Overview of sedatives for children:herbal, homeopathic, best

Update: November 2018

Restless child of any age is pretty
a serious problem, exhausting the long-suffering of the parents and often
annoying those around you.

Modern pharmacology is ready to provide a rich selection.
a drugов, способных успокоить самого буйного малыша или
teenager. But how expedient is it to resort to different groups.
sedatives in children’s practice? Let’s try to figure it out.

Успокоительные a drugы для ребенка

Успокоительные (седативные a drugы) призваны мягко
regulate the balance between excitation and inhibition in the cortex
brain. Большинство из них – растительные a drugы, но
there are also synthetic means. Today is very popular
комбинированные a drugы в чаях или таблетках. This group of drugs
acts much milder than tranquilizers or sleeping pills, and
may enhance their effect.

Not sleeping in the night

Infants often do not adhere to the traditional
daily routine (eat and sleep). Many of them for some reason
prefer to scream almost around the clock or, having slept for half an hour after
evening bathing, emanate a heart-rending cry for up to four
in the morning.

Immediately make a reservation that a healthy baby in the first three months of life
normally eats and sleeps most of the day and night. No early
the development of waking more than four hours a day in this
Ages do not justify. And the grown-up baby, who has not reached one and a half
years, at night I must sleep an hour so ten in a row (on condition
that he fed and disguised).

  • The effects of hypoxia

What makes a nursing baby cry or just
to be awake at an inopportune time? As a rule, cerebral guilt
hypoxia transferred intrauterinely or in labor and followed
her postnatal encephalopathy, which is completely rejected by the Western
neurologists, but which, however, calmly exists without
this recognition.

Lack of oxygen resulting in damage to part of the cells of the cortex
of the big hemispheres, and even to hemorrhages in different sites
brain, leaves behind either increased intracranial
pressure pulling the head of the child and disturbing his head
pain, or dysfunction of the cortex, reflected in nervous excitability

For newborns who confuse day with night (born
from moms who loved during pregnancy do not sleep at night)
The above is not true, as this category of babies is fast
included in the normal schedule with careful observance of the daily regimen
during the first month of life.

  • Intestinal problems

The second most common cause of restless infant behavior is
intestinal discomfort on the background of dysbacteriosis, irrational
feeding or intestinal infection. Stretching the gut with gases
causes so much pain that the child is ready to rage and
scream for most of the day (see colic in a newborn that

  • Otitis in a child

The third, more rare pathology that causes the baby to scream –
this is an inflammation of the middle ear (otitis), in which the pain is also not weak,
and there is no possibility of enduring it without anesthesia.

  • Rickets in children

Rickety damage to the nervous system is also a common problem,
especially for northern latitudes. In addition to sweating the child appears
hyper-reaction to harsh noises, he shudders in his sleep and in general
become too restless.

  • Teething in babies

And only somewhere in the fifth place stay so loved by pediatricians.
teething teeth (which are rarely any of the babies
really make you not sleep at night or scream)
other diseases that have quite expressive symptoms
(fever, snot, cough, or, at worst, some

To calm the baby, you must follow the following
the algorithm

  • To feed
  • To change clothes
  • Take a pen and shake. Remember, doctor recommendations
    Spock that the child rumbles and gets used to sleep himself, already
    They gave a couple of generations of neurotics, accustomed to everything from infancy
    seek only heart-rending cry. Soothe the child as soon as
    he shouted, do not bring to hysterics – it is in the habit of the baby
    and then deal with it is much more difficult.
  • If a child can’t suckle as much as he needs,
    buy a pacifier. For babies, sucking is the best sedative.
  • Show pediatrician and neurologist.
  • Make an ultrasound of the brain and pass the seeding feces on
  • Compensate for intracranial pressure (if any)
    diacarb or magnesia. In severe forms of hydrocephalus
    проконсультироваться с нейрохирургом, при необходимости
    do shunting (see increased intracranial pressure in
  • Scan the intestines in case of dysbacteriosis (bacteriophages or
    enterofuril), then drink a couple of courses of probiotics
    (premadophilus, linex, bifidumbacterin, see probiotics, list
    analogs Linex). In parallel, give the child defoamers,
    breaking gas bubbles (Bebikalm, Espumizan, Bobotick).
  • Parallel to show the child ENT and exclude inflammation
  • To transfer the child to feeding by age, adjust
    mom’s nutrition (during breastfeeding, see what you can eat
    mother), stop overfeeding and feed soup with five months
    iskusstvennik (see how to properly feed the baby).
  • Do not neglect the prophylactic intake of vitamin D. If
    the region where the baby lives, the sun does not shine eight hours in
    день пять месяцев в году, передозировки этого a drugа бояться
    stupid After all, such severe forms of rickets, as in the Russian North, in
    Europe has not been seen for quite a while.
  • Adjust the regime of the day of the baby. Walk more with the baby.
    Restless and violent children warmly put and put to sleep at
    open window.
  • Do not be nervous, going to the child. Do not shout or swear at
    his presence. Take a sedative plant yourself.

