Pancreatitis attack – symptoms

Update: November 2018

Pancreatitis is a disease that until recently was considered
alcoholic disease. Today, pancreatic inflammation
glands arise not only from alcohol abuse, but also when
genetic location, abuse of fatty, fried,
spicy foods, with side effects of some medicinal
drugs. Medicine has more than 200 factors provoking
development of pancreatitis. An important role is also played in its development.
acute (parotitis) and chronic infections, hormonal disruptions, stupid
abdominal injuries, stressful situations. Pancreatitis attack can
occur as an independent disease, or simultaneously with
other diseases of the digestive system. Usually it is inextricably
connected and provoked by parallel diseases of the gallbladder,
liver, and even the cardiovascular system.

Digestive enzymes, being in the pancreas, are not
have an active influence on her tissue, but when
favorable factors for pathological processes enzymes
begin to intensify and inadequately affect the tissue
pancreas, causing its inflammation or decay. With this also
there is a sharp shortage of pancreatic enzyme production.
Sometimes against the background of seemingly normal human health.
there is an attack of pancreatitis, the symptoms of which are as follows:

Exacerbation of pancreatitis – symptoms

An attack of acute pancreatitis is a very serious threat not
only health, but sometimes human life. Such therapy
condition is carried out only in a hospital, if not in time
provide adequate medical care for acute inflammatory
the process may result in the death of the patient.Приступ панкреатита - симптомы

  • Pain

The first and most characteristic symptom of pancreatitis is intense
prolonged pain in the upper abdomen, cutting or dull,
shingles, sometimes extending into the back, under the scapula or in
lower back.

Significant pain due to the fact that the pancreas
the gland has many nerve endings, with inflammation of this
organ, they are actively involved in pain symptoms, up to
pain shock.


Acute pains are characteristic of destructive pancreatitis. They can
reach the intensity of dagger. When involved in the process
peritoneum, pain accompanied by symptoms of irritation (aggravated
when stroking the stomach, when holding the hand stretched over
shirt belly, weaker when pressing the hand on the stomach than when
releasing it). Pain несколько уменьшается в вынужденном положении
with curved legs to the stomach.

With painful and sharp pains, the patient may even lose
consciousness. If the pain lasts a very long time and
intensified, it is an alarming symptom of destruction of the pancreas
and signs of acute pancreatitis.

  • Pain сопровождается тошнотой и многократной рвотой (сначала
    food, then bile), complete lack of appetite, bloating
  • Diarrhea with fetid odor and remnants of undigested
    food. The fat badly washed away chair is characteristic. May also
    there is an alternation of constipation and diarrhea or stool retention on
    several days.
  • Hiccups, dry mouth, belching can also accompany
    exacerbation of the disease.
  • When the patient is in a supine position, pain
    can often intensify, so a person with a bout
    pancreatitis, whose symptoms are very painful, trying to sit,
    forced to lean forward.
  • Increased body temperature, chills, shortness of breath are also characteristic of
    acute pancreatitis.
  • The tongue of the patient appears bloom whitish, through
    1-2 days noticeably reduced skin elasticity, weight loss occurs
    and signs of hypovitaminosis appear.
  • Also, the patient may have a decrease in arterial
    pressure, weakness, the skin of the patient becomes gray.

These and other symptoms of a pancreatitis attack are very similar to other
diseases of the digestive system, so the final
a diagnosis confirming inflammation of the pancreas can
install only after conducting a set of laboratory studies and
diagnostic activities. It should also exclude possible
false symptoms and signs so that the diagnosis is maximized

What to do when a pancreatitis attack

  • In the first hours of the development of an attack in no case
    take food, any food in the first 3 days is contraindicated,
    since both food and even drinking provoke irritation in
    pancreas and stimulate the production of enzymes, causing more
    great pain and inflammation. Allowed to drink only clean
  • Ice may be applied to relieve pain, inflammation, and swelling.
    on the epigastric region, the area where the pancreas
    the gland is between the rib cage and the navel. The best thing
    use a heating pad filled with cold water.
  • To reduce tension, saturation of blood flow in the organs
    пищеварения и в железе, в частности,  необходимо обеспечить
    complete rest and bed rest for the patient.
  • In addition to antispasmodics and analgesics, such as No-Shpa,
    Drotaverinum, Spazmolgon, Maksigan, before arrival �”Ambulance”
    no medicines are better not to take. Even if your
    worries about the attack are exaggerated, it is better to be safe,
    because valuable time can be lost
    diagnosis and timely treatment. The treachery of pancreatitis lies
    in the fact that sometimes after some time a temporary
    improvement, and then come rapid recurrence.

This is very typical for pancreatic necrosis. Therefore, even with
refusal of a patient with acute pancreatitis from hospitalization,
relatives should use tact and perseverance, urging
patient in need of hospital treatment.

Голод, холод и покой — это правило первой
helping a patient with an attack of pancreatitis, whose symptoms are usually
are obvious.

It is extremely wrong to apply in an attack of pancreatitis.
digestive enzymes – this worsens the course of the disease.
A few can brighten up the picture of proton pump blockers
(omeprazole, rabeprazole).

If a person did not follow a diet before signs of pancreatitis,
overeating, abused alcohol, fatty, fried
food, injured abdomen, underwent endoscopic manipulations
and there were other factors provoking pancreatitis when
the above symptoms should be urgently sought for medical

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