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the Internet магазин

Every mother is faced with the need to buy a new one.
clothes, books, toys, strollers and other things for your baby,
but how to choose among so many shops,
providing seemingly identical services and goods? the Internet
Babadu children’s goods store answers this question
providing a high level of internet service itself and excellent
quality goods.

Assortment and quality

ассортимент товаров в магазине

Babadu store has a huge range of products,
starting from products for newborns, ending with training
books, children’s rooms, cars and so on. AT
The store can choose products for children of all ages.

Site navigation is very convenient: all products are located
by category, and the colorful design of the site and good photos
help the child himself to participate in the selection of clothes or toys.
If necessary, you can contact the 24-hour support service
companies by telephone hotline or online consultant
(the form is located on the bottom right).

AT магазине Babadu можно приобрести одежду только проверенных
brands, and for every product there is a certificate of quality – you can be
sure to resort to the possibility of returning the goods due to
плохого качества ATам не придется.

Babadu Features

The site also has a subscription feature for updates. Leaving on
You can always keep up to date with your e-mails.
goods and promotions held by the store, as well as receive discounts on
purchase of goods.

A unique feature of the site is its own system.
virtual currency – babadu-bucks. You can receive them by sending
videos about purchased items in the store. For each video
registered site user is charged a certain
the number of babadu bucks for which goods can be purchased
absolutely free.


магазин babadu

About promotions and sales

AT категории «Наши фишки» всегда можно более подробно узнать об
features, promotions, discount system and store virtual currency
on their own. Нажав на баннер в середине главное страницы ATы так
You can find out about promotions, the conditions of their holding and gifts, in
section of the sale you can see the goods that can
purchase at purchase price.

About gift certificates

AT магазине предусмотрена система подарочных сертификатов. If a
ATы сами не можете сделать выбор подарка для ребенка — можно купить
he has a certificate, and he can make a choice in the store,
The certificate is suitable as a gift to the parents of the baby.

подарочные сертификаты в

About delivery in Russia

The delivery system is also very conveniently arranged. ATо-первых,
Delivery works round the clock seven days a week. ATо-вторых, при заказе
You can choose different delivery methods, including pickup.

Delivery works in almost all major cities of Russia. She is
can be carried out by courier, through points of issue or
Russian Post. AT Москве, Санкт-Петербурге, Екатеринбурге, Нижнем
Novgorod, Rostov, Ryazan and Tyumen express delivery is free,
as well as self-pickup, in other cities the cost of delivery varies
from 350 to 400 p. Delivery by Russian Post costs 400 rubles for all
cities of Russia.

It is worth saying that the delivery quality of the Babadu store is
at the highest level. ATы никогда не будете ждать заказанный
goods longer than the due date.

About payment

The system of payment in the store involves various forms of payment.
You can pay for your order in cash, subject to delivery by courier or
pickup, receipt in the bank, through the payment system PayU,
using your bank card just by entering its details in
payment form system.

You can pay with electronic money: Yandex, Qiwi,

If you order more than 10 thousand rubles, you can take goods in

AT магазине так же предусмотрена система возврата и обмена
goods, if the thing does not fit the child. Поэтому ATы можете быть
confident that you will not spend money in vain.

Babadu Academy



Separate mentioning is necessary for any young mother.
сервис на сайте Babadu — Babadu Academy. AT данном разделе есть
online lessons, library, video tutorials, recipes for
kids, as well as many tips for all occasions. This is very
convenient because you can learn the necessary materials and lessons without
отрываясь от просмотра каталогов, что сильно сэкономит ATаше

AT целом, магазин Babadu является прекрасным представителем
modern type of online stores where everything is done exclusively
for the convenience of young mothers and their children, from the interface of the site,
ending with delivery and receipt of goods from the courier’s hands. Beautiful
product quality and time-tested brands make it one of
лучших в сети the Internet и на всем рынке.

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