Ovarian cyst treatment folk remedies, withoutsurgery, homeopathy

Update: December 2018

Ovarian cyst is a serious disease that is caused
deep internal disturbances in a woman’s body, such as
hormonal imbalance, chronic inflammatory processes in
female genital mutilation. Therefore, with an ovarian cyst treatment
folk remedies should be under the supervision of the attending physician,
phytotherapeutist, homeopath, taking into account hormonal changes and
control over the dynamics of its size.

There are several types of ovarian cysts that are different.
the origin and causes, respectively, and their therapy
should be different. Hormone-dependent cysts – follicular and
yellow body cyst must be resolved independently and in
the speeding up of this process can help folk remedies. However, in
depending on the type of neoplasm, its size, age of the woman
it is not always possible to apply non-traditional methods of therapy. When,
if a woman has an endometrioid and mucinous cyst
do not miss the time and use only folk remedies.

When cysts are found in women over 40 years of age (endometrioid,
mucinous) the risk of its transformation into a malignant
tumor, so delaying the surgery can have serious
health effects of women, in such cases the treatment of cysts
ovary without surgery and histological examination is not permissible.
But after surgery as a supportive
therapy, it is possible to use various popular methods for
improve immunity, recovery after surgery, prevention

Herbal Treatment – Herbal Medicine

With small ovarian cysts, with hormone-dependent
malignancy can use different medicinal fees
plants, in the absence of allergic reactions to them. Should
remember that any herbal remedies are the same
drugs as pharmaceuticals, with contraindications
and side effects. It is not correct to believe that herbs are
completely safe means.

The composition of any plant is very complex and most herbs contain
as useful substances and questionable, harmful and in some
toxic, poisonous components
use must listen to the body and when
any unwanted side effects should be stopped
receive them and report it to the herbalist.

As well as pharmaceutical medicines, herbs should be taken in courses.
Unlike pills, usually the effect of herbal therapy is achieved
not immediately, with an ovarian cyst takes at least a month, and the general course
therapy should not be more than 3 months. At the end of the term
you need a break, at least 2-3 weeks, and repeat the course.
Recipes for the use of herbs from ovarian cysts:

  • Collecting 3 herbs

The same amount of pharmacy chamomile, coltsfoot, tributary
to stir thoroughly. To prepare the infusion requires 2-3 tbsp.
collection spoons, they are poured with half a liter of cold water, brought to
boil and insist 12 hours. This infusion take 4 p / day
half a glass

  • Collection of 4 herbs

Сбор из  змеиного корня, желтой горечавки, корня калгана,
Pyatipala pour a glass of boiling water, insist 10 minutes, take 4
p / day for 1 month, then a break of 2 weeks and repeat

  • Collection of 5 herbsНародные методы лечения кисты яичника

Another method of traditional medicine for ovarian cysts, for
it needs 5 components – the root of the pink radiola, berries
mountain ash, viburnum bark, chamomile, motherwort grass – 2 tbsp.
spoon collecting half a liter of boiling water, 12 hours infused. Applied
also 50-100 ml. before eating for 2-3 months.

  • Collection of 6 herbs

A succession, yarrow, immortelle, chamomile, wormwood, elecampane.
Also, 3 tablespoons pour half a liter of boiling water, insist 12
hours Before meals drink up to 100 ml of infusion for 3

  • Celandine with ovarian cyst

During flowering celandine from May to June, you can hold a course
such a treatment – chop the stems and leaves of fresh celandine, on 1
a glass of grass requires half a liter of boiling water, let the mixture boil 2
minutes and brew for 30 minutes, take 50 ml in the morning and evening
infusion for 2-3 weeks. Celandine is a poisonous plant
(read about the benefits and contraindications of celandine), so its reception
should be exercised with extreme care when
any discomfort in the liver, kidney, gastrointestinal tract, taking
should stop. On the recommendation of a doctor, you can exercise and
douching such a decoction, however, should be remembered that
douching is not a safe way, it should
produce very carefully, observing some rules – see. How
do douching correctly and why it may not be

  • Borovaya uterus

У такой лекарственной травы, как Borovaya uterus, показания к
application in gynecology is very wide, with hormonal disorders
very often doctors recommend its use, especially
effective borovaya uterus for conception. But the pine forest uterus with
endometriosis should be taken with care since in
some cases may trigger bleeding. Based
a woman’s hormonal status analyzes, an experienced physiotherapist can
select the optimal course of therapy with this plant and with a cyst
ovary if its occurrence is associated with hormonal disorders
background woman.

