Oral contraceptives increase the risk of developingbrain tumors

Update: February 2019

Researchers from the University Hospital Southern Denmark and
University of Odense concluded that a long reception by a woman
hormonal contraceptives 1.5-2.4 times increases
risk of brain glioma (see signs of tumor
brain) in comparison with the control group.

Hormonal contraceptives that women around the world are actively
used in the form of injections, patches, tablets and intrauterine devices
implants contain female sex hormones. They kind of “include”
natural contraception that occurs when a woman
carries a child (to prevent conception in the period


Danish scientists conducted a statistical analysis of 317 women with
brain cancer, control group
were 2126 healthy women aged 15-49 years. As a result
the researchers found that a brain tumor was 50% more likely to develop in
women taking hormonal contraceptives (spirals, patches,
pills). The results of this study are published in the journal.
British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (British Journal
clinical pharmacology).

Glioma is a rare type of tumor that affects 5
people out of 100 thousand and the risk of its occurrence increases by 90% with
long (over 5 years) use of hormonal contraception.
The greatest danger is gestagen-containing contraceptives,
taking them increases cancer risk 3 times. Probably this
associated with the intake of progesterone, which stimulates
tumor growth and accelerates the division of malignant cells.

Today, science knows little about all the causes
the occurrence of brain tumors, and gliomas in particular. But this
The study confirms the theory of the ability of female genital
hormones (from outside) increase the risk of certain types
cancer. In our article, birth control pills, read about others.
the dangerous consequences of taking oral contraceptives.

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