Ointments from bruises, hematomas, bruises, sprains -review of the best creams and gels

Обновление: Октябрь 2018 With закрытых травмах, сдавлении тела,
when soft tissues are damaged – swelling occurs, internal
hemorrhage, tissue inflammation, causing a person pain and
unaesthetic appearance at the site of injury, injury. Heavy bruises can
accompanied by hemorrhages, forming hematomas (bruises), strong
pain sensations. With повреждениях локтевого нерва, голени,
periosteum pain can be very intense.

After any injury in the presence of severe intolerable pain should
be sure to consult a doctor because abdominal injuries can
accompanied by ruptures of internal organs – the kidneys, spleen and
Ave., head injuries – concussion (symptoms), joint injuries
may be accompanied by hemorrhage into the joint cavity, thoracic
cells – bleeding into the pleura. These conditions are extremely dangerous and
required timely medical care.

Therefore, ointments for bruises, bruises (hematomas), sprains are
only first aid that can be given to a person after a blow
to alleviate pain. In some cases with mild injury
degree is not required medical care?

  • The pain is not strong, it is felt only when touching the area
  • Отек на месте injuries не большой
  • The skin is not damaged
  • The bruise does not spread further, disappears on its own through
    1-2 weeks

Какая мазь помогает от синяков, отеков после injuries? With
Using the tools listed below, you should know that
At the beginning it is better to use gel products, as long as they are
penetrate damaged tissue more quickly, then you can move to
ointment or cream. And also, determine what bothers more after
injuries — боль, отек, внешний вид гематома. Since injuries
several different groups of topical preparations can be used.
actions with different actions due to their
composition of drugs or herbs:

  • Первая помощь после injuries – холод на место ушиба или средства
    for “freezing” used by athletes. This tactic
    применяется в первые часы после injuries. Starting from the second day at
    no contraindications can be used to
  • NSAIDs are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that
    обладают анальгезирующим действием, т.е. don’t change
    susceptibility to the sensation of pain, and eliminate its causes (swelling and
    inflammation) i.e. anti-inflammatory action.
  • Ointments for bruises, hematomas – these drugs must have
    good absorbing effect, these include products with
    active ingredient heparin, troxerutin, badyaga, extract
    leeches, comfrey-based arnica drugs.
  • Мази от отеков после injuries — это НПВС, бадяга, окопник,
    heparin, troksevazin
  • Warming ointments after injury – have a distracting
    action also contribute to pain relief (to a lesser extent than
    НПВС) и более быстрому заживлению места injuries.

Ointments for bruises, hematomas

  • Express синякМазь от синяков Express синяккосметический крем от синяков,
    pigment spots (the price is about 100 rubles)

Contains Spongilla lacustris fragilis sponge extract (Badyagi),
if applied immediately after injury, injury to the athlete – cream
предупреждает возникновение синяка, если через 2 часа после injuries
– it disappears after 2 days, if you apply the cream a day later
damage – it is eliminated after 3 days.

The cream is applied to the skin in circular motions up to 5 r / day.

  • Синяк-off гель с экстрактом пиявки,
    pentoxifylline, BOA, TEA, ethoxydiglycol, carbomer (about 100

Гель от синяков Синяк-off

The gel accelerates the resorption of hemorrhages, promotes rapid
the disappearance of bruises, reduces swelling after trauma, operative
interventions. Contraindicated in violation of blood coagulation.

Gel is applied, bruise-off ointment – 5 r / day, after soaking in
skin after 10 minutes, you can repeat the application of
painful area.

  • Индовазин — гель для наружного применения, с
    active substances Indomethacin + Troxerutin (price about 150-180

Индометацин Индовазинявляется НПВС (см. ниже полный список подобных
ointments), it has analgesic and anti-inflammatory
action, reduces swelling, pain, redness at the site of injury.
Troxerutin is a derivative of the routine, it strengthens the vascular wall,
reduces capillary fragility and permeability, improves
microcirculation. Used for various hematomas
origin. Contraindicated in pregnancy, lactation, children up to
14 years old, with ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, bleeding disorders
blood. Apply a gel of 1-2 cm 3 p / day on the area of ​​injury,

Remedies for injuries with Arnica

Ointments, gels with arnica have anti-inflammatory,
locally irritating, anesthetic, regenerating
(wound healing), antibacterial action. Mountain arnica –
perennial medicinal plant, part of the mass of therapeutic
ointments and cosmetic creams.

