Opinions of pregnant women who can not standcritics

Theoretical knowledge is useful, of course, and all pregnant women in them
are strong. Only in practice, everything often turns out to be wrong.
imagined. We present you a selection of controversial statements and
beliefs future moms. When babies are born, women and
they themselves recall how they thought before, with a smile.

�“I’m sure I’m not screaming, because I’m hardy and
strong in spirit! “

Each person has his own pain threshold – someone higher,
someone below. The birth itself also takes place quite differently, and their
It is difficult to predict even experienced doctors. Often women
who shook with horror, give birth quickly, easily and relatively
painless, but courageous opponents of epidural anesthesia cannot
endure even the first contractions. How it goes in your case
nobody knows, so do not blame.

�“Before the birth, you will need to do makeup, manicure and
hairstyle – I have to look great even in the delivery room
hall! “

It is very, very important to look beautiful in both prenatal and
the bathroom during the enema, and even on the gynecological chair, when
The hospital shirt is pulled up to the chin. Only in
reality posture in which give birth, and the process itself is different from
Pictures from a Hollywood movie. And doctors need to follow
cervical dilatation, so that they even
will not pay attention. Nail polish and even asked to wash. Obstetricians
must see the color of the patient’s nails – the color of the nail plate can
help in diagnosing the condition.

�”The postpartum depression was invented by idlers who have
too much free time “

Childbirth is still stress for the body, which can cause
unpredictable reactions. Denial of apathy, depression, bad
mood can play a cruel joke – so you just drive the problem
inside yourself.

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�”I’m not going to spend money on useless toys, fashionable
and impractical clothes – the kid needs mother’s love and

If it is impossible to argue with the second half of this statement,
the first one will shatter to the nines already during the first hike in
children’s store. When baby grows up and starts to rejoice
brand new toys surrender even the most ardent supporter

�”I would never begin to say” we ate “, lisp,
chatting with everyone about the children’s chair “

Before the birth, every woman thinks that she will be completely different.
like other mothers with children. On walks, she plans to read,
listen to audiobooks in English, during the decree seriously
is going to master psychology, improve knowledge of history, learn
dance salsa. Maybe you will become an example to follow.
or will cause envy in all mummies in the district. The truth is
that many during pregnancy think that on maternity leave they will
engage in self-development, but in the first year of motherhood dreams
become more prosaic. During this period, a woman wants only
just get some sleep, read something longer than pisses and learn
anything more complicated labels from infant formula.

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�”It’s easy to set up a child; the main thing is not
to be lazy

Moms who complain about sleepless nights are definitely themselves in
this is to blame. They are just too lazy to set the child a regime, but they
too lazy to fall asleep on the go and stumble upon walls. Sure you may
to dream that you can easily teach a crumb to a certain
daily routine. When else to dream, if not during

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