Overview of popular early development techniqueschild with video tutorials and movies

Many experts are sure: the sooner you start work
with a kid on developing certain skills, the sooner he will get
important for a full life abilities and skills. On this principle
and built numerous early learning and development systems
children We offer a brief description of the most popular on
today techniques so that you can navigate and pick up the one
which will help maximize the makings of your

The content of the article

  • 1 Methods of early physical development
    • 1.1 Method Nikitin
    • 1.2 Developmental dynamic gymnastics
    • 1.3 Swimming with the baby
  • 2 General Early Development Systems
    • 2.1 Pedagogy Montessori
    • 2.2 Waldorf Pedagogy
    • 2.3 Methodology of Glenn Doman
    • 2.4 Technique Cecile Lupane
    • 2.5 Zaitsev’s Cubes

методики раннего развития детей

To classify early development systems is difficult because of their
universality, but psychologists conditionally divide them into physical and
general developing.

Methods of early physical development

From the first minutes to one year old the child lives whole
an era. He learns to lift the head, sit, do the first
independent steps, pronounce the first words. That’s why on this
stage is the most important for kids is just physical

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  • Child development from birth to one year

Method Nikitin

Spouses Nikitin even in Soviet times showed how from birth
child to help him become an independent person. Once
the baby has learned to crawl, his research activity is nothing and
no one can be limited. For example, authors strongly advise
abandon all kinds of strollers and playpens, considering them
a kind of children’s prison. Of course, before that you need
prepare an apartment, making it as safe as possible for

The main goal is not to hinder children’s development, but to help.
his; not to force the child, but to create the necessary conditions for
self-improvement. This task is performed using three
basic principles:

  • freedom and independence of the child (lack of special
    workouts, a combination of sports with other types of work);
  • sports environment (projectiles, simulators) in the apartment and light
    clothes that do not hinder the movement of the baby;
  • неравнодушие взрослых к успехам и неудачам children

Посмотрите видео Необратимое Угасание Возможностей
Effective Child Development (NUWERS Nikitins)

Developmental Dynamic Gymnastics

Methods L. Kitaev and M. Trunova satisfies motor
the needs of a child under one year old, and also develops his congenital
reflexes. Dynamic gymnastics is based on Old Russian
traditions, when babies were taken for armpits and slightly tossed.
Older children, clutching their arms and legs, rotated around themselves,
forming something like a merry-go-round. In such plain games
the adults allowed the little ones to move when they were not yet
had for this formed skills. After baby
learn to walk, these exercises are no longer render
stimulating effect. All acquired skills need to be transferred
on sports games, exercises and exercises at sports complexes.

ЧИТАЕМ ПОДРОБНО: Динамическая гимнастика:
benefit and harm to the newborn

Dynamic gymnastics for infants (3 months), with
what to start?

Dynamic gymnastics for kids: basic exercises that
help your child grow healthy!

These dynamic gymnastics exercises are suitable for
boys and girls. Watch the video and you will learn where
to begin!


Swimming with baby

According to this method, it is important not only to bathe newborns,
but also swim with them. Although the movement of a small child in the water
severely restricted, swimming strengthens his muscles, trains
navigate in space. Therefore, the young swimmer begins
вставать и ходить раньше других children First exercise
held in the bath, and then later in the pool. If you are afraid
harm the baby, find an instructor who must
will help you avoid serious mistakes while swimming.

ЧИТАЕМ ПОДРОБНО: Учим грудничка плавать и
dive: how and when to start classes with newborns at home in the bath.
Many quality video instructions

General Early Development Systems

To techniques covering the development in children of the ability to
learning, writing skills, reading,
the improvement of mental processes can be attributed to the system of Mary
Montessori, Glen Doman, Nikolai Zaitsev and some

Montessori Pedagogy

The basis of the Maria Montessori teaching method is to
the child developed independently. In working on this
the pedagogical system of kindergartens, toddlers are surrounded by various
items that help them experiment independently and
free to know the world around us. Educators are wise
помощниками, которые не ограничивают, а направляют children Also
the same applies to adults who should show the child
an example that he will emulate and direct his abilities in
necessary course, providing appropriate toys. Right here
in detail about the Montessori method.

Waldorf education

The Waldorf development system is based on completely different ones.
principles Обучение делится на три этапа, учитывая возраст children
A child up to seven years old gets new knowledge and skills through
imitation, from seven to 14 years old feelings and emotions are connected. And only
from the age of 14, children “include” logic. This technique does not accept early
intellectual learning in any form. So, only from 3rd grade
children are taught to read, and before school children play only toys from
natural materials. By the way, adults should completely
вычеркнуть из of life ребенка телевизор, компьютер и видеоигры.

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Glenn Doman technique

Glen Doman argued that development is only effective in the period
brain growth – that is, up to seven years. the main task
adults – to preserve and increase the huge potential
новорожденного baby An early education program consists of
four main areas: physical development, the ability to assume
reading skills and encyclopedic knowledge.

So, the bill for kids looks like a game with cards, on which
large red dots are depicted. And loudly called the number
points, not a number. Doman believed that children can easily memorize and
systematize the bare facts. Parents are invited to make a set
cards with images of great people, plants or animals.
The baby should not only remember the name of the image, but also
tell about it.

Читать подробно о методике Глене Домана

Cecile Lupan technique

The author of the methodology took Doman’s system as a basis, processing and
simplifying it. So, Cecile Lupan recommends talking to
младенцем с самых первых минут of life, пусть даже он и не понимает
of words. But the kid gets used to his native speech, and senseless before
sounds are filled with a specific meaning. When the kids start talking,
need to teach them to read. Every familiar word must be written
in large letters on the cards and place them near the items
which they designate. For example, the “chair” near the chair, and the “sofa”
Near the sofa. The author also recommends creating self-made
books about his child, in which, in addition to fairy tales, there will be his

Zaitsev’s cubes

Nikolai Zaitsev has developed a set of manuals for teaching children
reading, math, writing and english for home and
kindergarten education. This technique is insanely popular because
like both parents and kids. All you need to do is play
very colorful, unusually sounding, interesting cubes and
chanting songs. Learning and memorization takes place in an exciting
playful form, effortlessly and energy. So first
adults need to purchase (or manufacture) the necessary material for
exercises: tables, cubes and audio recordings. Then fun and
play with your child at ease: sing, put cubes, write
words in cubes and on tablets. As they say experienced mommies, reading
will come by itself.

Surely, having familiarized with the techniques of early
development, you will find that many of the principles laid down in their
basis, you apply in raising your own kids. But still –
no pedagogical system is perfect, so
The best option for thinking parents who want to grow smart
and a happy child will be a combination of several techniques
of course, given their strengths and weaknesses.

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