’s body, rotation of the external environment, objects
around is rare. Only 25% of patients were identified.
signs of true vestibular vertigo in combination with
nausea, hyperhidrosis (see the causes of excessive sweating),
vomiting, a sense of rotation of the body or objects around.

That is, 75% of patients complaining that they feel dizzy
describe signs that do not meet the true criteria
vertigo (vestibular disorder). Further
patient diagnosis found that vestibular disorders
were caused by the following violations:

  • anemia
  • diseases of the endocrine system – hypothyroidism, diabetes,
  • visual impairment – myopia, presbyopia
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system – heart
    failure of the heart rhythm disorder (see bradycardia symptoms,
    causes of tachycardia).
  • disruption of the nervous system – circulatory
    encephalopathy, polyneuropathy, vertebral – basilar
    failure and so on.

The clinical experience gained to date shows
that with timely adequate treatment of such diseases
vestibular symptoms soften, diminish or disappear.


For уточнения причины головокружения и установления диагноза
the patient should first go to the therapist, then go through
comprehensive examination by an ophthalmologist, a neuropathologist,
otolaryngologist who can refer to the following

  • CT and MRI
  • X-ray of the cervical spine and skull
  • Complete blood count and glucose test (see glucose standard in
  • Audiographic examination
  • Doppler ultrasound of the arteries of the brain

Causes of dizziness and nausea

Causes of dizziness and nausea могут заключаться в сбое работы
complex mechanism of the human body responsible for
balance or spatial holding of body position. What already
mentioned above, this system consists of several components, and
violation of the work of any of them leads to disruption of the work of the entire
system. The second cause of vertigo and nausea is
pathological processes and diseases that occurred in the brain
the brain.

Thus, the combination of two symptoms – dizziness and
nausea – may indicate the following pathologies:

  • circulatory and circulatory disorders of the head
  • circulatory disorders of the vestibular apparatus Причины головкуружения
  • cervical osteochondrosis
  • мигрень (см. что такое мигрень, признаки, триптаны от
  • патологии спинного brain;
  • epilepsy (see symptoms, treatment of epilepsy, causes
  • опухоль головного brain -признаки
  • Meniere’s disease
  • ear injuries

Pronounced symptoms give peripheral disorders
(ear injuries, Meniere’s disease, патология кровообращения
vestibular apparatus) in the form of severe dizziness and nausea.
There may also be vomiting, heart palpitations, excessive sweating
and weakness. In other cases, with central dizziness
nausea is mild, and dizziness itself is characterized
gradual start and finish.

For any of the pathologies listed, medical
control and competent therapeutic approach. After all, some of them
are life threatening, and dizziness can only be
the onset of a severe symptom complex.

Causes of weakness and dizziness

Dizziness of varying severity and weakness, with
which each movement is given with difficulty, experienced by many. it
frequent duo of symptoms that compels to see a doctor,
since normal performance and livelihoods in general
become impossible. Causes of weakness and dizziness
numerous, and only physicians are able to install them.

Such sensations can be a variant of the norm
human in some cases. For example, such complaints often
impose teenagers, due to the rapid
physiological changes of the growing organism.

But in most cases, the symptoms indicate diseases.
organism, among which may be:

  • железодефицитная anemia, приводящая к низкому уровню
    hemoglobin and, as a result, dizziness and general malaise
    (see iron supplementation for anemia)
  • cerebrovascular accident, characterized also
    sensation of tinnitus, reduced attention and flicker points
    before your eyes;
  • hypertensive attacks that can literally knock a person off
    legs and at worst end with a stroke (see pine cones from
  • neurocirculatory dystonia, common among the weak
    sex and associated with stress, psychological stress and
    the emotional instability of women;
  • oncologic pathology, which in the presence of symptoms
    dizziness and weakness are most likely
    is still in the initial stages of its development;
  • functional disorders of cardiac activity leading to
    disruption of normal blood circulation throughout the body;
  • increased intraocular pressure which often acts
    a logical continuation of states associated with weakness and
    dizziness, but it indicates a more serious
    заболевании (см. атеросклероз сосудов головного brain, повышение
    intracranial pressure, etc.).

With most of the pathologies listed, except
that neurocirculatory dystonia, dizziness and weakness
parallel to the progression of the main pathology, therefore
The first manifestations should already be a reason for speedy treatment.
to the doctor.

Causes of dizziness in women

Sudden dizziness in women is a common problem. This
symptoms greatly impair quality professional and personal
of life.

Causes of dizziness in women многогранны, виновниками этого
phenomena beautiful ladies sometimes become themselves. With dizziness
life go girls and women asthenic physique, and
those who are fond of diets.

Women who are fond of diets, often dizzy
from the lack of glucose in the blood, it leads not only to slim
forms, but also to hypoglycemia, because of which the whole body suffers,
and most of all – the brain.


Dizziness is often accompanied by other manifestations –
weakness, malaise, nausea, and sometimes vomiting. According to
medical research, dizziness in women is caused
The following factors and causes:

  • Pregnancy

The body of a pregnant woman from the very first days after conception
undergoing tremendous changes, and vertigo is frequent
a phenomenon. Is this normal or not? A variant of the norm is considered
dizziness during the first weeks of pregnancy when
there are enormous changes in hormonal levels. Normal
considered and dizziness during the entire period of pregnancy,
if a woman has low blood pressure. Frequent dizziness also
may be accompanied by toxicosis of pregnant women – a condition that follows
keep under control. Low hemoglobin and
accordingly, the gland of the blood is also manifested by vertigo.
Pregnant women are strictly forbidden to self-medicate, therefore
при появлении головокружения нужно обратиться to the doctor.

