On the negative effects of over custody andcare for boys at different ages

On the negative effects of over custody and заботы для мальчиков

Consequences of hyperboys for boys

Every mother worries about her child. But quite often it is
anxiety develops into obsessive custody that prevents
normal development. Mostly this problem concerns mothers.
boys as little men need to grow up and become
independent, responsible and motivated individuals.
Moms, showing excessive care, performing all the elementary tasks
for their sons and controlling them every step, make it impossible
their children become full-fledged individuals who
adult life could take care of yourself and your family, just like
must be a real man.

How excessive guardianship affects the formation of traits

Protecting a child, a woman not only pushes him into tight frames and
does not allow him to fully develop, but also deprives himself of the opportunity
live a full life, enjoy all its colors, get
enjoy the achievements of your own son. Mothers hen because of
his unlimited love and devotion to his own child in
in most cases they simply do not understand what their behavior is.
and the treatment of sons is a disservice to them, not allowing
find them yourself and your place in this life.

The children of such mothers often grow up with the notorious,
irresponsible, helpless people who then life
rushing around in search of their vocation, they are constantly tormented
the need to choose between “must” and “want”, because combining
useful with pleasant they have not learned. �”Mother’s son” is often not
can decide on the choice of life partner, they are all the time
doubt the correctness of their decisions, avoid responsibility
and very often they shift their problems and concerns to others

How to build a relationship with the child?

чрезмерная опека матери над сыном

It’s not for nothing that they say that the more lazy a mother is, the more
independent child with her.
Doing all the work for
boy, mom does not give him the opportunity for something
learn to.


One of the common mistakes of mothers is criticism.
неудовлетворительного поведения ребенка в то время, когда
необходимо не критиковать, а направить на верный путь
, то
There is an explanation of how to act in a given situation. it
will allow the child to understand what is expected of him independence,
help and understanding, and not just scolded for his bad behavior.
You can not scold a child for a mess and scattered toys in his
room, and then take the most vacuum cleaner and get out. Correct
the solution will be if after expressing your discontent calmly
ask the child himself to clean the nursery. And it doesn’t matter
if he turns out to be imperfect or not as you would like, on
the next time will be anyway better. Cleaning up the baby
begins to realize that he is obliged to do this, that this is also work and
he must be respected. After such a lesson, he is unlikely to want it again.
scatter toys around the room.

When the boy reaches a more conscious age, he will begin
notice some differences between self and self
peers. He will be confused by the many little things with which he
friends cope with incredible ease, but for him it’s a whole
the science. it обстоятельство будет его сильно выделять на фоне других
children, and the boy will feel inferior.

Adult problems come from childhood

All adult life is literally built on the risks. Adults
independent people daily take a large amount
decisions on which their lives depend. Solving any problems
we all risk, but most of us are positive
the outcome of the situation. Men who have been overly protective in childhood
often not able to make serious decisions to carry
responsibility not only for their loved ones, but also for themselves. Them
quite difficult to determine the profession, because before them
there will always be a dilemma – money or pleasure. Hot
favorite sons, even in adulthood, shift all their
cares, and even raising their children for their moms, who
take an active part in their personal lives and beyond. Excessive
the care and care of the mother mom live the life of their child, although
should enjoy yours. Depriving yourself of personal life, such mothers
deprive their children and the opportunity to become happy.

The main complexes of over-care children

The largest complex is overly ward
boys are low self-esteem and self-doubt. These
qualities make it impossible to grow in a moral sense, to develop,
become a person, an individual. To avoid such participation
your sons, you should not “cut off their oxygen” and drive them into
rigid framework. Give them more freedom, communicate with them, as with
by adults. And be sure that they are great for you.

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mother’s son


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