Parasite medicine can wincrayfish

Update: February 2019

Scientists from the University of Bergen (Norway) advertised on
the official website of the school the latest evidence that
противопаразитарный препарат способен побороть crayfish простаты и

In order to come to this sensational conclusion,
the research team was engaged in the so-called
�”Re-profiling of drugs”. Or rather the doctor
tried to find the treatment that has already happened
found, but in other areas of medical science. Norwegians tested
thousands of drugs for interaction with cells
malignant tumors. And such a drug was found, initially
developed for the treatment of parasitic infections.

Экспериментально было выяснено, что клетки crayfishа простаты и
the large intestine contain a lot of
beta catenin molecules. This substance is intended to stimulate
enhanced division of tumor cells, which is one of
отличительных черт любого crayfishа.

Also, beta-catenin is a protector (“protector”) of cells to external
damaging effects. Scientists were able to determine that the substance
nitazoxanide (a component of antiparasitic drugs
drugs) is able to decompose beta-catenin. Besides,
nitazoxanide has a stimulating effect on immune cells.
Активированный иммунитет начинает более интенсивно угнетать crayfishовые

Now researchers from Norway are closely occupied with the first stage.
серьезного клинического тестирования лекарства против crayfishа
prostate gland. Tests are held in great hope for
that the drug can, if not cure, then at least slow down
rates of disease progression in cancer patients.

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