One day in the life of a large mother: franklyabout a family of 10

Who said that children are the flowers of life ?! Whoever it is
was – he was definitely in the subject! But how to fix household chores when
you a whole “flower bed”? Tatiana described the real day of one
large families.

многодетная семья

How it all began

Like all normal young people, I built quite adequate
Future plans: graduate, find a good job, earn
authority and after all this, to the age of thirty with a tail
to give birth ONE! child and always a boy. I will say right away – this
I managed. I managed to give birth to the first boy)). Course for
heir also had a development plan: an advanced school,
sports, theater group and the best university, to choose from. No matter how
strangely, the husband was not provided for in my searchlights.

No wonder they say: “if you want to make God laugh, tell him your
plans for tomorrow. ” And literally on the eve of the twenty second day
I had a birthday of Andrejka. This event shocked me so much
that a year and a half later I wanted to try it again and gave birth
Artem, and to finally convince me that this is not a dream, through
four years appeared Gregory. But for some reason I was haunted
the feeling that I had not fulfilled the master plan of fate.

And then I came across an article on family orphanages. Me
like a shock of shibanulo – that’s it! I got pregnant with the idea of ​​“giving birth” right away
four kids. Nine months later I managed it and now
our family consists of ten people: four little son, three
paws, daughters, husband with ward Volodya and me.

Since then, our life has become similar to the American attraction
slides – every day is full of events, but it’s so scary
it is interesting that television is “nervously smoking on the sidelines,” he doesn’t
dreamed of our comedies, dramas and action films. Sometimes before bedtime I’m with
I remember my girlish plans with a smile and I am glad that they did not come true,
because then my life would not be so interesting and
immensely promising.

39 children – mother of many children heroine:

An ordinary day of many things, or – the faint hearted are asking
to leave

All roles – the main ones:

Mnogopapa, Mnogomma, Sveta (16 years old), Andrey, (14 years old), Artyom
(almost 12 years old), Gregory (8 years old), Lyuba (10 years old), Katya (6 years old),
Pavel (5 years old), Volodya (25 years old).

As always, an unexpected alarm bell with a bullet sticks between
shoulder blades, runs a tremor along the spine, and you understand everything! But
yet to win the warm, cozy sniffing babies from Morpheus and
teenagers. It is necessary to gather all the will into a fist and go to
the cycle of events.

Everybody is desperately yawning, groaning, thinking up today
go to school, and get back into the warm cocoon of a blanket. I do not
prevent them from dreaming about unrealizable, pushing lagging behind
wash along as you go looking for your socks and tidying up
rooms. And finally, after breakfast, howling: “Today we
we’ll definitely be late! ”, everyone is moving to the bus (fortunately, exactly
our village is a good kindergarten and one school for the whole

Phew! My husband and I enjoy a deserved moment of peace and quiet.
Slowly have breakfast and tea, discuss the upcoming affairs. Now
it’s time to wake Volodya – our ward 25-year-old guy with the mind
child of five years. Vova does not like when children make noise, but she loves
talk with us, talk about your plans for today and
talk about what he dreamed of. After washing it with
enjoy breakfast, drink a cup of tea with homemade jam and
immersed in their studies.


Create or sleep – that is the question …

Most people are mistaken in thinking that all mothers of many children, and
especially with a family orphanage, do not work in the conventional
sense, but only around the house. �”I will not tell you for all of Odessa ..”, but this
definitely not about me. The Internet is our everything! Including interesting
work without leaving home.

The morning silence contributes to the writing of texts, if only
on the eve of the Muse did not stick you to your computer until late at night. Then
the early morning silence acts as a proprietary hypnotic. Can
allow yourself a couple of hours to take a nap and gain strength for
new “battle”.

Cook from the factory canteen – crying!

Cooking in a 5-liter saucepan is equivalent to a sentence for me.
wear booties! In our house taken large forms. Most rarely
used, “small” pan for 8 liters. Well what’s in it
do you cook? Is that grub on one tooth. Here are ten thirteen
liters – this is our size, just right pans. Whatever it is
strange, but if you can cook dinner for 3 people, further
increasing the number of eaters is no longer important. A little bit
extra time and voila! dinner for ten persons of 3-4 dishes
(a portion of soup, a pack of porridge, a bowl of salad and a huge frying pan with
cutlets) plus compote ready!

