Pathology of the kidneys during pregnancy: danger and treatment


  1. Features of the functioning of the kidneys in pregnant women
    1. What to look for?
  2. Kidney disease
    1. Pyelonephritis during pregnancy
    2. Urolithiasis disease
  3. Why do kidneys hurt at the beginning and end of pregnancy?
  4. Drug therapy of kidney pathologies
    1. Traditional medicine as a treatment method
    2. Diet in the complex treatment of kidneys

Despite all the charm of a baby’s waiting period, pregnancy, certainly becomes a test for a woman’s body. Changes occur not only in the psycho-emotional sphere. Serious load experiencing most of the internal organs, in particular the kidneys. Let’s talk about what kidney diseases can haunt a woman during pregnancy and as safe as possible for the fetus to heal.

Features of the functioning of the kidneys in pregnant women

kidneys during pregnancyFrom the moment of conception in the body of a woman amazing metamorphoses begin to occur – the second appears blood circulation, a placenta is formed, it grows day after day and new life is developing. These processes absolutely naturally contribute adjustments to the established functioning mechanism of the majority body systems. The kidneys are especially stressed. Now, in addition to the “service” of the future mother, they are responsible for removing fetal vital products.

Simultaneously with an increase in the volume of urine output up to 1300-1700 ml per day under the influence of the hormone progesterone is significantly reduced tone of the walls of the bladder, thereby provoking stagnant processes. As a result, a favorable environment for development is formed. infections of the genitourinary system, inflammation of the kidneys, often with Pregnancy manifests previously “sleeping” disease.

Due to the increased load on the kidneys during the bearing of the baby at the planning stage, it is advisable to undergo a full examination for exclusion of organ pathologies. In this case, the risk of complications with pregnancy is significantly reduced.

What to look for?

Quite often, renal pain is left without proper attention. Discomfort, pregnant women attribute minor pain to intestinal colic, lower back pain and other “pregnant” symptoms. This is especially true if, before pregnancy, a woman had no kidney problems. In order not to miss the onset of the disease and not to allow the development of complications, it is important to listen to your the body. The following should be cause for concern. status:

  • rapid urination, accompanied by pain, pain, burning sensation;
  • sharp paroxysmal pain in the lower abdomen or in the area loins;
  • constant, aching pain in the area of ​​the kidneys, not abating when changing body position;
  • heaviness in the legs, marked swelling;
  • pain on palpation of the kidneys;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • increased body temperature, chills;
  • headache;
  • bouts of nausea;
  • vomiting, after which appetite disappears, general weakness, lethargy.

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Kidney pathologies are often diagnosed by a urinalysis. As a rule, protein appears in it, increased the content of red blood cells, white blood cells, pathogenic bacteria. If during pregnancy, an admixture of blood was found in the urine, then First of all, you need to do an ultrasound to make sure that we are not talking about formation of kidney stones. Otherwise, it will take hospitalization.

kidney inflammation

Kidney disease

Consider the most common and dangerous kidney diseases. in pregnant women.

Pyelonephritis during pregnancy

One of the most common kidney diseases during pregnancy is pyelonephritis. Usually pathology manifested by severe symptoms:

  • temperature up to 40 degrees;
  • fever;
  • sharp attacks of pain in the lower back, side;
  • frequent, painful urination.

The disease develops against a background of reduced immunity and with stagnation of urine. The reason for the diagnosis are the results analyzes and clinical manifestations of the disease.

If pathology is first diagnosed during pregnancy, doctors talk about gestational pyelonephritis. Most often it manifests itself in the 2nd trimester. When the disease is chronic, then in the gestation period there are great chances of its exacerbation. Than during pregnancy a disease is dangerous if you do not treat the kidneys? Primarily, miscarriage, as well as:

  • the development of gestosis;
  • intrauterine infection of the embryo;
  • fetal malnutrition;
  • renal failure in the mother.

Therapy of pyelonephritis is selected individually by a urologist and gynecologist after identifying the pathogen of infection.

Urolithiasis disease

Physiological changes in the structure of the genitourinary system, and also features of metabolic processes during pregnancy can provoke the formation of stones and sand in the kidneys.

