Painful periods: causes, treatment. Pain whenmenstruation should be treated

Update: December 2018

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Mild pain during menstruation occurs in about 70% of girls.
and women of childbearing age. Pain syndrome accompanying
monthly, may be of different intensity. Unsharply expressed
pain, only slight discomfort, especially in
unborn women is considered normal physiological
a phenomenon.

However, if a woman experiences unbearable every month,
severe pain during menstruation, accompanied by diarrhea,
dizziness, fainting, vomiting and other symptoms that deprive
woman of working capacity, really come obvious
�“Critical days” – it is customary to refer this to a disease in medicine
algomenorrhea. These symptoms indicate that a young woman has
имеются различные расстройства в гормональной, сосудистой,
sexual, nervous or other body systems.

If you establish the causes of painful menstruation, then the treatment of these
disorders can greatly alleviate the condition, improve
the tolerance of such a natural process in a woman’s body
like menstruation. In this article, we will explain why
girls and women have painful periods, causes and treatment of such

What other symptoms can accompany painful menstruation and
why is it considered a disease?

In medicine, very painful periods are considered the most
frequent disorders of menstrual function. Ages 13 to 45
years, almost all women experience mild discomfort and
soreness on the first day of menstrual bleeding. And only 10%
of them complain of very strong cramping spastic pains
from uterine contraction, which are also supplemented by the following

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  • 79% of women have diarrhea
  • 84% have vomiting
  • 13% headache
  • 23% dizziness
  • 16% fainting

The main symptom of algomenorrhea is abdominal pain, which
appears on day 1 of menstruation or 12 hours before she starts
gradually subsides by 2-3 days, maybe aching, jerking,
stabbing into the rectum into the bladder can also
severely hurt loin. Against the background of unbearable pain during menstruation
women disturbed psycho-emotional state appears
irritability, drowsiness, depression, insomnia,
anxiety, weakness. Painful menstruation poisons life
women, waiting for the next bleeding is adversely reflected
on the psyche, the emotional sphere of life, leads to conflicts in the family,
at work.

With mild algomenorrhea – short-term, moderate
pain during menstruation does not lead to loss of efficiency and
activity, such pain can be tolerated without additional admission
painkillers, however, causes painful periods
should be clarified, since even a mild degree of algomenorrhea can
go further into a more pronounced, with more significant
malaise. Sometimes, after childbirth, women stop light
degree of algomenorrhea and uterine contractions are not so
painful, its increase in pregnancy and reduction after
pregnancy further reduces spastic pain when

Болезненные месячные причиныWith a moderate degree – pulling
lower abdominal pains are complemented by general weakness, nausea, chills,
frequent urination. Also joined by violations of psycho-
emotional nature – depression, irritability,
intolerance of pungent smells and sounds, performance noticeably
going down. This degree of algomenorrhea is already in need of medication.
correction and also should find out the causes of pain

With severe – very intense pain in the lower back and abdomen
accompanied by headache, general weakness, increased
fever, heart pain, diarrhea, tachycardia, fainting,
vomiting. In the severe case of painful menstruation, the woman is completely
loses performance, usually their occurrence is associated either with
infectious and inflammatory diseases, or with congenital
pathologies of the genital organs.

The main causes of early painful menstruation in adolescents
– girls

Primary algomenorrhea appears with the first monthly or
develops within 3 years after the onset of menstruation. She in
mainly occurs in easily excitable, emotionally unstable
girls, with asthenic physique, in combination with
premenstrual syndrome. Depending on the accompanying
�”Set” of symptoms, primary painful periods are divided

  • Adrenergic type

In this case, the level of hormones dopamine, adrenaline,
norepinephrine, causing the failure of the entire hormonal system of the body.
The girls appear constipated, severe headache, increases
body temperature, rapid heartbeat, insomnia,
with the spasm of small vessels, the legs and hands become bluish,
body and face turns pale.

  • Parasympathetic type

It is characterized by increased levels of the hormone serotonin in
cerebrospinal fluid. In girls, on the contrary, the frequency decreases
palpitations, nausea with vomiting, body temperature
decreases, gastrointestinal disorders are expressed by diarrhea,
often there are swelling of the limbs and face, allergic reactions to
skin, girls gain weight.

Modern studies establish the fact that primary
painful periods, it is not an independent disease, but
manifestation of deeper internal disturbances, that is, symptoms
the following diseases or abnormalities:

  • Congenital malformations of connective tissue

In gynecological practice, it has long been established that approximately
60% of girls with primary algomenorrhea are genetically diagnosed
due to connective tissue dysplasia. Besides painful
menstruation this disease is expressed by flat feet, scoliosis,
myopia, varicose veins, impaired functions
gastrointestinal tract.