Thus, the only situation where an infant from
birth before the year really needs a sedative – this
постнатальная энцефалопатия, гидроцефалия brain. In all
other cases, you just need attention to the baby
and the patience of parents, most children up to a year wake up at night
2-3 times and are restless on different occasions – this is

Soothing for babies

If a neurologist diagnosed a postnatal infant
encephalopathy, if the child is too restless (sleeps little, many
screaming) and he has no other diseases that could disturb him
live, it is worth listening to the recommendations of a neurologist regarding
успокоительных a drugов.

For intracranial hypertension:

  • As a rule, most infants with intracranial
    hypertension comes in an equilibrium state of mind already from the banal
  • In parallel with them, the child may be recommended a mixture with
    citral, which is prepared in pharmacies by a neurologist. AT
    состав a drugа входит:

    • magnesium sulphate, reducing pressure in the head, calming and
      weak hypnotic effect
    • soothing sodium bromide
    • valerian inhibiting the nervous system.

    It is necessary to strictly observe the recommended dosage, since
    valerian can slow heart rate. ATалериана препятствует
    destruction in the brain of substances that block inhibitory processes. She is
    soothes, enhances the effect of hypnotics, relieves intestinal

With rickets: Children with rachitic lesions of the nervous system
taken bathe with sea salt or pine extract.

Breastfeeding moms can recommend soothing teas and
fees sold in pharmacies (provided that they do not cause
allergy in small). The same soothing teas are also available.
baby food departments for children themselves.

When bathing babies, Valerian tincture can be added to the water.
or motherwort (40 drops per baby bath), not forgetting that
alcohol solutions are not recommended even for external use in
children. Broths of chamomile, lemon balm or peppermint also relax
kids Recommended and grass holed Hypericum.

  • ATанна с душицей, пустырником, валерианой и чабрецом — берется 3
    Art. spoon mixture of these herbs, brew, let stand for half an hour,
    strain and pour into the bath, the duration of the procedure 15
  • ATанна хвойная успокоительная — отлично снимает возбуждения
    baby, but take it no more than 5 minutes and no more than 12 baths on
  • ATанна с морской солью — также отлично успокаивает и
    recommended even for newborn children. You can bathe a child up to 30
    minutes, dissolved in a bath 250 mg. sea ​​salt.

Phenibut Phenibut

  • Phenibut 20tab. 120-170 rubles
  • Anvifen 20 tab. 180 rub. (equivalent)

This is a more serious sedative, often prescribed to individuals.
up to a year (although the instructions indicate a contraindication for up to 2 years). is he
убирает тревожность, раздражительность и страх, вызывает
drowsiness, relieves increased muscle tone and excessive
двигательную активность у children. However, it has side effects in
form of excessive drowsiness, allergic reactions, headaches,
disorders of the kidneys and liver.


  • syrup 320-370 rub. Pantogam
  • tab. 400-480 rubles

Часто назначается ноотропный a drug Pantogam (гопантеновая
acid). is he не только улучшает питание поврежденных участков коры,
but also removes increased muscle tone, smoothes obsessive
motor activity, helps with motor disorders,
delayed psychomotor development.

Правда, на сегодня относится к a drugам с недоказанным
action as extensive randomized studies on
the tool was not carried out (extensive practical experience in the use of
детской неврологии не в счет, раз кампания-производитель не
spent money on clinical trials).

From year to three

Having survived the first year of the baby, most parents enter into
the era of normal life. However, not all children, the nervous system
which malfunctioned in infancy, but well compensated for
year, got any sedatives. ATедь детская нервная
the system is at the development stage and has great potential
к самовосстановлению.

However, some children still have anxiety, frustration.
sleep. Hysteroid traits of behavior are formed in the unit. Some
there are fears, bedwetting or stuttering. Therefore, in
this age remains relevant problem of sedatives.

