Oral candidiasis – treatment, causes,symptoms photo

Oral candidiasis is a disease of the oral cavity that
caused by yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida, which are from
conditionally pathogenic with a weakened immune system of the microorganism
turn into pathogens. They are found on
the skin, intestines, vagina and nasopharyngeal mucosa in 70-80%
people. However, most of them do not have any signs

Infants and the elderly are at risk of candidiasis.
people. Most often from fungal infections of the common genus.
Candida suffers from immunocompromised patients who have
chronic pathology. There is a characteristic plaque especially often
on the mucous membranes lining the inner surfaces of the mouth.

Causes of candidiasis in the mouth

появление кандидоза во рту

Candida is a single-celled fungus. There is about 150 of it
varieties. 20 of them can cause human disease.
Mushrooms of the Candida genus can enter the human body from objects
household goods, dishes, toys, with food. More often they
found in dairy products. Especially they love alkaline
Wednesday pH 7.8-8.5. It occurs in a person’s mouth when abused
confectionery and other food rich in simple

Excessive formation of such a fungus in the mouth and, as a result,
the occurrence of candidiasis may trigger the following
the reasons:

  • The weakening of the immune system is the main factor
    contributing to the development of fungal infection in the body.
  • Contributing to the development of candidiasis can be the following
    diseases: tuberculosis, HIV infection, sarcomas, diabetes mellitus 1 and
    2 types, hypothyroidism, etc.
  • Medications that inhibit work
    immunity. These are corticosteroids and cytostatics;
  • The use of antimicrobials, such as trichopol,
    chlorhexidine and others;
  • Minor injuries of the oral mucosa. They may occur as
    due to improper bite or damaged teeth;
  • metabolic disorder – the disease can develop on
    background iron deficiency anemia, endocrine disorders,
  • dysbacteriosis – even if dysbacteriosis is not the root cause
    activating the fungus Candida, then, as a rule, candidiasis develops
    against his background;
  • Radiation therapy. Irradiation of the body also occurs.
    significant suppression of the immune system, and one of the side
    effects during radiotherapy is a fungal infection of the mouth

Thrush can get sick at any age. In adults, candidiasis
oral cavity is noted mainly in older and elderly
and is associated with poor dental health, wrong choices and
fitting dentures.

Soже риск кандидоза слизистой рта повышается при
pregnancy and lactation due to the natural decrease in immunity in
this period.

Symptoms of oral candidiasis, photo disease

External signs that accompany the appearance of candidiasis have
different patterns that are affected by overall health –
This is the age prior to taking certain medications and
other factors.

Кандидоз ротовой полости

In the photo on the left is visible candidiasis in the oral cavity.

На начальной стадии оральной форме происходит форсированное
reproduction of fungi, which in the process of vital activity release
certain enzymes. These substances have a negative
effects on the mucous membrane, irritating and destroying it. So
Burning and itching begins – satellites of any candidiasis.

Кандидоз ротовой полости

Signs of oral candidiasis: white plaque in the mouth

In adults, the symptoms of thrush are about the same as in children:

  • white rash on the oral mucosa;
  • pain in the mouth and burning;
  • pain when swallowing;
  • feeling of food getting stuck;
  • metallic taste in the mouth or temporary loss of taste;
  • fever.

Newborn babies and children whose speech has not yet been formed,
may lose their appetite, refuse to eat, manifest
crying, capriciousness. Soже возможны нарушения сна. Have
Older children can have oral candidiasis.
like painful sensations when eating, burning and itching in
oral cavity.

Pseudomembranous candidiasis in the mouth

The most common type of candidiasis, otherwise called
thrush. Most often, newborns who are ill
fungal infection is transmitted during childbirth from a sick mother. Soже
pseudomembranous is quite common
candidal stomatitis in adults, occurring against a background of weakening
immunity, the presence of comorbidities.

