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Especially for scrupulous parents was invented orthopedic pillow, which will be discussed.

Is she a must for every baby or is it necessary only if there are certain indications?

How to choose the best option, and whether this helps Affiliation to improve baby’s sleep?


The price of an orthopedic pillow varies from 450-3000 rubles depending on the form, filler and manufacturer. Inexpensive Russian-made Synthetic Butterfly Pillows filler – the most democratic option. For those who want strengthen the useful properties of the pillow, more expensive models exist with buckwheat filler. Elite price pillows have a memory effect and are sensitive to body temperature a child.


“The daughter had a slight crank, so the orthopedist recommended us such a pillow. Baby 5 months old, sleeps at night good, but breathing was difficult. With a pillow grunt less spout, sleep is stronger. For 4 weeks of use, I drew attention that even at normal times the daughter began to breathe much better. “Olga, 22 years old.

For the first time I heard about this miracle pillow from a neurologist. We had a typical problem in babies – wrong formation of the back of the skull. I did not regret the purchase, because now our head is flat. The main advantage of this pillows – the baby cannot roll over while sleeping on his tummy. Oksana, 27 years old.

Orthopedic pillow with crank

Orthopedic pillow for babies with crankWryneck – it is an underdevelopment of one of the muscles of the neck that causes a slope heads to the side. To normalize muscle tone of the neck the child needs additional support, which creates orthopedic pillow. When the baby’s head lies in fixed anatomical position, development of the cervical spine the spine goes in the right direction.

Butterfly Pillow

The most common option, due to its availability, is a butterfly-shaped pillow. In the center, such a pillow has recess for the head. The lower part runs under the neck, so it narrow. The upper part is the most voluminous, and the sidewalls of the pillow are made by analogy with butterfly wings.


Pediatricians respond that infants without defects and abnormalities do not need a pillow at all. Under the baby’s head they recommend to put a usual film folded several times. Such makeshift pillow is suitable for healthy babies with a smooth skull and neck. If the child has any defects of the cervical department or head, then they are adjusted using a special orthopedic pillows.


The main indications for the use of an anatomical pillow are:

  • Congenital torticollis
  • Hyper or hypotonic neck muscles,
  • Pain after birth injury
  • The early stage of rickets.

The orthopedic pillow has a slight slope, which helps out if the child has a tendency to regurgitate. In any of these cases, before buying pillows you need consult a pediatrician.

The choice

Does an infant need an orthopedic pillowBuy orthopedic pillow butterfly for infants need volume his head, neck diameter and shoulder width. If the pillow is too cramped, then the child’s discomfort is ensured, since the head is not completely fit in the recess. Too big pillow will cause a similar reaction, but from the cervical spine.

Also, when buying, you need to pay attention to the filler (artificial or natural) and pillow cover. The greatest latex models are resistant to deformation, polyurethane, viscose, comfortable and polypropylene filler.


Many pediatricians are of the opinion that start using an orthopedic pillow if available, when the baby is two weeks old. Lay the baby on the pillow is possible without a bonnet, as it provides a comfortable scalp temperature.

They put a pillow under the sheet, or put a pillowcase on it. You can wash the pillow in the machine at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees. During drying, avoid direct contact with it. rays of the sun. What you need to get for the baby in the summer – practical advice to young mothers.

Read helpful information about when an infant begins roll over.

Do not be upset if the child scratches his ears and eyes – which do useful tips.


The shape of the orthopedic pillow is designed so that ensure the correct positioning of the baby’s head during sleep. The soft skull of the baby easily restores symmetry after several weeks of use, therefore orthopedic butterfly pillows for babies need to buy, as the load distributed evenly over the entire surface of the head.

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