Pain in the middle of the cycle (with ovulation): causessevere pain in the right or left side during and afterovulation

Update: October 2018

As you know, the menstrual cycle is the main assistant in
assessment of women’s health. According to its duration
the presence or absence of pain during menstruation, the appearance
bleeding can be judged on whether there is any
gynecological problem or woman is healthy. One of
характеристик менструального цикла являются the pains во время ovulation,
however, only 20% of women experience this condition.
reproductive age.

We will understand the term “ovulation”

The duration of the menstrual cycle is determined from the first
day of the previous month to the first day of the following. The duration of it
different and normal is 21 – 35 days. Perfect menstrual
a cycle is a cycle lasting 28 days, which corresponds to the full
lunar cycle. The menstrual cycle consists of several phases:

Follicular phase

Follicular phase обусловлена действием эстрогенов, под
whose influence in the ovary determines the dominant follicle, in
which the future egg is ripening. This phase continues
an average of 12 to 18 days, depending on the length of the cycle. At 28 days
she is 14 days. By the end of the follicular phase dominant
follicle reached its maximum development, tense and preparing

Ovulatory phase

The shortest phase of the menstrual cycle, its duration
makes 12 – 36 hours. In this phase, the level of estrogen falls;
as a result, the main follicle bursts and a mature
ovum ready for fertilization. What is characteristic, precisely in
ovulatory phase levels of both estrogen and progesterone
low enough (estrogens are no longer synthesized, because
the dominant follicle and ovum have already “matured”, and progesterone is still
not produced in sufficient quantities under the action
luteinizing hormone due to unformed yellow
body in place of the main follicle).

Luteal phase

Progesterone synthesis increases, under the action of which
proliferative processes occur in the uterine lining,
preparing it for implantation of a fertilized egg. When
not accomplished fertilization by the end of the luteal phase level
progesterone decreases, (the yellow body of menstruation dies off) and
functional layer of the endometrium is rejected, which is called

So, ovulation is nothing like the process of release of ripe
ovum from the dominant follicle at the time of its rupture. BUT
painful ovulation is called ovulatory syndrome or syndrome

Признаки ovulation

Ovulation (from the Latin word “egg”) has characteristic
signs, and every woman experiencing discomfort or pain,
associated with it, can almost accurately determine its

Pain in the right side or in the left

Pain arises from a certain side whichever
what ovary “works” in this menstrual cycle (most often
there is exactly right-sided pain that is associated with the best
blood supply to the right ovary and its innervation, as well as
immediate proximity of the appendix).

As a rule, the pain is insignificant and can only deliver light
the discomfort. In some cases, women describe pain as
cutting, piercing or cramping. This feeling continues
not for long, from an hour to a day or two. The intensity of the pain depends

  • a temper of character – the emotional representatives of the weaker sex
    feel pain brighter
  • the presence of gynecological diseases helps to increase
    the pains
  • pain sensitivity threshold – the higher it is, the less pain
    испытывает женщина при ovulation.

Таким образом, сама овуляция кратковременна, а the pains внизу живота
после ovulation может сохраняться один – два дня. Since in each
менструальном цикле в ovulation участвует только один яичник, то
they function alternately, that is, the pain can be in one
month on the right and in the other on the left.

In rare cases, when both ovaries are involved,
2 eggs mature at the same time that, if they are successful
fertilization leads to multiple pregnancies. In such
ситуации женщина ощущает the pains с двух сторон либо разлитую ноющую
lower abdominal pain.

Libido enhancement

Либидо, или половое влечение в период ovulation несколько
increases, which is laid by nature itself (after all, ovulation is the most
auspicious moment for conception, and therefore, for the continuation
kind of).


Накануне ovulation, в момент ее свершения и еще в течение пары
days changes the nature of vaginal discharge. They become
more liquid, stretch and look like egg white. These
changes in secretions are necessary to create an enabling environment
penetration of sperm into the uterus for fertilization
ripe egg cell. The liquid consistency of discharge in several
Enlarged cervical canal facilitates the promotion of “zinger” in
the uterus.

Change the color of the selection

В период ovulation и некоторое время после нее может меняться и
highlight color. They get a pinkish tint or linen
is discovered a few drops of blood (see bleeding in
the middle of the loop). This is due to a small detachment of the endometrium.
(estrogens are no longer produced, but progesterone has not yet begun

Pain in the mammary glands

You may experience breast tenderness or tenderness.
период ovulation (см. боль в молочных железах), что связывают с
initial preparation of the mammary glands for pregnancy and lactation.
Такие the pains (мастодиния) непродолжительны и прекращаются к моменту
formation of the corpus luteum.

The reasons

Существует несколько причин болей при ovulation. Before the start
out of the follicle, it must mature and increase significantly in

  • The large “dimensions” of the follicle stretch the ovarian capsule, which
    explains the occurrence of pain before ovulation.
  • After the dominant follicle has reached the “necessary condition”,
    it bursts and the finished one comes out of it into the abdominal cavity
  • At the time of the rupture of the follicle except the egg into the abdominal cavity
    some amount of fluid that is annoying
    parietal peritoneum. In addition, the ovary capsule is damaged, in
    which the small blood vessels burst, resulting in
    even a small amount of blood gets into the abdominal cavity,
    which also irritates the peritoneum.
  • Такие тянущие the pains после ovulation могут беспокоить женщину в
    for 12 to 48 hours. But then blood and follicular fluid in
    stomach absorbed and pain syndrome disappears.
  • BUT поскольку в момент появления яйцеклетки в брюшной полости
    fallopian tubes begin to peristaltize (shrink) for
    to capture a viable egg and provide
    ей встречу со сперматозоидом, то the pains могут поддерживаться и этим
  • An indirect sign of a possible future pregnancy is
    pain in the middle of the cycle.