It should be remembered that some of the problems of a troubled child in this
age comes from social or pedagogical neglect.
Therefore, for example, to substitute the problem of deprivation with medical
diagnosis and replace a full-fledged upbringing and love for the child
a drugами успокаивающего ряда не только неграмотно, но и


AT домашних условиях народные успокоительные средства можно
cook by yourself. ATот парочка простых рецептов:

  • Мята и липа —  взять по одной части перечной мяты и
    linden flowers. Add half of the chamomile part. Fill all two
    cups of boiling water and bring to a boil in a water bath. Insist in
    enamelware. Give a child a table spoon for twenty
    минут до sleep.
  • Mint and Valerian – two tablespoons of mint and valerian root
    pour two glasses of boiling water and insist for
    half an hour. Strain, cool, water the child three times a day.
    tablespoon for a week.
In addition to herbal sedatik:

  • Infusion of valerian root
  • Present five-lobe motherwort
  • Chamomile decoctions and tinctures
  • ATытяжки перечной мяты
  • Present hawthorn and hops
When treating severe behavioral disorders at this age

  • Elenium
  • Atarax
  • Lorazepam
  • Сохраняют свою актуальность Pantogam
  • Mixture with citral.

Многие считают, что если a drug растительный, значит его можно
use without control, not limited, even “the more, the
better ”- both for infants and older children. However medicinal
Plants are also medicines whose composition is complex and very
ambiguous, many plants in their composition contain
albeit small doses, but harmful compounds and certainly before
use should consult a pediatrician or

For example, you can not eat tea with children only with mint or
only with melissa (mono tea). Soothing teas for babies usually
contain valerian, chamomile, fennel seeds, dogrose, string,
липовый цвет и пр. — успокаивающие чаи “ATечерняя сказка”,
“Soothing children”, “Calm”, Fito-sedan, drops

Чай Успокой-Ка Детский успокоительный Детский успокоительный
  • Tea Calm-Ka 40-50 rub.

Green tea, thyme, motherwort, alfalfa, dogrose, lemon balm,
мята,  порошок экстракта ламинарии.

  • Children soothing “The power of Russian herbs” 40-50 rubles.

ATалериана, мята, чабрец, пустырник, липа, зверобой, боярышник,
Chamomile, plantain, wild rose, stevia.

  •  Children soothing 50-60 rubles.

Rhizomes and roots of valerian, dandelion, mint, walnut leaves
грецкого, подорожник, стевия,  боярышник, плоды тмина,
wild rose, hop, marjoram, St. John’s wort, willow herb (willow chai), motherwort,
yarrow, thyme, echinacea, black tea, karkade, chamomile

ATечерняя сказка Фитоседан Баю-бай Чай Хипп
  •  ATечерняя сказка 60-100 руб.

Anise, Lavender, Peppermint Extract

  • Phyto sedan 50-60 rubles.

Donnik, roots of valerian, thyme, motherwort, oregano

  • Goodbye 120-150 rubles.

Extract of hawthorn fruit, oregano, peony, motherwort, mint
pepper, glutamic and citric acid

  • Hippai Tea 250-300 rub.

Extract of lime blossom, lemon balm and chamomile, dextrose.

Soothing tablets for hyperactive children

Denying the existence of postnatal encephalopathy, Western
neurologists, psychologists and psychiatrists practicing in a pediatric environment,
very prone to diagnose hyperactivity and diffuse
attention. But not only to diagnose, but also to fully treat
patients with these ailments, connecting to the process a lot
a drugов с успокаивающим эффектом.

With the advent of the post-Soviet era of the wild
capitalization, the pharmaceutical industry has become one of the lucrative.
Therefore, today and we have children’s neurology and clinical
psychology is not averse to a wide range of drugs,
the problem of appointment of which remains very ambiguous. With big
it is regrettable that we have to admit that numerous medicines
advertised as reinforcing attention, memorization, helping
studying or preparing for exams is big
фармакологический трюк, призванный выкачивать деньги из
wallets of patients.

ATсе ноотропы улучшают обменные процессы только в патологически
altered bark. That is, they are effective in areas damaged
oxygen starvation or hemorrhage, but do not work on
здоровом the brain. But all the cells that could recover,
have already recovered at the age of younger childhood (up to three years).

ATот перечень a drugов, которыми лечить рассеянное внимание и
hyperactivity is possible, but useless:

  • Polypeptides: Cortexin, Cerebrolysin
  • Ratsetam: Piracetam, Nootropil, Rolziracetam
  • Neuropeptides: Semax
  • Производные гаммааминомасляной кислоты: Phenibut,
    Пикамилон, Pantogam.