After applying such funds to the injury, the hematoma occurs
irritation of the receptors of the subcutaneous tissue and skin, which contributes to
the formation of endorphins, enkephalins, which regulate pain
sensations have an effect on vascular permeability
local blood flow is activated, which speeds up the resorption
hemorrhages, besides these funds pleasantly cool the place

Indications: это средство для рассасывания подкожных гематом,
bruises, for soft tissue injuries, muscle pain, sprains,
injuries, abrasions, insect bites, in sports medicine (for
athletes with injuries and for massage). Contraindications:
pregnancy, lactation, children under 18 years old, allergic dermatosis,
гиперчувствительность, нарушение skin integrity. Dosage and
method of application: evenly apply the gel or ointment with a thin layer
2-4 p / day for 1-2 weeks. Byproduct
действие: With продолжительном использовании
development of a bubbly dermatitis in places of damage is possible

Арника Арника Крем после ушибов Арника Arngel
  •  Arnica Nam

гомеопатическое средство (цена 180 rub)

  • Arnica GF

гомеопатическая фармация (170 rub)

  •  Vitateca

Cream for bruises and bruises. Состав: бадяга и арника 250 rub.

  • Arngel
  • Арника (40 rub)

Hematomas from hematomas, bruises based on heparin and troxerutin

The most effective drug for the rapid disappearance of bruises,
bruising, hematoma is – heparin, it possesses
anticoagulant effect, therefore contributes to the rapid
resorption of blood clots formed under the skin, as well as
improves the condition of small capillaries.

Heparin ointment


Heparin ointment — гепарин, бензокаин, бензилникотинат- цена за
25g 60 rub.

The most effective heparin bruise ointment (hematoma),
bruises, because in addition to heparin (antithrombotic action) in
The composition includes nicotinic acid benzyl ester (expands
vessels), which improves heparin absorption, as well as a local anesthetic
benzocaine, which has an analgesic effect. A course of treatment
means, which include heparin is from 5 to 15
days Indications for use: in addition to injuries, joint injuries,
tendons, muscles, as well as subcutaneous hematomas, is used when
swelling, trophic ulcers, with external hemorrhoids (treatment),
internal hemorrhoids (symptoms), mastitis. Contraindications:
necrotic processes, open wounds, deep venous
thrombosis, hypersensitivity. Cannot be used in conjunction with
NSAIDs, antihistamines, tetracyclines. Side effects
effects: skin redness, sensation of heat, allergic reactions.
How to use: applied to the damaged area, if the diameter
повреждения 3-5 см, то в количестве 2-4 см мази, втирается 2-3
р/день курсом 3-7 days

Lioton gel Тромблесс Lavenum Heparin-Akrigel
  •  Lioton gel

гепарин натрия 30гр.300руб,50g400rub., 100гр.600 rub.

  •  Trombless gel

Heparin sodium – 30g. 200 руб, 50g 300 rub.

  • Lavenum

гепарин натрия, цена 30 гр.-180rub.50g280 р.

  •  Heparin-Akrigel

sodium heparin, price 30gr. 130 rub.


Действующее вещество Троквесазин при гематомах— троксерутин, который уменьшает
capillary fragility, has anti-inflammatory properties,
relieves swelling.

  • Troxevasin 40 гр. 170 rub.
  • Troxerutin – 40 gr. 25-30 rub.

Indications: отеки и боли после растяжения, ушибов, вывихов, а
also with dermatitis on the background of varicose veins (see treatment of varicose veins in
home), acute thrombophlebitis and periflebet.
Противопоказания и побочные действия: Troxevasin гиперчувствительность, возможно развитие
allergic reactions – dermatitis, eczema (symptoms), urticaria
(symptoms). Dosage and применение: 2 раза в день (утром и вечером)
gently massaging the gel to a full
penetration into the skin. Use only on damaged areas,
Do not apply to open wounds.

Combined ointment with dexpanthenol

In the composition of such gels, except dexpanthenol, can be the same –
гепарин, троксерутин (Troxevasin НЕО, Венолайф), а также аллантоин
(Hepatrombin) or dimethyl sulfoxide (Dolobene). Dexpanthenol – with
locally used, it is transformed into vitamin B (pantothenic
acid), so its effectiveness is comparable to the effect
pantothenic acid, which promotes the regeneration of damaged
областей skin. Allantoin – has anti-inflammatory effects,
promotes cell proliferation of tissues and stimulates the processes
metabolism. Dimethyl sulfoxide – has a local
analgesic effect, because it reduces the speed of
pain impulses in peripheral neurons also contributes
лучшему проникновению в пораженные ткани других препаратов,
included in the gel. In addition, dimethyl sulfoxide has
antiedematous action due to inactivation of hydroxyl
radicals and their hygroscopic properties.

Troxevasin НЕО Venolife gel Hepatrombin гель Dolobene гель
  • Troxevasin НЕО

Ingredients: heparin, dexpanthenol and troxerutin – 40 gr. 220

  • Venolife gel

Ingredients: heparin, dexpanthenol and troxerutin – 40 gr.220 rub. 100
гр 470-550 rub.

