Optimists have a healthier heart

Update: February 2019

Optimism and active life position can improve the state
heart health. This conclusion was made by researchers from the School.
public health behalf T.Kh. Harvard’s chan
university. In their review, scientists analyzed dozens
research with hundreds of thousands of participants. Results published in
Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

This work proved: the positive state of man
способно  повлиять на здоровье посредством обычных упражнений,
healthy eating, giving up bad habits. Scientists have come to
the encouraging conclusion that psychological satisfaction
human has a positive effect on cardiovascular
system because people with a positive attitude are more prone to healthy
way of life.

Optimists tend to be physically active, eat well,
maintain social ties and avoid negativity. It was
proven in previous studies. Good psychophysical
condition allows you to manage stress and has an impact on
physiological systems.


The work explored various ways of psychological well-being,
able to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Also studied and
opposing points: the effects of anxiety, anger, depression,
different types of stress.

Researchers drew attention to the results of scientific work
2017, which showed that optimistic older women
almost 40% less likely to die from pathologies of the cardiovascular
system. People who have higher goals in life, less
prone to stroke. According to another study
оптимисты  легче бросают курить, с большей охотой
тренируются,  придерживаются здоровой диеты.

Авторы обзора пришли к выводу, что  повысить оптимизм можно
using “mindfulness programs” such as yoga, meditation,
autotraining. Practitioners help reduce stress and improve quality.
of life. People participating in these programs see improvements with
side of the health of the cardiovascular system: reducing blood pressure and cardiac risk

Почетный профессор психологии из университета  Голден Гейт
Keith Yarrow (independent expert) noted that our psychology
contributes to our physical health.

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