  • Weakness of the vestibular apparatus

With such features of the body of women swayed in transport:
airplanes, buses, trains, ships; they can’t afford
ride on the carousel and avoid places where it is likely
the appearance of vertigo.

  • Strong excitement and stressful situations

Often women are nervous before important and responsible
events, public speaking, etc. Excitement leads to
deterioration of blood circulation in the brain and oxygen starvation,
which is immediately manifested by vertigo.

  • Lack of sleep, overstrain and chronic fatigue

Accelerated pace of life, when you want everything in 24 hours a day
have time, take a high fee – have to save on natural
processes such as sleep. And the consequence of this is
overstrain of the nervous system and oxygen starvation of cells,
one of the symptoms of which is dizziness.

  • Blood pressure drops, magnetic storms

Скачки BUTД также неблагоприятно сказываются на работе brain,
which signals trouble dizziness and headaches
pains. Do meteosensitive people during magnetic storms
headaches, dizziness, weakness are possible (see effect
magnetic storms on health)

  • Diseases in the acute and chronic course

Many diseases can manifest this symptom, the most
often behave this way: osteochondrosis, vascular pathologies, hypertension,
заболевания сердца, головного brain, диабет, онкологические
processes of different localization.

Constant dizziness in women is not only
unpleasant, but also a dangerous symptom. Unfortunately, not all at once
go to the doctor for diagnosis, and begin to take
medicines on the advice of friends, pharmacists in the pharmacy and bring themselves to
critical states. To preserve your health, you need
timely examined and treated because dizziness –
a symptom that should be reported to the doctor.

Constant, frequent, severe dizziness – causes

Dizzy vertigo discord – some people only
occasionally experience these symptoms, and some, on the contrary,
fall asleep and get up with dizziness or often exacerbations

When severe dizziness is noted, never before
не возникавшее, следует немедленно обратиться to the doctor. If this
an unbearable symptom occurs at a time when no one is around,
it is necessary to take a half-sitting position and call an ambulance. Terrible
symptoms, in addition to vertigo, are the disappearance
sensitivity in the limbs, muscular weakness on the one hand,
confusion and speech, asymmetry of the face – all this
testifies to the occurred violation of cerebral circulation.
And then the bill goes on for minutes, because a stroke threatens death or
lifelong disability if treatment is untimely started (see
first signs of stroke in women).

Severe vertigo some diseases
organs of hearing – acute labyrinthitis, vestibular neuritis, tumor
auditory nerve.

Frequent dizziness indicates the presence of chronic
diseases and also talks about the progress of the progression
pathology. Unfavorable signs are increased sensations.
when dizzy, the acceleration of these attacks, the joining
secondary symptoms.

Causes of frequent dizziness can be divided by importance,
among which the first place is taken by pathology of vessels and substances
головного brain: атеросклероз, сужение церебральных артерий,
oncological process, chronic ischemia. Second place is
osteochondrosis, the hallmark of which is seasonal
spring and autumn exacerbation and deterioration when changing
weather conditions.

What to do if dizzy?

So, having understood the reasons and realized that dizziness is not
just an unpleasant feeling, but also a possible sign of some kind
disease, when observing at such a phenomenon you need to turn
to the doctor. Diagnostic complex of measures intended for
exclusion or confirmation of a preliminary diagnosis,
exhibited by a doctor, allows you to find out the reason

If dizziness is caused by a peculiarity of the nervous system,
vestibular apparatus or associated with hypotension, it is necessary for
maximum exclude all factors that provoke dizziness,
such as:

  • sharp body and head movements
  • slopes
  • sudden change in body position and other
  • Avoid sharp ascents
  • try not to use the escalator and other dangerous

since the attack of vertigo is not only unpleasant, but also
dangerous phenomenon – having lost balance, a person can fall and
injure yourself.

At the time of the onset of dizziness, a person may try
stop him. Should sit down or lie down with the sublime
head position, do not close your eyes, try to focus
look at one thing, distract. When it becomes easier, go to
Fresh air. There are a number of drugs that facilitate
dizziness, as we will discuss below. But take them without
destination is still not worth it, because of the dizziness may
cover dangerous pathology.

Vertigo treatment

Symptomatic treatment of vertigo is carried out drugs
appointed doctor, from groups:

  • anticholinergics (scopolamine)
  • antihistamine (meclizin)
  • neuroleptics (meterazine)
  • benzodiazepines – diazepam (Relanium, Seduxen, Sbason,
  • antiemetic – Metoclopramide, Zeercal
  • vasodilators – Nicotinic acid, Vasobral
    (Dihydroergocriptine + Caffeine)

A serious mistake is a long and incorrect application.
of these medicines because they slow down the reactions

When detecting a certain pathology is assigned etiotropic
a treatment that, by eliminating the root cause, helps to cope and
with vertigo.

In the treatment of nonspecific vertigo are widely used
alternative methods:

  • vacuum therapy
  • acupuncture
  • manual therapy
  • physiotherapy, etc.

If the medical diagnosis has not revealed any pathology, with
dizziness can be managed independently and without medication. For
start you need to change your lifestyle in the direction of health, eliminate
bad habits and factors, spend more time on the air and
do some kind of sport, the main thing is that this activity should be
life – well helps swimming, gymnastics, jogging,
skiing. All this very much trains the vestibular apparatus and
nervous system, tones blood vessels and strengthens the body.

Do not get involved in coffee and strong tea, preferring
herbal tea, natural juices and fruit drinks, limit salt intake.
In general, the body should receive a sufficient amount of fluid –
It is this factor that is responsible for normal well-being, tone and
a burst of vitality, not caffeine in the beverage.

BUTвтор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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