Optimum bathing water temperaturenewborn baby

Bathing a baby is not only and not just a hygienic procedure.
It gives the child pleasure and psychological comfort,
a small but useful exercise helps to adjust
contact with mother and the outside world, and also strengthens health and
hardens. But this is if the water temperature is suitable
baby perfect. What should be the optimum water temperature for
купания newborn baby, давайте разбираться.

купание новорожденного

Hot or cold?

Кожа newborn baby пока что очень тонкая и нежная, а
thermoregulation is only formed, so children freeze so easily
and overheat. Even an adult can become ill after overheating in
too hot bath, and baby and even more so. But if we can
get out of the bath or adjust the temperature of the water then the baby
can not say about it, nor he can correct the situation. Besides,
hot water promotes the opening of the pores on the skin of the child and the ingress
there infection: baby skin – the ideal “gate” to hit
diseases in the body, because immunity, like thermoregulation,
child is not yet formed. (читаем по теме: кожа
новорожденного и правильный уход за ней

Too cold water is not much better. If the baby is cold,
bathing pleasure will not be any. This is also a risk for
urinary system: if it hardens, urination will

Ideal water temperature

What should be the optimum temperature for bathing the most
little ones. Both pediatricians and mothers agree in one opinion: no higher than 37
degrees, but not below 34. Adults such water may seem
coldish, but the fact is that the child is used to such water before
of birth: amniotic fluid has a temperature of 37 degrees, and it is
in these conditions, the child developed before his birth. Temperature
воды больше 38 может привести к учащенному сердцебиению и
overheating baby. Too cold, unaccustomed water can
напугать малыша и надолго отбить у него всякое
желание купаться и ребенок может начать боятся ванной.
Важно: Что делать если ребенок боится
bathe in the bathroom.

Water of this temperature will prevent penetration.
infections and is good for baby skin. In addition, the umbilical wound in
baby heals faster with water at 37 degrees.

It is important to know. Until the umbilical wound healed,
child need to bathe in boiled water. You can swim in the running
starting from 10-14 days of life. By this time, the umbilical wound
coming off.

Do not be afraid that the water cools quickly and the baby will freeze,
because the first swims last no more than 10-15 minutes. Even if water and
cools down one degree or two during this time, it will not be
is critical.

It is also important to monitor the temperature of the air while swimming.
The big difference between the temperature of the water and the air for a child is not exactly
like it, so bathing facilities are not excessive
heat and the door to it is better not to close.


ANDтак, начинаем купание при температуре 34-37 и
каждые 3-4 дня снижаем температуру воды на 1-2 градуса.
In general, the lower the water temperature, the better. But no violence
over the child, you need to see the measure.

Some children prefer warm water, others – colder.
How to understand if the baby is cold in the bath or hot? – If a
малышу холодно, он сжимается в комочек, у него синеет
носогубной треугольник, через какое-то время ребенок начинает
tremble. If it is hot, the skin turns red and the child becomes sluggish. AND
In either case, the child will alert you to crying.

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How to check the temperature? Thermometer or “elbow”

градусник для ванночки

The easiest way is to buy a special bath with a built-in
градусником (см о видах детских ванночек). If not
You can use a special thermometer for water, which
sold in pharmacies. AND наконец, можно использовать
�”Grandma’s Method” – measure the temperature using your own
The skin on this area of ​​the arm is especially tender and
sensitive to temperature extremes. So, if you lower your hand in
the water of the temperature in which we are accustomed to swim, it will seem
normal. If you put an elbow in it, the water will seem very
hot. It will also look like this to a child. If, however, when lowering
elbow water seems normal, such a temperature would be perfect
for the baby.

Organize the optimal temperature

To make bathing water perfect is a simple matter. Enough
equip with water thermometer, and then everything is simple.

  1. In the tub pour cold water. If the child is not two
    weeks, it is pre-boiled and cooled for several hours.
  2. We place in it a thermometer.
  3. Gradually add hot water until the thermometer shows
    36-37. ANDменно в холодную нужно доливать горячую!
  4. In order for the thermometer to tell the truth, water is needed all the time.

Harden or not?

None doubts the benefits of hardening and its positive
impact on the immune system of the baby. Some advise even the most
маленьких купать при 25-26 градусах. In fact,
Newborn is not only unnecessary, but sometimes harmful: too much.
cold water can harm a child and discourage any interest in
water procedures. It is better to wait with quenching a couple of months until
thermoregulation mechanisms will be formed. If you want to start already
Now, you need to start from 36-37 degrees and cool the water for 1-2
degrees in 3-4 days. But in any case, the air temperature in the room,
where the baby is bathed, it should not be below 27 degrees so that the baby does not

But the most important thing in bathing is to listen to the baby himself,
because his needs and opinion may not coincide with theories

The first swimming is not scary!

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