Perga during pregnancy: useful and dangerous properties


  1. Useful properties of pregnant mummy
  2. Is pox dangerous during pregnancy?
    1. How much should pregnant women consume?
  3. Storage Tips
  4. Perga when planning pregnancy

Bee products are a unique natural source of nutrients. However, the fact that pollen based products are the strongest allergens. However, doctors often advise pregnant women use bee bread as a means that naturally fill the body’s need for nutrients and will contribute to the proper development of the fetus. What is useful for bee bread with pregnancy and in what quantities should it be taken?

Useful properties of pregnant mummy

Perga, also called “honey bread”, has long been known its healing properties. The Slavs called it “bread” and believed that she was able to cure infertility. She represents a honeycomb rammed into honeycombs and preserved by honey pollen. This way the bees stockpile pollen for a long time, to feed the larvae in spring, hence another name for this product – bee bread.

Under the action of enzymes present in honey, harvested pollen is gradually fermented and gaining healing power. AT In the process of collecting pollen, bees mix nectar from different plants, therefore, bee bread gets such a diverse mineral composition. The ready-to-eat product is granules (or tablets) golden brown. Their shade and taste may vary depending on the composition and area of ​​collection, however nutritional qualities always remain at a high level.

bee bread

The composition of “bee bread” includes:

  • Vitamin A, E, P, B vitamins;
  • calcium;
  • iron;
  • magnesium;
  • potassium;
  • amino acids;
  • carbohydrates.

Pregnant pouch is often recommended as an extra source of nutrients and as a substitute for synthetic vitamin complex. Moreover, unlike many artificial foods additives, it is perfectly acquired.

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Its beneficial properties during pregnancy:

  • due to the iron content it increases hemoglobin, beneficially affects the processes of blood formation;
  • calcium is involved in the formation of the skeletal system of the future a child;
  • potassium stimulates metabolism and accelerates blood circulation;
  • magnesium is necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system, its deficiency raises the tone of the uterus and exacerbates the symptoms of early toxicosis;
  • pregnancy is also recommended for pregnant women due to its high content vitamin E, which is involved in preparing the body for gestation fetus, reduces the likelihood of miscarriage, maintains skin condition and hair in a pregnant woman;
  • rich vitamin composition increases the overall tone of the body, strengthens the immune system, which is greatly weakened in the period bearing a child;
  • early bee bread mitigates symptoms toxicosis;
  • it is also used as a natural cure for diseases gastrointestinal tract, to restore intestinal microflora.

Is pox dangerous during pregnancy?

bee bread for pregnant womenObviously, many have the question: is bee allergen the same as honey because they have similar origin? Contrary to popular belief, “honey bread “- the only one of all bee products that is considered hypoallergenic. Its use has practically no side effects. effects, therefore, to take stew during pregnancy in most cases safe. But this only applies to supplements in pure form: in combination with honey or propolis, it may well cause allergies.

Before you start your daily intake, it is better to make sure that the body will take it well, because cases of intolerance are rare, but meet. You can do a skin test first: a little a softened beard is applied to the inside of the wrist. If after a few minutes itching and redness did not appear, try take a couple of granules inside. No unpleasant symptoms in over the next two hours suggests taking this the supplement is safe.


Possible side effects: long-term use term can lead to a deterioration in blood coagulation (all due to the high content of vitamin A). This must be remembered. those women who often have bleeding or have any diseases associated with bleeding disorders. By this for the same reason, it is recommended to stop taking at least a month before childbirth. For those who have metabolic problems, You can take the bee bread only under the supervision of a doctor.

How much should pregnant women consume?

It is advisable to take bee pork during pregnancy, in several times a day in small portions. Optimal dosage depends on the form of the product:

  • if these are granules, they are taken on an empty stomach 5 g 3 times a day;
  • “honey bread” in the comb can be chewed or absorbed, leaving wax, also 5 g three times a day;
  • it is recommended to eat pepper paste after each eating without drinking water;
  • take this supplement just before bedtime not recommended – its tonic properties can provoke insomnia and increase pressure.

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One course of administration is usually 3-4 weeks. Pregnant it is not worth taking the bee bread constantly, otherwise an allergy may appear. After each course, it is recommended to take a break of several weeks, after which the supplement can be reintroduced into the diet. Assign suitable dosage and duration of the course will help your doctor.

application tips

When buying granular “bee bread” in a pharmacy, remember that the most useful are granules of a dark shade. At their core – buckwheat and linden pollen, they are distinguished by a high iron content and magnesium.

A granular supplement often has a specific taste, which not everyone likes it. Therefore, many prefer to add it to prepared meals (e.g., cereals, salads, cottage cheese). If her reception on an empty stomach causes discomfort in the stomach (and this is quite often with pregnant women), granules can be taken after meals.

Storage Tips

“Honey bread” is very important to store properly, otherwise case he quickly loses his valuable qualities. Subject to storage conditions the shelf life of this product is about of the year. Pellets are recommended to be poured into glass jars. small volume which hermetically closes (it can also be plastic containers). Store these cans in a dry room. at a temperature of 0 to 5 ° C (they can be placed in the refrigerator, as far from the freezer).

Perga when planning pregnancy

Many apitherapy advocates believe that this product extremely useful for those who plan to conceive in the near future a child. For example, you can find many folk recipes, where the beers are advised to take on the day of ovulation and in the next 2 weeks.

By the way, the fact that purg significantly increases the level of fertility in animals, has already received scientific confirmation. Doctors do not exclude that in a similar way it affects human body. The main reason for this is explained diverse composition and high in vitamin E, which prepares a woman’s body for conception and bearing a child. Exactly this substance is responsible for strengthening the placenta, reducing risk miscarriage and premature birth.

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