Ointment from depriving a person

Deprive a person is the combined name of most skin
diseases. Since this term hides several
fungal, viral skin lesions, or the reasons for their occurrence
Some internal systemic abuses are considered.

The treatment of each type of lichen is completely different from each other and
with a wrong diagnosis and inadequate treatment with creams, gels,
ointment from depriving can greatly harm their health, lead to
deterioration of the skin condition and the chronic course of the disease.

Therefore, you can not start self-treatment.
diseases without accurate diagnosis that can
only dermatologist. For example, many people confuse rosy pink with
other types of lichen, as at the beginning of the disease any rash and
lichen have pink color. And for the treatment of pink lichen is impossible
use medicines that are used to
treatment of other lichen.

Если пациенту врач установил диагноз — розовый
, лечение мазями в этом случае не beforeлжно быть вообще,
especially corticosteroid ointments and creams, should also
eliminate the use of any other creams. Simple enough
process the affected surface with a Zindol talker and soften
skin with various oils – sea buckthorn, peach, and
limit contact of the affected skin with soap and water.

This type of lichen does not need treatment, it alone
passes within 1-2 months. Why is this so and about him
Differences from other lichen read in our article about the symptoms and
treating pink lichen.

Ointment from ringworm – microsporia, trichophytia, from color
– scaly, multi-colored lichen

Since these two types of lichen are caused by fungal agents –
Pityrosporum ovale, Malassezia furfur,
Pityrpsporum orbiculare, and ringworm Microsporia and
Trichofetia, their treatment is based on antifungal therapy,
as local, current and systemic.

The table below shows antifungal ointment from depriving on
теле, коже головы у человека, которые  назначаются в качестве
local therapy, effective with ringworm and for
scaly. In addition, the doctor may prescribe antifungal
препараты в таблетках —  Кетоконазол, Terbinafin, Итраконазол
in dosage and course determined by the physician.


(Termikon, Lamisil (cream), Terbinox (cream), Miconorm, Terbix and
др) — препаратом номер один от лишая на гладкой коже является
terbinafine (derivative of allylaminov) in a spray or gel, ointment, cream,
film-forming solution. Used with multicolored
(sun) lichen, trichophytosis, microsporia and other lichen and
ringworm. It is applied from one to two times a day on
1-2 weeks.

Sulfur-salicylic ointment Серно салициловая мазь

This is Salicylic Acid with Sulfur, which has
antimicrobial and antiparasitic action. Can
just use salicylic ointment or lichen sulfuric ointment. With
Sulfur has an antimicrobial effect on the skin, and
Salicylic acid has a local irritant and
anti-inflammatory effect, enhancing antimicrobial properties


Sulfur tar ointment Серно дегтярная

Tar has a irritant, disinfecting effect.
In the morning, treat the inflamed skin with a solution.
iodine, and in the evenings to smear either sulfur-salicylic or
sulfur tar or pure tar ointment for 14-21 days, and
then continue to process only iodine for another month.


paste, shampoo and soap with selenium sulfide, which is used
externally with dermatomycosis – foot fungus, seborrhea lichen on
scalp or seborrheic dermatitis on smooth


Undecylenic acid with zinc undecylenate, this ointment is active in
отношении грибков рода Trichophyton, Microsporum,
Epidermophyton, therefore, it is used for ringworm. Zinc,
astringent, reducing skin irritation and promoting
fast healing.

МикозоралNizoral, Dermazole, Mykozoral, Mikoket

these are ointments, creams, shampoos with the active substance Ketoconazole,
which is effective for fungal infections caused by fungi
trichophytosis and microsporia, as well as against fungi, which are
pathogens of pityriasis lichen and seborrheic dermatitis.


действующее вещество Нафтифин. Exoderil быстро впитывается
into the skin, forming a strong antifungal concentration, therefore
beforeстаточно его использовать 1 раз  день. This ointment for lichen
has anti-inflammatory effect, and quickly relieves itching. She is
effective with ringworm and color lichen.

Мазь ям Ointment Yam

from depriving a person is a veterinary drug, but not worth it
get scared because the composition of this tool is unique, it is active in
against pathogen trichopetia, with wet lichen – eczema,
ringworm and other skin diseases. it
fungicidal bactericidal preparation, its constituent components
possess antiseptic, antacid action. Ingredients: Vaseline,
salicylic acid, zinc oxide, tar, creolin or lysol, sulfur,
lanolin, turpentine. Its smell is specific, the color is from gray before
brown. He is sometimes prescribed by doctors when standard therapy
not yielding effect, but Yang ointment against lichen deprivation caused by fungi from
animals is most effective. Yang ointment has low toxicity
раздражает кожу и способствует быстрому вызbeforeровлению.


it is a fluid that has antifungal effects in
against trichophytosis, the active substance Chlornitrophenol.

 Ointment with shingles

Shingles is a herpes infection caused by
herpes zoster virus. Therefore, the main treatment of this type of depriving
based on the use of various antiherpetic,
antiviral ointments, creams, gels, as well as a doctor can be
oral antiviral therapy has been prescribed. More about
The symptoms and treatment of shingles can be learned from our

  • Herpes ointment. The main ointment acting against herpes is
    products containing Acyclovir, these include Atsigerpine,
    Vivoraks, Herperax, Zovirax (Great Britain), Herpertad (Germany)
    etc., there is an opinion that ointment from shingles with
    Indian-made acyclovir less effective than
    Russian made, UK or Germany.
  • In addition to ointments containing acyclovir, with shingles can
    use other antiviral ointments and creams, such as:

    • Viru Merz Serol is an effective remedy for herpes
    • Panavir is an antiviral gel that also has
      immunomodulatory effects.
  • Panthenol, Dexpanthenol, Bepanten, D-panthenol is
    auxiliary creams and ointments that stimulate tissue regeneration,
    help the rapid healing of damaged skin of any

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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