  • Hepatrombin

Ingredients: Heparin sodium, allantoin, dexpanthenol, 40 gr. 220

  • Dolobene

Состав: гепарин натрия, декспантенол, диметилсульфоксид 50 gr.
230-300 rub.

Heparoid Zentiva

Состав: Гепариноид, Price: 150-170 rubles Heparoid Zentiva Heparoid Zentiva снижает повышенную
blood clotting with injuries, reduces the likelihood
возникновения сгустков крови, отеков, гематом на месте injuries,
accelerates the resorption of bruises. As a result anticoagulant,
anti-inflammatory action decreases the feeling of tension,
pain at the site of injury. Application: Heparoid applied to damaged
surface layer of 1 mm 2-3 p / day and rubbed until absorbed. With
extensive hematomas better at night put impenetrable

Ointment with badagi, comfrey

Ointments from bruises and bruises based on various medicinal
plants also have anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory,
absorbable action, among them are such plants
like Badyaga and Comfrey.

Окопник Доктора Тайсона Живокост бальзам с окопником и пчелиным ядом Живокост
  • Comfrey Dr. Tyson (150 rubles)
  • Larkspur balm with comfrey and bee venom (price 90 rubles)
  • Larkspuck body balm (70 rub)
 Comfrey, Larkspur

Comfrey – a root known in folk medicine that
used to treat many diseases, especially it is effective
in case of damage to the joints, bone tissue, it is also called
Zhivokosty. For sucking hematomas ointments, creams and gels with comfrey
great fit, in addition, they neutralize the swelling, have
anesthetic effect, contribute to the epithelialization of tissues,
stimulate cell proliferation, regeneration of damaged tissues.
Contraindications and side effects are not revealed. Indications:
bruises, bruises, bone fractures, sprains, sprains, cracks
on the heels, dry skin of the foot, wounds that do not heal for a long time.
Withменение: на ночь на поврежденный участок наносится мазь и
wrapped with a napkin, if used gel, it should
carefully rub 3-4 p / day.

Badyaga 911 Badyaga Форте Крем Badyaga
  • Badyaga 911 (60 rubles)
  • Badyaga Forte gel 70 r.
  • Badyaga cream (100 rub.)

Gels and creams on the basis of badyagi – natural products with
unique absorbable properties. Badyaga — это пресноводная
sponge, the skeleton of which consists of silica needles that are bound
between themselves sponginom – organic matter. Action gels with
badagia is based on the irritation of the skin areas with silicon
needles, which leads to the expansion of blood vessels, activation
blood supply, as well as rendering bactericidal and resolving
act. After applying the gel, reddening of the skin occurs and
slight warming effect. Indications: угревая сыпь,
age spots (see how to get rid of age spots on the face),
bruises, bruises, radiculitis, rheumatism, arthritis.
Contraindications: intolerance of gel components: for the test,
first apply the gel or cream on the elbow bend, evaluate
the reaction. Can not be used with open wounds, in violation of
skin integrity. Withменение: Втирается мазь бадяга при синяках на
the affected area 3-4 p / day is desirable immediately after injury.

From bruises and sprains – means of warming action

For local anesthetic, distracting effect when
damage and sprains, swelling, you can also use ointments,
improving exchange processes due to the warming action,
improve blood circulation in damaged soft tissues. To neither
includes synthesized preparations, as well as ointments, which include
includes snake venom, bee venom, warming agents, oils:

Final Nikoflex Betanicomilon
  •  Final

Ingredients: nonivamil and nikoboksil. Price 20g. 250-280 rub.

  • Nikoflex

Ingredients: capsaicin, ethylene glycol salicylate, ethyl nicotinate. Price
50g 150-200 rubles

  • Betanicomilon

Ingredients: Nicoboxyl and Nonivamid

Apizartron Efkamon Артро актив
  •  Apizartron

Ingredients: bee venom, methyl salicylate and allyl isothiocyanate. Price
150-170 rubles

  •  Efkamon

Structure: oil of a carnation of flowers, camphor, pepper tincture
capsicum, mustard oil, cinnamon alcohol, thymol, eucalyptus oil,
methyl salicylate, chloral hydrate. Price 25 гр. 100-140 rubles

  •  Arthro-active warming, balm and cream

Ingredients: dietary supplement, incense extract (Boswellia), capsaicin. Price
100-120 rubles

Espol Kapsikam Viprosal
  • Espol

Ingredients: chilli pepper extract

Price: 30 гр. 130-150 rubles

  •  Kapsikam

Состав: бензилникотинат, нонивамид,  камфора рацемическая,
turpentine, dimethyl sulfoxide. Price 30 гр. 150 rub. 50 gr. 170-220

  • Viprosal

Ingredients: camphor, turpentine gum, salicylic acid, poison
гюрзы (змеиный яд) Price: 30 гр. 130 rub., 50 gr.160-200 rub.