Well hello – that’s us!

By 16, a group of teenagers flies into a house. All hungry, disheveled
and overflowing with news. They sit noisily around the table,
snatch from the plates the most delicious pieces and vied for
talk about school events. This is happiness! But рано
relax! Soon we have to go meet the kids from kindergarten and
miss the right time can not be.

Hard to learn – but life will be interesting

The most difficult thing in a multi-life life is doing homework. Children
different ages with different abilities, inclinations and some
just can not focus for long. To everyone you need to find your
approach – where the wash, where the crook.

And it is also the duty of the elders to help the kids – such
home tutoring. For the good performance of the “student”
�“Tutor” is rewarded with extra time on computer
games or something else at will.

I noticed that the adoptive children, doing their homework, show
more diligence. Apparently, they need a greater sense of intimacy,
which hovers overhead during general classes.

Outdoor games

Our generation has the brightest childhood impressions associated with
In the summer in the village, at the grandmother with the grandfather. My children live in such
expanse all year round. In the summer – bicycles, fishing, swimming in the river,
hikes for berries and mushrooms, and in the course we still come up with different
games, quests, quizzes. In winter – skis, skates, snow battles, sleds.
Fortunately, the slides with us – more than enough! When they tumble into the house,
plastered from head to toe with snow, flushed and with a wolf
appetite becomes clear – the day was intense. Living world children
they learn not by books, but every day, watching around them,
amazing natural diversity. Not to mention astronomy on
arm distance. Here are visible stars!

Are these devices or gadgets?

It doesn’t matter how you call them, but it’s impossible to imagine modern
life without a TV and computer, smartphone and tablet. And how would
adults do not cry that children spend too much time in
Internet, you can’t do anything about it. Now do not give the child
общаться в соц сетях — это как в 80-х не пустить гулять во
yard with friends. I would also like to shorten these
endless sessions, but Sveta has long been engaged in her page in
instagram and does it live broadcasts, Andrew, Gregory and Tyoma
hang out in youtube, looking for a video about survival in extreme
conditions and the creation of unusual mechanisms. And small ones, of course,
surrender to slave cartoon series. I do not слишком заморачиваюсь по
about this, because I know by myself, if something is truly
Interestingly, there is always time for this.

Debriefing, or who is today without a sweet!

In a large family, conflicts of different caliber cannot be avoided.
no matter how hard you try. Sometimes it seems to someone that household chores
distributed unfairly, sometimes disputes arise literally because
trifle. And in time to pay off a serious confrontation, while
The process has not gained momentum, going to the family veche. Of course here
other current or prospective matters are discussed. Board
is delayed, sometimes even breaking the end time. I have a quiet
suspicion that it is for this teenagers and starting a quarrel)). One thing
I am glad that most problems are solved immediately on the spot, without reaching
before the council.

Evening Together – Restart

When the day comes to an end, the lessons are done, the games are over,
go to bedtime rituals, and all have their own. Each of
the four rooms where the children sleep, becomes a small theater with
by your action. Katya and Pavlusha make themselves comfortable in bed,
anticipating a new tale invented by me for them. Older girls
climb for half an hour into the bathroom and splash there, as if all day
loaded coal. The boys got to the father and drive out everything from him.
secrets of the world or discuss the latest scientific news. Volodya is waiting
when the baby calms down to sit with us at the table with
evening tea and conversation. Suddenly silence falls on us
and we, as in slow motion, stretch the pleasure and dream
about future.

Of course, summer makes significant adjustments to this
routine when kids are on vacation and we can afford
multi-day trips to our places and other joys. But я же
promised to describe a normal weekday. Slightly paraphrasing Alexander
Sergeevich, “.. on, here take it soon!”. And you know what? Live in
such a big family is always new, with unexpected twists and turns
amazing events! Children такие разные, непосредственные учат меня
live correctly and enjoy every day!

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