Paint for tattoos accumulates in the lymph nodesand may be mistaken for cancer metastasis

Update: February 2019

Today, the level of diagnosis of cancer is very high, but even
with the constant improvement of methods it is not always possible to avoid
false positive results. This is because there is
many factors that are sometimes mistaken for
tumor cells and this in turn is fraught with irregular
treatment tactics.

US oncologists warn doctors that if a patient has
there are tattoos on the body, then the diagnosis should be made more
carefully. The fact is that the composition of the paint for application
tattoos are pigments that are able to accumulate in
nearby human lymph nodes, and when scanning
suspicious foci can be confused with metastases
malignant tumor.


There was such a case in one of the Californian clinics. Have
women diagnosed with cervical cancer with positron emission
tomography specialists saw bright zones in the inguinal lymphatic
nodes, which stated the fact of accumulation in them of the radiopharmaceutical.
As a result, these foci were mistaken for metastasis of cervical maca and
radical surgery was performed not only to remove the cervix
uterus, the uterus itself, the fallopian tubes, but also nearby lymphatic
nodes (lymphadenectomy and panhysterectomy).

But then, during histological examination, it turned out that
lymph nodes metastasis was not, and in them was paint for
tattoos (the woman had 14 tattoos on her body, including
feet). Pigment particles penetrated lymph nodes and smeared
the result of the diagnosis, which served to make the wrong decision
lymph node removal.

Oncologists call upon their colleagues to take everything into account.
factors during the diagnosis, in particular this feature in
patients with tattoos, this will avoid diagnostic
mistakes and overly aggressive treatment.

The very fact of accumulation of pigments in the lymph nodes once
Proves that everything is interconnected in the body and any intervention
has an impact on human health – even external effects
on the skin may leave a mark on the internal organs and tissues.
Perhaps this information will stop teenagers, make you think
women, men that may not be worth putting “life
drawings “on your precious body.

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