Our mood depends on the bacteria

Update: February 2019

For the first time in the history of the development of medical science it was found out:
there is intestinal microflora that can affect
mood and behavior of a person. This is possible thanks to
the interaction of bacteria with responsible brain regions.
Such a discovery is a sensation of American professors concerning
healthy part of the population of the globe. The news was published in
edition of Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Behavioral
Medicine. “

Previously, researchers only assumed that the microbiocenosis
mammalian intestine is a major factor for
emotional and physical health. Few
experiments on laboratory animals helped doctors confirm
your guesses. In addition, bacteria have also influenced behavioral
features of animals. On the person, unfortunately, by that moment
one experiment failed.

American Kirsten Tillish from Los Angeles (Specialist
diseases of the digestive system – “Vatche and Tamar Manoukian
Division of Digestive Diseases ”, professor) took up this issue
close by. She conducted an experiment that covered almost 40
healthy women. Kirsten made an analysis of intestinal microorganisms in
the whole group, and then checked all the brain structures in the pictures
after MRI. A second study was performed during the observation.
women behind photographs that cause pronounced emotional


The result was two groups of subjects:

  1. 33 women distinguished themselves by the predominance of the so-called bacteroids.
    in your intestines.
  2. 7 women had most of the Preforetel.

According to the results of MRI in the first group attracted attention
the pronounced thickness of the gray matter in the area of ​​the frontal lobes,
hippocampus and parahippocampal gyrus (zone responsible for
memory). The second group did not differ in the volume of gray matter.
hippocampus. However, the interrelationships of their sensory, visual and
emotional areas proved more rich. Women with
the prevalence of prefumellus in microflora were more prone to expression
negative emotions (anxiety, irritability and
unrest). This was manifested during the viewing of photographs with
corresponding images of people, landscapes, houses, objects

The results of the experimental work of Professor Tillish allowed
reflect on the fact that our microflora can affect the brain
activity of a healthy population. It is possible that the nervous system
may mutually affect intestinal bacteria. This
research – the prospect of further work on the study
human emotional sphere.

Previously, scientists have only said that the bacterial flora
intestinal affects appetite, body weight, immune system,
appearance and taste functions of the oral cavity. But it turns out that
not all the secrets of our body are still fully revealed. For
more reliable conclusions should not be one
study, and more extensive.

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