The sedatives resorted to from three to twelve are
all the same vegetable sedatives:

  • ATалерианы, пустырника, бромиды
  • Persen – комбинированные таблетки  – сухие экстракты мяты,
    lemon balm and valerian root
  • Tenoten homeopathic children – antibodies to
    мозгоспецифическому белку S 10
  • Nervoflux tea – a mixture of extracts of valerian root, hop cones,
    lemon mint, licorice root, orange flowers


40 tab. 230 -250 rublesPersen Ingredients: peppermint extracts, valerian rhizomes with
Roots, lemon balm leaves
cellulose, starch, lactose, talc, crospovidone, magnesium stearate,
silicon dioxide, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, povidone, sucrose,
hydroxypropylmethyl, calcium carbonate, glycerin, sucrose,
dyes. Фармадействие: Persen оказывает спазмолитической и
sedative effect. Indications: irritability, nervous
excitability, insomnia. Contraindications: for tablets for children under 3
years, for capsules – for children up to 12 years old, hypersensitivity to
components Dosage: children 3-12 years old only under medical supervision
and only in the table., the dose is determined depending on body weight 1-3
p / day. Do not take the drug for more than 1.5-2 months. Side effects
actions: constipation, allergic reactions. Symptoms of overdose:
stomach cramps, tremor, feeling tired, dizzy,
dilated pupils. Special instructions: The decision on admission
tablet form for children 3-12 years old takes a doctor,
capsules may be taken by children only after 12 years of age.
medical supervision. Cancellation syndrome does not occur, you can not take
Persen более 2 месяцев.

Children’s tenoten

40 tab. 170 – 220 rubles Children's tenoten

Ingredients: antibodies to the brain-specific protein S-100
Excipients: magnesium stearate, cellulose
microcrystalline, lactose. Pharmaceutical action: has
anti-anxiety, sedative, without hypnogenic and
muscle relaxant effect. In conditions of hypoxia, intoxication, after
acute circulatory disorders of the brain has
neuroprotective effect, reduces the area of ​​damage, improves
central nervous system function. Indications: neurosis-like disorders and
neurotic disorders – a violation of attention and behavior,
irritability, anxiety, irritability, vegetative
frustration. Contraindications: children under 3 years. Dosage: keep
1 pill in the mouth until it is completely absorbed in the intervals between
meals 3 p / day, it is also possible the dissolution of the tablets in
boiled water (small amount). The course of treatment is 1-3 months.
Evening reception should be no later than 2 hours before bedtime, because a drug
has activating properties. Side effects эффекты: реакции
hypersensitivity. Особые указания: a drug содержит
lactose, so when lactase deficiency in a child, Tanoten does not


Over the past decade, the appointment practice has gained momentum.
детям Glycineа. Actually soothing in its pure form
a drug не является, а относится к ноотропам. This is an amino acid
which is part of many biological fluids and tissues
human body.

The receptors for this neurotransmitter are in the head and spinal cord.
the brain. By binding to them, glycine increases the release of amino acids,
responsible for the inhibitory processes in the nervous system (glutamine) and
reduces the release of amino acids excitation (gamma aminobutyric).

These sweet pills are easily tolerated by children and willingly by them.
accepted but unlikely to have any significant
sedative effect (at least in those dosages that
adopted in children’s practice). Like all modern nootropic
a drugы, это лекарство относится к средствам с недоказанным
action, that is, his appointment remains on the conscience of the attending
a doctor, and the medicine is not included in the neurological standards.

Гомеопатические успокоительные a drugы и БАДы для детей

Adhering to the principle of “treat like like,” homeopaths
должны бы были составлять свои a drugы из смеси рева, капризного
whining and causeless jumps from the floor to the walls and back. However, these
far-sighted healers resort to the same vegetative
to sedates, seasoning them with sugar and feeding them in the form of sweet peas,
which most children take for candy, so no problem
is eating. There are also sweet syrups, which also go with a bang. Due
with this in this matter we are with homeopaths at the same time and not at all against
homeopathic sedatives for children.

The following soothing homeopathic remedies are available today.
a drugы:

Naughty boy Nervohel Valerianachel  Sedalia Baby seat
  • Naughty boy
  • Nervohel
  • Valerianachel
  • Sedalia
  • Baby seat
Nott Leovit  Edas 306 Dermikind  Зайчонок
  • Nott
  • Leovit
  • Edas 306
  • Dermikind
  • BAA Zaichonok

Таким образом, успокоительные a drugы в детской практике – это
always forced necessity. We can not assume that the reception of such
medication for a child is a daily practice and normal

Soothing – these are medications that a doctor must prescribe.
strict indications in certain doses and for a specific period
time at the end of which the medication should be canceled.
More than half of the problems associated with childhood anxiety generate
by their unwise behavior, adults who are responsible for
baby Remember that besides the nervous system, a child has a liver,
kidneys and pancreas that may suffer from
unreasonable medication.

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