The course of the disease is easy, but if you run
him, then the small plaques will begin to grow in size and
merge, leading to the formation of erosions.

  1. Adrift: acute and chronic
  2. By severity of the following forms: mild,
    moderate, heavy.


  • the surface of the mouth is covered with a hard to remove plaque;
  • gums begin to bleed,
  • temperature rises, in some cases up to 39

Atrophic candidiasis

Atrophic candidiasis ротовой полости – такой вид кандидозного
stomatitis that occurs due to long reception
antibacterial and corticosteroid drugs (acute phase) or
trauma to the mucous membrane of dentures (chronic
the form).

  1. With острой форме возникают следующие симптомы: сухость и
    burning tongue, pain during eating and prolonged
  2. Хроническая форма: характеризуется отеком слизистой
    shell of the tongue, it is determined by erythema. In the corners of the mouth can
    to detect sticky.

Chronic hyperplastic candidiasis of the oral cavity

This type of disease forms papillary hyperplasia in the sky.
Due to the fact that the disease lasts a very long time, the scurf becomes impregnated
fibrin, forming a yellow film. Other signs of

  • Plaque gray-white, tightly soldered to the underlying tissues,
    not scraped when scraping;
  • The raid is often located on the back of the tongue, especially favorite
    place – rhomboid fossa;
  • The process can spread to the mucous membrane of the larynx, pharynx,

Chronic atrophic candidiasis

common in people who use removable
plate prostheses and is characterized by redness, swelling,
dryness and burning, with viscous, sticky saliva.

For the disease characteristic pathological manifestations:

  • Fungal infections;
  • Eroded areas located under the prosthetic
    a bed;
  • Atrophy of the papillae of the tongue.

This type of candidiasis can be easily distinguished from
other types of triad inflammation in the mouth: affected language
the corners of the mouth and the sky.



Diagnostics при кандидозе ротовой полости

The first reason to confirm fungal infection is
a thorough medical examination of all affected areas with parallel
questioning the patient about his health. All are identified and refined
details: signs, symptoms, treatment of oral candidiasis
adults whose photos allow you to imagine how they
diverse, requiring differentiated and competent

An analysis of candidiasis of the oral cavity is done on an empty stomach, they do not brush their teeth,
do not rinse your throat before handing a swab from the throat or flushing
mucous membrane. For the detection of fungi take a swab from the oral cavity,
which is examined with a microscope. If necessary
serological tests and PCR diagnostics are carried out. For
exclusion of diabetes need to study glucose levels
in blood.

Based on the test results, decide which doctor you need.
send patient:

  • for the treatment of chronic and acute candidiasis of the oral cavity – to
  • with candidiasis of internal organs refer to mycologist.

Treatment of oral candidiasis

The treatment of candidiasis is performed by a dentist or periodontist.
If candida has affected not only the mucous membranes, but the process
has spread to other organs, then the treatment deals
Mycologist or infectious disease doctor. Separate general and local treatment
кандидоза oral cavity.

Treatment of candidiasis requires an individual approach to each
occasionally, since candidiasis usually develops as a secondary
disease caused by a decrease in immunological protection which
may be due to different reasons. Therefore, the main
directions in the treatment of the patient are:

  • identification of the etiological factor underlying pathogenesis
    candida in each individual case;
  • elimination or reduction of further negative effects
    these factors;
  • pathogenetic therapy.

It is important to reorganize the oral cavity, implying treatment.
all inflammations and diseases in the mouth. Patient specialists
recommend to take care of the health of the gums and teeth,
timely visit the dentist and carry out oral hygiene,
especially with dentures. Possible use with this
the purpose of antifungal agents.

As a local treatment for oral mucosal candidiasis
are used:

  • aniline dyes;
  • iodine preparations, such as Lugol solution;
  • tablets for resorption with bactericidal properties;
  • nystatin or levorin ointment;
  • rinsing solutions (for example, borax solutions,
    sodium bicarbonate, boric acid, iodinyl, and others).