Но в некоторых случаях болевой синдром в момент ovulation имеет
more pronounced, which is caused not only by the threshold
pain sensitivity, but also the presence of some gynecological
diseases, for example:

  • adhesive pelvic disease, which may be due
    chronic inflammation, the presence of surgery in
    history or endometriosis
  • adhesions do not allow the pipes to quietly shrink and drag
    the ovary, and in some cases cause the seal of its capsule,
    All this increases the severity of pain.

Виды ovulation

Различают несколько видов ovulation:

  • premature;
  • timely;
  • late

Premature ovulation is the maturation and release of an egg from
follicle is not in the middle of the cycle, but much earlier and may be
due to several factors:

  • чрезмерно бурный половой акт (см. причины the pains при половом
  • increased physical exertion or weight lifting;
  • stress and strong emotional experiences;
  • various diseases, including gynecological;
  • hormonal disorders and endocrine pathology.

К этиологии поздней ovulation относятся различные гормональные
проблемы, в том числе и нарушение менструального цикла.

В связи с описанными видами ovulation боль, соответственно,
occurs not as usual, in the middle of the cycle, but much earlier
or, on the contrary, later, which can be a cause for concern
women (see also symptoms of premenstrual syndrome). therefore
An indirect sign of a possible future pregnancy is pain in
mid cycle.


Говоря об ovulation нельзя не коснуться проблемы ее отсутствия
или анovulation. Normally, anovulation occurs in pregnant women.
and in premenopausal and menopausal age. And definitely
ovulation не может быть при приеме гормональных противозачаточных

If a woman of reproductive age does not have ovulation
over several cycles in a row (2 or more), she should start
бить тревогу, ведь нет ovulation – нет яйцеклетки – нет возможности
get pregnant

Как правило, причиной анovulation являются гормональные сбои в
an organism that, with appropriate treatment, is stopped and
women have a chance to become a mother. Для уточнения даты ovulation
you can use ovulation tests or undergo an ultrasound where the doctor
exactly see the ripe follicle and the release of the egg from it
(Of course, ultrasound is performed repeatedly during the term
предполагаемой ovulation).

How to facilitate

Как бы женщина не была уверена, что the pains, появившиеся в правой
or left lower abdomen, associated with ovulation, should not
engage in self-treatment, but it is better to consult a doctor. After all, any
pathology, not only gynecological, can cause pain
a syndrome that coincides randomly with the middle of the cycle.

Specialist during the inspection will eliminate other causes of pain
sensations and will recommend optimal treatment (see also as
reduce pain during menstruation).

  • If ovulatory syndrome bothers a woman in each
    менструальном цикле, ей рекомендуется именно в дни ovulation
    relax as much as possible, eliminate stressful situations and
    stick to a certain diet.
  • In clinical nutrition limit the dishes and foods that
    increase the load on the gastrointestinal tract, increase
    intestinal peristalsis that exacerbates pain, cause
    flatulence and excite the central nervous system. This is the first
    all sharp and fatty dishes, legumes and white cabbage,
    chocolate, coffee and strong tea.
  • Помогают облегчить the pains теплые ванны с ароматическими маслами
    or medicinal herbs. heat down on the lower abdomen that
    reduces the contraction of the uterus and tubes and relieves pain, but only in
    case of exclusion of acute infectious and surgical
  • Из обезthe painsвающих препаратов методом выбора служат нестероидные
    anti-inflammatory drugs that block the synthesis
    prostaglandins, relieve pain and inflammation (ibuprofen, indomethacin,
    naproxen, ketoprofen).
  • It is also effective in receiving antispasmodics (no-shpy, spazgana,

With persistent ovulatory syndrome, the gynecologist may advise
taking oral contraceptives (for and against taking them), which,
blocking ovulation, prevent pain. But, if a woman
wants to get pregnant, their reception is excluded, and also not acceptable
the use of hot water bottles on the lower abdomen and taking any medication in the days
ovulation, так как это может сказаться на качестве яйцеклетки.

Сильные the pains

In some cases, very intense pain may occur.
mid cycle. Severe pain in the ovary or in the right / left side
in the groin may be a sign of an emergency:

  • ectopic pregnancy
  • ovarian apoplexy
  • torsion legs cysts
  • appendicitis
  • cyst rupture
  • ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
  • or acute inflammation of the appendages.

Each of these conditions requires emergency medical care.
help, and in most cases even surgery,
therefore, delay only aggravates the situation and literally, as
said Peter I, death is like. You should not wait very pronounced
pain, trying to relieve it yourself, you must immediately
call an ambulance.

When to sound the alarm

Should see a doctor as soon as possible with very pronounced
lower abdominal pain and / or the following symptoms:

  • боль продолжается более двух суток («неделю the painsт во время
    ovulation» — явный признак заболевания);
  • temperature has risen and lasts more than an hour;
  • nausea / vomiting;
  • spotting from the genital tract appeared, regardless of
    their intensity;
  • when taking drugs that stimulate ovulation;
  • history of acute gynecological cases
    diseases, operations, endometriosis;
  • sudden fainting;
  • progressive deterioration.

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