Natural expansion of the ureter and pelvis, reducing them tone in women in position leads to difficulty in the outflow of urine from the kidneys. During pregnancy, this process may be accompanied by sensation that the kidney seems to be pulling. As a result, the risk increases the formation of sand, stones in the renal pelvis. Pathology manifested in:

  • renal colic that may stop after exit stone;
  • kidney pain spreading to the area groin, perineum and further down to the legs;
  • the appearance of blood in the urine.

With urolithiasis, a pregnant woman urgently hospitalize and begin treatment.

Why do kidneys hurt at the beginning and end of pregnancy?

In addition to pathological processes, discomfort can be caused and physiological reasons. In the early stages of pregnancy, when the body is just beginning to rebuild to a new regime, sometimes mild renal pain appears. It is due to increasing organ stress is one of the signs of pregnancy. However, if the pain intensifies and is accompanied by a pathological symptoms, it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible. Maybe, it is a kidney infection that poses a serious threat to fetal life.

After 34-35 weeks of pregnancy, kidney pain may be provoked by pressure of the uterus on the organ.

Important: an enlarged uterus often presses on the right a kidney. This feature is due to its physiological location. The right kidney is slightly higher than the left, which means closer to to the fetus.

To relieve stress on the kidneys and lower back in the later stages pregnancy, it is recommended to perform a simple exercise. Get up on all fours and stay in this position for 15 minutes. By you can use fitball as a support for your hands. Performing exercise during pregnancy regularly, after a short the time you notice a decrease in kidney stress symptoms.

Drug therapy of kidney pathologies

Before prescribing any medications to treat kidneys, the doctor will conduct a full examination and do everything necessary analyzes. In addition to taking into account the results obtained, the doctor is obligatory order will pick up medicines, paying attention to the term pregnancy, history, severity of the disease.

than treat kidneys

In acute infectious organ damage, for example, pyelonephritis, antibiotic therapy is indicated. Drugs have pronounced effect on the foci of inflammation, stop the symptoms and prevent the spread of infection.

Caution: a narrow range is allowed during pregnancy antibiotics – Ampicillin, Monural, Oxacillin.

In the first trimester, antibiotics are contraindicated, so doctors prescribe herbal remedies whose effect on the growing fetus minimally. It relieves renal cramps and inflammation Fitolizin, Kanefron.

Since kidney disease is often accompanied by a sharp temperature increase, it is advisable as part of a comprehensive therapies use antipyretic drugs – Paracetamol, Ibuprofen.

In the next section, we will talk about how to treat kidneys with pregnancy in folk ways.

Traditional medicine as a treatment method

It is no secret that during pregnancy recipes are actively used. traditional medicine. Indeed, in most cases it is the best option, but you need to remember that herbal tinctures and decoctions are not as harmless as it seems at first glance.

Caution: during pregnancy, a woman may develop an allergy to medicinal herbs that she previously tolerated well. Start phytotherapy with small doses, observing the reaction organism.

Instead of medicines that remove beneficial substances from the body trace elements, fight edema – frequent companions of infection in kidneys during pregnancy – best with decoctions of:

  • rose hips;
  • young leaves or buds of birch;
  • raspberry leaves, lingonberries;
  • knotweed herbs.

Traditionally, herbal preparations are brewed in a water bath for 15-20 minutes, and then insist in a thermos. To achieve high therapeutic effect, take a decoction before meals, 1/3 glasses.

Diet in the complex treatment of kidneys

Compliance with a special diet has a very positive effect on the dynamics of treatment. First of all, a woman with kidney pathologies should remove salt from the diet. In addition, it is necessary to exclude from daily menu of spicy and fried foods, smoked and fatty. Carbonated drinks, strong tea, coffee, rich meat broths also not useful for a future mother.

On the contrary, it is recommended to enrich the diet with vegetables and fruits, but only those that contain no irritating acids (grapes, citrus fruits, tomatoes).

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Follow the diet. Eat fractionally up to 4-5 times a day. Not forget to drink enough clean water.

Kidney problems during pregnancy can make constipation worse. To avoid this, use fermented milk products, black currants, prunes.

Pregnancy is a magical period in a woman’s life, but at the same time incredibly responsible and disturbing. Eat balanced walk a lot, fill your life with positive emotions and dress according to the weather. It’s enough to stiffen a kidney during pregnancy, to start the development of serious diseases. Take care your health!

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