  • Peony, golden mustache, burdock

Make a tincture of golden mustache from 12 joints with half a liter
vodka, insist 3 weeks, 3 p / day for 1 teaspoon until it ends
500 ml. tincture, then a break of 10 days and drink fresh juice
burdock – 1 dess. spoon of juice 3 p / day before meals for 1
month, also a break of 10 days. The third course is gold tincture again
Usa, only 1 dessert spoon for 2 p / day for a month,
again a break of 10 days and then take pharmacy tincture of peony in
during the month, 1 teaspoon before meals. After 10 days
break, repeat the reception of tinctures golden mustache (as the third course).
This treatment will take 6 months, it helps a lot.

If a woman is tolerant of medicinal herbs, no
serious side effects, the course of therapy should be carried out until
the end. Since the effect of the admission of such fees occurs during
months, you can do a second ultrasound in 1-1.5 months

When using traditional methods of treatment necessarily
need to be monitored by the attending physician, monitor the dynamics
the size of the tumor according to the results of ultrasound and the level of hormones.
Also in many cases (for large sizes, for long
existing cysts) it is naive to believe that treatment of cysts is possible
ovary without surgery. Sometimes the delay in the operation can result
such complications and consequences as its rupture and torsion, and
also malignancy of education (see ovarian cyst symptoms and
treatment). If you experience severe abdominal pain,
temperature, you should immediately call an ambulance.

 Treatment by other means

In addition to the treatment of cysts with medicinal herbs, traditional medicine
widely applied and bee products that can
used only in the absence of allergy to honey.

  • Propolis tincture and celandine juice

Read how to make natural juice of celandine in our
статье Как сделать сок чистотела самостоятельно. Tincture
75 ml propolis should be mixed with a glass of juice
celandine, take dessert spoon before meals for 1
— 1,5 months. If the test results do not result in an ovarian cyst
resolved, after 2 weeks, repeat the course.

  • Kalanchoe, Cahors and honey

This therapeutic mixture has a beneficial effect on the general condition.
health, improves immunity. It will take 650 to make it.
ml of good red wine, better homemade, 600 gr.
honey, 400 gr. Kalanchoe leaves, crushed. Mix ingredients and
insist 5 days. Then you can take 3-4 p / day for 1 tsp in
течение 1,5 months.

  • Flower honey and viburnum

Equal parts of honey and fresh juice of viburnum mix and
take incrementally during the month – in the first week on
the tip of the knife in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before bedtime, in week 2 – 1/3
a teaspoon, then a week for 1 tsp and the last week for 1
tablespoon. Then take a month break and back by

Traditional methods of treating ovarian cysts do not always give
positive effect and therefore traditional medicine offers
only surgery, removal of neoplasms
in various ways followed by histological examination
removed tissue. Details about the preparation, the postoperative period
when laparoscopy removes ovarian cysts in our article.

Homeopathy treatment

Because evidence-based medicine does not recognize homeopathy,
the effectiveness of treatment with homeopathic remedies most often
due to the placebo effect (see interesting facts about placebo). If a
consider the cost of treatment in many traditional ways,
surgically, hormonal drugs, then therapy
homeopathy is cheaper and with a well-chosen course in
many non-advanced cases of ovarian cyst, homeopathy brings
positive results, those who believe in its effectiveness.

When referring to a homeopath it is important to understand that there is no
a single treatment regimen for ovarian cyst homeopathy for everyone, this is only
individual selection of 1000 homeopathic remedies only those
which are based on the result of diagnostics by the method of foll or
Vegetative resonance testing fit a particular woman with
specific diagnosis.

There are many opponents of such methods of diagnosis and
homeopathic treatment, considering them to be contrived ways with
unproven efficacy. However, if we consider all of our
pharmaceutical market of medicines – more than 50% of all drugs
either with unproven efficacy, or with a mass of heavy side
action, or just dummy. And they cost a lot of money.

Homeopathy is the direction of medicine that is trying to cure.
not a specific disease, but the body as a whole, trying to cope with
pathological process, eliminating the cause of the disease, and not
minimizing the symptoms of its manifestation, what does mainly
traditional medicine. If a верить, в то, что гомеопатия поможет,
she will definitely help.

A homeopath must listen carefully to the patient,
will send a woman to conduct 
гормонального исследования и на некоторые специфические
research. With the help of specially selected
drugs can normalize hormones and some types
кист рассасываются после гомеопатического treatment.

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