Persimmon in baby food – from what age andhow to enter it into the diet of the child?

Most adults love to taste fragrant and
juicy persimmon. This fruit is not only tasty, it is also useful for
view, blood vessels and immunity. But can you pamper this
ягодой ребёнка раннего возраста? AT каком возрасте лучше
to acquaint the child with persimmon? Is this fruit dangerous for children?
body? How to properly enter this berry in the feed?

The content of the article

  • 1 From what age do people start to add persimmon to the children’s menu?
    • 1.1 What are the benefits of persimmon?
    • 1.2 What can be dangerous persimmon and who she
    • 1.3 In what form do they give persimmon to children?
    • 1.4 How to choose a persimmon for a child?
    • 1.5 Persimmon Allergies – Be Careful


At what age do they start to add a persimmon to the children’s menu?

Ребёнку до года эту ягоду не дают. Most
experts generally agree that the persimmon is not worth
offer children up to three years.
Up to this age system
child’s digestion is not mature enough to absorb this

Not all parents tend to listen to experts,
some offer persimmon to children at an earlier age (1-2
of the year). The introduction of this fetus in the diet of the baby at an early age can
cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
If the baby already has any pathology or disease
digestive system, it is better to refrain from the introduction of persimmon in its
diet up to 5 years.

What benefits does persimmon bring?

  • Persimmon is rich in carbohydrates, fiber, contains a lot of tannins.
    substances, organic acids and many other beneficial
  • In winter, this fruit will replenish the body.
    ребенка витаминами и минералами;
  • Persimmon helps to strengthen blood vessels, stimulates the work
    the thyroid gland and the immune system favorably affect the
  • Vitamin A, contained in persimmon, improves eyesight. Vitamin A in
    Beta-carotene is important for children’s growth.
    the body;
  • This berry will replenish the body with a supply of nutrients – iron,
    potassium, iodine, manganese, magnesium, calcium;
  • Persimmon – a source of vitamin C, through which increases
    the body’s resistance to viruses, the immune system becomes stronger
  • Rutin and vitamin C in the composition of persimmon, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and
    has a positive effect on immune defense and condition
  • Persimmon – a source of natural sugar, so it improves
    brain function and increases efficiency;
  • Thanks to the astringent ingredients, persimmon helps in treating


Чем может быть опасна хурма и кому она contraindicated?

  • The astringent properties of persimmon can be dangerous.
    child’s body (with too early introduction to the child’s diet) –
    this fetus can cause intestinal obstruction;
  • Children with a tendency to constipation, it is better not to give persimmon,
    especially if the fruit is not ripe. They have a lot of tannin, substances
    which can cause severe constipation in children;
  • Persimmon refers to the berries that often cause allergic
    reaction. Children are introduced to this fruit gradually by offering
    a small piece at breakfast time;
  • Diabetics should not eat persimmon because of the large
    amounts of carbohydrates that are quickly absorbed by the body;
  • Одновременное употребление с молоком хурму не едят, это
    may cause loose stools.

In what form are children given persimmon?

Usually this fruit is offered fresh. Хурму моют,
peel off and cut into pieces. The fruit is good for
cooking sweet desserts – jelly, fruit salads. Him
pulp is used for filling pancakes, casseroles and pies.

фруктовый салат с хурмой

Фруктовый салат с ананасом и хурмой
сушеная хурма

сушеная хурма

ATысушенные плоды тоже можно предлагать детям, хотя в таком виде
the amount of vitamins is reduced. In dried persimmon is also less
tannin, which has an astringent effect.

How to choose a persimmon for a child?

Покупая хурму для ребёнка, выбирайте только спелые ягоды –
they are moderately elastic, smooth, have a uniform orange color,
any damage, areas of decay or dark spots on
surface persimmon should not be. Do not buy too soft
fruits or fruits with dried skin. Treat the child only
washed and peeled and peeled persimmon.

�”Fresh food” – How to choose a ripe persimmon

Persimmon Allergy – Be Careful

Since the persimmon contains a large amount of beta-carotene, about
which is indicated by the bright orange color of the fruit, it is often
causes allergies in children. That is why, offering children persimmon
for the first time, give try a very small piece of fruit in the morning. AT
you should pay attention to the day
allergies – rash, redness, itching, swelling in the face, dry cough,
runny nose or any other symptom of allergies. If you notice
at least one of the manifestations of intolerance to the product, remove the persimmon
from the child’s diet. ATрач назначит подходящий антигистаминный
drug child and tell you when you can try this again

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The program “Live Healthy” Persimmon – a berry that “knits”.
What is useful persimmon? How to choose it correctly, how to store it from
can it be cooked?

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