This is a very serious disease that occurs more often in girls with
elongated limbs, flexible joints, cartilage tissues,
most often during growth of the child magnesium deficiency is found,
what can be established by passing a biochemical blood test.

  • Diseases of the nervous system, neurological disorders

In girls with signs of reduced pain threshold, with
emotional instability, with various psychosis, neurosis and
other neurological disorders exacerbated perception
pain, so pain during menstruation in such patients is bright
pronounced character.

  • Uterus kinks anteriorly and posteriorly, uterine underdevelopment, its defects
    development – two-horned, two-cavity uterus

The emergence of very painful menstruation, due to abnormalities
development of the uterus due to problematic, difficult outflow
blood during menstruation from the uterus. This provokes additional
маточные сокращения, вызывая боль при monthly

Causes of secondary algomenorrhea in women

If menstrual pain occurs in a woman who already has
children, or she is over 30 years old, then this is considered as secondary
algomenorrhea. Today, it happens to every third
women, most often in the medium-severe form, because it reduces
performance and aggravated by attendant symptoms, as well as
accompanied by copious menstruation. In addition to lower abdominal pain,
painful periods occur with other symptoms that
it is accepted to subdivide into several characteristic groups:

  • Vegetative symptoms – bloating, vomiting, nausea,
  • Vegetative-vascular symptoms – dizziness, numbness of the arms, legs,
    fainting, heart palpitations, headaches during menstruation
  • Psycho-emotional manifestations – a violation of taste, perception
    odors, irritability, anorexia, depression
  • Endocrine-metabolic symptoms – increased unmotivated
    weakness, pain in the joints, itching of the skin, vomiting

The intensity of pain during menstruation depends on the general condition
health of the woman, from age and associated diseases. If
patients metabolism is disturbed (diabetes and other disorders
endocrine system), then to additional symptoms during menstruation
endocrine-metabolic manifestations are added, with violations
cardiovascular system, more pronounced may be
vegetative-vascular symptoms, when premenopause is approached
women (see the first signs of menopause), the probability increases
manifestations of psycho-emotional instability, depressive

Often women with secondary algomenorrhea have pain when
sexual intercourse, which clearly, can not be ignored and it
There is an urgent reason for a gynecologist to go for
examination and treatment. If the primary painful periods,
the causes of which are associated with congenital anomalies and pathologies,
very difficult to treat, then the occurrence of secondary
algomenorrhea is mainly associated with acquired diseases
female genital organs, which should be treated in
necessarily, it is:

  • infectious – inflammatory diseases of the female genital
    organs and the accompanying adhesions in the pelvis
  • malignant and benign (polyps) tumors of the uterus and
  • varicose veins in the abdominal cavity, in the organs of small
  • endometriosis
  • pelvic neuritis

Also, in women over 30, the appearance of very severe pains with
menstruation can be caused by the following causes provoking

  • intrauterine contraception
  • consequences of frequent medical abortions, other intrauterine devices
    interventions due to cicatricial constriction of the cervix
  • surgical operations on the uterine appendages, generic complications
    or complications after cesarean section
  • mental and physical exhaustion, constant stress,
    violation of the regime of rest and labor

Why should painful menstruation be treated?

Given the above, it should be understood that the natural
physiological function – menstruation, should not cause
significant general malaise in a woman, depriving her
performance. In order to reduce pain
treatment should not be pain relief, but
eliminate the causes of this phenomenon. Hope this changes to
example with the birth of a child, of course, possible, but if it is not
occurs, especially if a woman has painful periods
after the birth of children, you should contact your gynecologist to
выяснить причину болей при monthly

  • To endure pain is not only hard physically, but also very harmful for
    nervous system, and regular use of NSAIDs and analgesics is not
    eliminates the cause of painful periods, moreover, to them the body
    gets used and painkillers possess a number of side
  • The appearance of very painful menstruation is an indication that
    that some kind of malfunction occurs in the body, the disease is a bell
    to the fact that it is imperative to find the cause of the inadequate reaction
    organism on the natural process.

Treat painful periods can and should be. Read more about how
reduce pain during menstruation, read our next article.
To determine the cause of the primary algomenorrhea, an inspection is carried out
gynecologist, tests are being made on the hormonal status, ultrasound of the organs
малого pelvis, а также дополнительно следует обследовать девушку у
neurologist, osteopath, psychotherapist. With secondary algomenorrhea
hormonal examination, ultrasound, diagnostic
laparoscopy, diagnostic curettage.

A woman or girl with a painful period should be kept
diary of observations, calendar of menstruation, in which
describe the sensations, the amount of discharge, the duration of the cycle and
duration of bleeding, all the symptoms that occur with
menstruation, to then help the doctor in determining the cause and choice
method of therapy.

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