Ointment with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

NSAIDs are not just good ointment for bruises, it’s enough
strong drugs with side effects and contraindications
must not be used for more than 7 days and must not be applied on
defeated skin. They have strong painkillers.
action, relieve inflammation and swelling quickly enough. In the table
virtually all types of ointments containing NSAIDs, their
contraindications, side effects.


Indications for use of NSAIDs: gel and ointment is used for pain
back, with myalgia, after sports injuries, with arthritis, all
types of neuralgia, when sprained or damaged,
rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, gout, radiculitis,
inflammation of the sciatic nerve, osteochondrosis (cervical
spine), with muscle pains of any etiology, pains with
ligament ruptures, etc.

Diclofenac Ортофен Вольтарен Diclofenacол
  • Diclofenac 90 р.
  • Ортофен 40 rub.
  • Voltaren 150-250r.
  • Diclofenacол 40 rub.
Диклоран Диклак Дикловит Диклоген
  • Dikloran (100 rubles)
  • Diklak (170 rub)
  • Diklovit (80 rub)
  • Diklogen (40 rub)

Contraindications NSAIDs: children up to 7-12 years (for various NSAIDs
age limit varies), with bronchial asthma,
allergic rhinitis, urticaria associated with taking
acetylsalicylic acid, use with caution when
abnormal liver and kidney function, with nasal polyps, pregnancy,
lactation, with gastrointestinal bleeding, heart failure (see
инструкция Ibuprofen).

Ibuprofen Долгит Нурофен
  • Ibuprofen гель (30 rub)
  • Long cream (100-220 rubles)
  • Nurofen gel (140 rubles)

Side effects of NSAIDs: Local reactions: burning, tingling in
the site of application, slight reddening of the skin, bronchospasm,
allergic reactions, when applied to large areas can
manifest systemic side effects of NSAIDs – nausea, heartburn,
diarrhea, headache, fluid retention, etc.

Кетонал Артрозилен Флексен
  • Ketonal (gel180 r, cream 250r.)
  • Artrozilen gel (200 rubles)
  • Flexen (140 rub)
Ketoprofen Феброфид Быструм гель
  • Ketoprofen (150 rub)
  • Фастум, Феброфид гель 180 rub.
  • Быструм гель (140 rub.)

Interaction with other drugs: Before use should
consult with your doctor if in addition to NSAIDs you take such
agents like: diuretics, antidiabetic agents, digoxin,
lithium preparations, phenytoin, cyclosporins, or other NSAIDs.


Other recommendations: all NSAIDs for local use can not
apply on damaged skin, open wounds. Do not apply
gel under air-tight dressings. After use
painkiller ointment for sprains, swelling should be carefully
Wash the hands.

Найз Нимулид Финалгель Piroxicam
  • Nise 120 p.
  • Nimulid (120 r.)
  • Finalgel (420r.)
  • Piroxicam 90р.

Special ointment

Состав Спецмази – спирт муравьиный, продукт «Союз» (соевое, кокосовое,
palm oil), refined mummy, castor oil, aloe vera
gel, tea tree essential oil, kemaben 2E, lipoderm 4, water
purified, extracts: eucalyptus, sea buckthorn, plantain, sage,
calendula, Siberian fir. Action: relieves pain, inflammation,
has a bactericidal effect, antiseptic, accelerates
healing of wounds, abrasions, cuts, scratches, burns, hematomas.
Reduces swelling, reduces rehabilitation after sprains, bruises,
dislocations. Helps with pains in the legs, in the joints, with pains in the back.
Price: в аптеке 55-80 rub.

Cream with floralisin – “Force of the forest” and “Dawn” – auxiliary
therapy for bruises, abrasions, wounds

  • Состав “Dawn”: флорализин, вазелин, авиационный
    kerosene, sorbic acid, pentol (veterinary, it should not
    scare cream of natural substances, the price of 60 rubles).
  • Structure: “Force of the wood”: floralizin, vaseline, fragrance, sorbic
    acid, pentol (for a person 500 rubles).

Флорализин  – вытяжка из мицелия грибов, содержит ферменты
with collagen activity, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants,
amino acids, biotin. Withменяется при любых поражениях кожи, при
diseases of the joints, burns, abrasions, bruises, bruises.
Possesses the powerful regenerating property, improves blood supply,
metabolism, trophism, tissue biosynthesis. Crema same
composition (in the veterinary instead of perfume aviation kerosene). Dawn
awarded state. Gold and Platinum Quality Mark 21
century.  Used by:

  • Treatment of bruises, bruises, burns, cuts
  • Cracked heels heal in 1-4 applications
  • Helps with fractures for fast tissue regeneration.
  • In winter, lubricate weathered face, hands, lips
  • With варикозе и геморрое
  • With дерматите, экземе, псориазе, герпесе и прочих кожных

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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