Ovulation test: instructions, types,authenticity of what the result means

Test strips for ovulation allow you to determine the days in which
the woman is most ready for conception. They appeared relatively
recently, and few know about them. But women who did not
may become pregnant, use this diagnostic tool
to determine the time of ovulation, greatly increasing the chances of

The principle of determining ovulation using the test

Every healthy woman immediately after the next menstruation
A new egg begins to mature (sometimes 2 or more). Before
maturation and direct release of the egg from the ovary to
female body occur significant hormonal changes:
An increase in the level of hormones responsible for
readiness for subsequent fertilization (see signs

One of them is called luteinizing hormone (LH) and can be
detected by diagnostic methods both in blood and in other
body fluids – saliva, urine. On the definition of this hormone and
home diagnostics is arranged: a positive test for ovulation will be
testify that the egg is already mature and ready for

When to do an ovulation test

The time of the test is calculated depending on
duration of the menstrual cycle. Diagnosis is carried out for
five days in a row, without gaps, in the morning and evening with two
testing or just in the morning.

  • With a 28-day cycle, you can test from day 11,
    which is counted from the first day of the last menstrual period.
  • If the cycle is more than 28 days – start diagnostics 17 days before
    expected first day of the next monthly.
  • In the case of an irregular cycle, the most
    a short cycle that a woman had, for example:

    • with a 32-day cycle, start testing from the 15th day
    • at 24 days: from 7 days
    • with a 26-day: from the 9th day of the first day of menstruation and

Does ovulation always fall in the middle of a cycle?

Even in absolutely healthy women with a regular cycle, ovulation is not
always fall on his middle: thousands of evidence of this
born children, the conception of which occurred in the so-called
safe days before or after menstruation. Stress affects ovulation
infections, climate change and more. Therefore, “catch” high
LH level can be earlier and later than the periods indicated above, if
it is really important for a woman.

Types of tests, diagnostic features

Externally, ovulation tests are similar to those for determining
pregnancy, for the diagnosis is also used urine.
Test manufacturers produce different types of diagnostic systems,
которые имеют различные ценовые характеристики и authenticity.

Strip test or test strip

The most familiar paper test with reagent applied to it and
control strip. In a dry and clean bowl with just collected
urine test is lowered for 10 seconds, then you should wait for the result
within 5-10 min.

  • With an increased level of LH on the strip will be visible the second
  • It may be visible from the first day of diagnosis, but about
    reliable readiness for conception can be spoken with color and
    the severity of the second strip, the same as the control (usually
    This is 3-4 days of diagnosis).

Test tablet

This system is a plastic case with
small control windows: in the first window should drip
urine, in another one after a short time (2-3 minutes) will be visible
the result, the same 2 strips at a high level of LH. Reliability
Tablet tests are rated above test strips.

Inkjet rapid test

This system is represented by a strip coated with a special reagent.
с control strip. For the diagnosis does not need to collect urine:
the strip is simply inserted under the urine stream. The result is evaluated
in 3-5 minutes. What does the test for ovulation show – at high
Level 2 will be visible 2 bars.

Portable reusable systems

Consist of a control electronic device and strips,
intended for immersion in freshly collected urine. Differ
highly informative and allow diagnostics in different
days of the cycle, allowing you to determine the most appropriate time for

Digital Ovulation Test

Highly informative reusable system that uses
female saliva, which changes its physical properties during a cycle.
The most accurate diagnosis, eliminating the error. Essentially is
A mini microscope that looks like a lipstick.

Using a miniature magnifying device in the test
saliva can see a specific pattern, similar to a fern leaf
or frosty pattern. Such a pattern appears just before the exit.

Features of the use of home express diagnostics for
determine ovulation

  • It should be understood that the test does not directly indicate the output.
    eggs from the ovary, but only captures elevated levels of LH.
    Those. with a positive ovulation test, hormonal
    splash that indicates the release of a mature egg coming in
  • The highest level of LH is kept less than a day, therefore
    it is recommended to diagnose 2 times a day (in the morning and
    in the evening) to be more likely to catch this moment.
  • Do not drink plenty of fluids three to four hours before
    testing, so as not to dilute urine.
  • When using a digital test with saliva, be sure to check
    the result obtained with the control picture.

Negative test

  • It is determined if the ovulation is still far away.
  • Ovulation test after ovulation – after
    release of the egg from the ovary, the level of LH falls.
  • Overdue, damaged, poor ovulation test
    can also show 1 stripe when actually high
    LH level.

When should I start to conceive directly after
positive ovulation test?

This question is of concern to everyone, but such information is given to the test instruction.
does not contain ovulation, but they are not able to directly ask the doctor
everything. So, we will understand:

  • A positive test tells us that in the next few
    hours, the egg will come out of the ovary, mature and ready for
  • The egg cell lives only 24 hours after it leaves the genital
  • Therefore, proceed to conceive immediately after
    positive test is not worth it, you need to pause a few
    hours, giving the egg to leave the ovary. The optimal time: 5-10
    hours after diagnosis, not forgetting that the whole egg lives
  • To delay this moment for the last hours of the cherished days is not
    it is worth it because the fertilization itself does not take place immediately
    immediately after intercourse, and a few hours later, during
    which sex cells move towards each other.