If relapses occur very often, pulse therapy is prescribed.
fluconazole. As an aid prescribe vitamins.
groups B, nicotinic and ascorbic acids, probiotics,

In no case should the treatment of the disease be interrupted.
The use of drugs should be strictly metered and be

For общего воздействия на возбудителя кандидоза полости рта
antifungal agents are administered orally (diflucan, lamisil,
nizoral, amphotericin B, nystatin, levorin). For уменьшения
allergic manifestations use antihistamines. With
oral candidiasis effective physiotherapy – electrophoresis with
р-ром калия йодида, HaveФО, лазеротерапия. In severe cases of candidiasis
Oral cavity requires comprehensive immunotherapy.

In the case of the effectiveness of the treatment: the disappearance
dryness, burning, hyperemia, edema, plaque on the mucous membrane
пораженных участков слизистой oral cavity.

Лечение кандидоза во рту у взрослых и детей отличается
dosage of drugs for proper treatment – refer to


Proper nutrition – the basis of successful treatment. It is known that
mushrooms Candida хорошо себя чувствуют в высокоуглеводной среде.
Sweet foods and pastries should be eliminated from the patient’s diet.
At the same time it is necessary to limit the consumption of spicy and acidic foods.
which irritates mucous membranes and interferes with healing

Diet при кандидозе полости рта должна включать овощи, зелень,
from vegetables, according to reviews of patients suffering from thrush, exclusively
carrot has useful properties.

Excluded from the diet:

  • Products containing yeast;
  • Confectionery;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Sauces;
  • Carbonated drinks and alcohol.

It is allowed to eat:


  • cereals;
  • vegetables, greens (special attention should be paid to carrots and
  • dairy products;
  • lean fish and lean meat;
  • liver;
  • baking without yeast;
  • herbal teas and natural juices;
  • berries: cranberries, blueberries and cranberries;
  • nuts, seeds;
  • flaxseed, coconut or olive oil;
  • savory fruit.

When the treatment is completed, do not rush to eat everything, better
gradually expand the diet by 1-2 foods per week. During
the first 3-12 months after therapy, it is better to exclude products with
высоким содержанием сахара и уксуса, дрожжевую выпечку, mushrooms,
so as not to provoke relapses.

Proper diet will restore the immune system and allow
body to quickly cope with the disease.

Folk remedies for candidiasis in the mouth in adults

A great addition to drug therapy can be
proven over the years national methods of treatment.

  1. To cure candidiasis in the oral cavity, in addition to
    antifungal agents prescribed by the doctor can
    use plants such as calendula, chamomile, and St. John’s wort.
  2. Squeeze the juice from onions, garlic or wormwood, and wet them
    sore place 2-3 times a day. Remove before processing
    raid Soое лечение стоит продолжать не меньше 2 недель.
  3. Baking soda solution – effectively fights fungus. In 500 ml
    boiled water you need to add 5 g of soda, rinse your mouth with it
    solution after each meal. For заживления ранок и ссадин
    2 drops of iodine can be added to the soda solution.
  4. Use gauze tampons moistened with decoction based on
    oak bark
  5. Clear plaque from affected area, take one spoon in mouth
    hardened honey and keep in mouth. The procedure is repeated 3-4 times in
    day for at least 20 days.


Теперь, вы знаете чем лечить кандидоз во рту, но не
forget about preventive measures. Basic measures that are not
allow oral candidiasis to develop – correct and regular
oral and dental prosthesis care.

  • It is recommended to use toothpaste in which
    contains a solution of borax in glycerin. It is also necessary to clear the tongue and
  • For съемных протезов используются специальные очищающие

The prognosis for mild candidiasis is favorable, relapses are not
arise; with moderate form – the probability of relapse
exists; with severe – possible transition to a chronic infection with
the development of candidal sepsis.

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