Passion for adults with smartphones and othersgadgets detrimental effect on children

Update: February 2019

Active smartphone users and TV fans
gears run into troubled behavior in their children.
This conclusion was made by a group of scientists from the University of Michigan.
The results of this study are published in the journal Pediatric

Turned on TV “under the background” and a smartphone in hand during
Family lunches and dinners have already become the norm for many people.
Meanwhile, it interferes with normal communication. For this
the phenomenon even coined a separate term – technoference (technology
– “technology” and interference – “interference”).


A study of scientists proved that people who have children
use smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs
less than 9 hours a day. The smartphone takes about 3 hours, and
device is used during meals, before bedtime, i.e.
тогда,  когда у ребенка активно формируются понятия о
social behavior and emotional stability. Parents,
who are passionate about the phone, practically do not communicate with children and
aggressively respond to them when they distract them from the gadget.

The project involved 172 full families (337 adults) with
children ages 5 and under. Adults filled out online questionnaires and
reported features of parenting and family relationships in
for 2 years, from 2014 to 2016. The questionnaire noted the following

  • how many times a day do parents get distracted from communicating with children on
  • children’s behavior: episodes of bad mood, elevated
    tearfulness, etc .;
  • level of stress and depression in adults;
  • the degree of support from the second parent;
  • frequency of use of gadgets by children.

After analyzing the data, scientists have done a disappointing
conclusion: the devices interfere with the normal communication of parents and children,
the behavior of the latter deteriorates – hysteria and tears become
frequent and causeless. Gadgets help parents fight
the stress that they experience due to the bad behavior of children that
closes the vicious circle.

The deterioration of behavior in children – a kind of protective reaction in
response to lack of attention. In this way, children try to attract
attention of adults, but parents are even more immersed in gadgets
and the situation is getting worse. Even one device can worsen
family relationships, so the use of smartphones and
tablets should be strictly metered.

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