How to increase the chances of conceiving a boy or girl?

It is known that if fertilization of the egg occurs
spermatozoon with chromosome X, then the female embryo develops, if
sperm with Y chromosome – male. There is also a theory about
that sperm with X and Y chromosomes have different
characteristics that increase the chances of conceiving a child
desired sex.

It is known that sperm live from 1 to 4, 5 days, and
sperm with chromosome Y (boy), live no more than 1-2 days,
but moving faster than sperm with chromosome X (girl).
The spermatozoa, which lead to the conception of a girl, are more enduring and
can survive up to 5 days while waiting for ovulation, but at the same time less
are mobile. That is, if sexual intercourse takes place at the peak
ovulation – faster achieve the “goal” sperm Y (boy) and
then the probability of having a boy is very high.

So, for conceiving a boy it is desirable:

  • Refuse sexual intercourse 4-5 days before the alleged
  • Have sexual intercourse on the day when the ovulation test will
  • When intercourse penetration is desirable “deep”, which will reduce
    path Y of spermatozoa (living so long) to the egg cell.
  • Men should not experience overheating because
    increased temperature caused by warm clothing, sauna, etc.,
    leads to a reduction in the number of sperm (it is believed that
    overheating faster die Y sperm).

For conceiving a girl, it is desirable:

  • Plan sexual intercourse approximately 2-3 days before the expected
    ovulate and do not have intercourse during and for 2-3 days
    после ovulation.
  • In this case, the chances of survival in X sperm are higher than that of Y
  • Penetration should be shallow, which will reduce the chances of
    achieving the goal of sperm, leading to the conception of boys, and X
    sperm will live and be able to get to the egg for these
    several days.

Basal Temperature Measurement Method

Также является одним из способов determine ovulation, в отличии
from the test – does not require spending money, but only requires
regular temperature measurement in the rectum (every morning before
how to get out of bed). After menstruation basal
the temperature is usually below 37 ° C but in the middle of the cycle before
ovulation decreases, and then, if ovulation occurs, the temperature
rises to 37.3-37.6C. Measurement results should be recorded and
to build a graph, it will help the woman to determine whether there was ovulation and
what a day

Ovulation test shows pregnancy?

Among the members of the forum various female portals this topic is hot
moreover, some of them argue that
ovulation test showed them pregnancy from the first days of conception,
whereas the usual pregnancy test was negative.

It should be understood that this is impossible. After completion of ovulation
The ovulation test becomes negative regardless
беременна женщина или not. All pregnancy and ovulation tests
capture different hormones: hCG and LH, and not reacting to each other

From here we conclude that the pregnancy ovulation test is not
will show, and 2 strips on it – evidence of the approaching ovulation
(i.e. time when there is a chance to get pregnant), but not
of pregnancy.

What else is this test used for?

For protection from pregnancy during unprotected intercourse.
Controversial method because it requires constant
testing, which is not always economically feasible, but still
practiced. When even a weak second strip appears,
go for protected sexual intercourse up to the second day after
complete disappearance of the strip. However, there is no guarantee

Is it possible to do ovulation tests every day?

It’s absolutely harmless, and if the budget allows it, why not
not. This behavior is characteristic of women suffering from infertility,
or if you suspect him. Do not so obsessively expect a miracle and
endlessly doing tests, and better calm down and, so to speak,
�“Let go of the situation” – and then the cherished 2 stripes are necessary
already highlighted on the test for the diagnosis of pregnancy.

Overview of popular ovulation tests

Despite the same mechanism of action, ovulation tests from
Different manufacturers differ in the reliability of the result. The most
3 manufacturers have a greater confidence in women, a wide range
diagnostic systems which are presented in pharmacies and retail
trading network: Frautest, Eviplan and Clearblue.


The manufacturer produces three lines of diagnostic tests for
determine ovulation. They are all characterized by a high degree

Ovulation: 5 test strips, suitable for
women with a regularly repeated cycle. Price about 300 rubles.
Planning: 5 ovulation test strips (as in Ovulation) and 2
test for pregnant women. Price about 420 rubles.
Ovulation test cassettes: 7 tests suitable for women with
irregular cycle. The price is about 750 rubles.

Eviplan, Clearblue

Eviplan ovulation test number 5 in the kit has 5
diagnostic strips and 1 test to diagnose pregnancy.
Reliability is high, the same as Frautest, but cost
less than about 310 rubles.
Clearblue Ovulation Test – This Digital Test is Included
Includes electronic reader and 7 control strips.
Electronic reader with a positive result shows
smiling smiley. The price is about 1000 rubles.


Digital reusable device promising 100%
authenticity. Used saliva women. Included: microscope,
removable glass, instruction and control drawings. Price about 2000
Domestic test strips (5 pieces included), promising 99%
reliable result. They are chosen because of the low price – 150
Inkjet test strips, 99% reliable, but less
popular among women. Цена около 200 rub.

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