Paracetamol during pregnancy is one ofcauses of delayed speech development in children

Update: February 2019

A group of scientists at the Medical School of Mount Sinai Hospital under
the guidance of Professor Shanna Swan discovered a speech delay
development in girls aged 30 months whose mothers were treated
paracetamol during pregnancy. Research results
published in the international medical journal European

Paracetamol (acetaminophen, milistan, panadol, cefecone,
Efferalgan) – one of the most popular drugs with
anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Available as
monopreparation, is part of many drugs and is often prescribed
pregnant women. Earlier studies have proven that
Paracetamol can be dangerous for the development of the fetus. Current
research has shown a link between speech disorders and

The results are based on the results of the Swedish
studies of the development of asthma and allergies in mothers and children

  • Scientists collected information on 754 women at term.
    pregnancy 8-13 weeks.
  • The number of paracetamol tablets taken from the beginning was taken into account.
    pregnancy and prior registration in the study.
  • Women also determined the concentration of paracetamol in the analysis.
  • Delayed speech development in children born of these mothers,
    characterized by using less than 50 words.


  • About 59% of women took paracetamol in the early stages.
    pregnancy, delayed speech development was observed in 10% of children (most
    in boys).
  • In determining the relationship between speech pathology and drug intake
    It turned out that girls born to mothers who took
    paracetamol (6 or more tablets), suffered from speech problems in 6
    times more often than girls whose mothers did not take
    a drug.

These results are consistent with previously held
studies that have shown a decrease in IQ and
the emergence of problems with communication in children whose taken
paracetamol during pregnancy. Why the drug adversely affects
it is on the speech development of girls, not yet established. But the verdict
scientists are unequivocal – avoid taking paracetamol and its analogues during
gestation time.

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