Oily face skin: masks, care, cream, causes andwhat to do

Update: December 2018

Oily skin is one of the common skin types for which
characterized by excessive activity of the sebaceous glands, coarse, loose
texture with expanded pores, unhealthy color and shine.
It should be noted that this is one of the four existing types of dermis,
those. variant of the norm, and not as a separate disease.

Very often comedones (black spots) appear on such skin,
угри, кисты сальных желез, себорея, those. there is a tendency to
these negative phenomena, but oily does not mean problem skin,
with proper care of all these troubles you can
to avoid.

Oily skin – causes

  • Genetic predisposition. In this case, the dermis is not
    changes throughout life and remains fat, however
    few cases, only 5-8% of all cases.
  • Adolescence. Most often teenagers and are
    owner of this feature, but by the age of 25-30
    oily skin goes into a combination.
  • The strengthened work of sebaceous glands. This may be due to
    hereditary predisposition, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract
    (cholecystitis, colitis, constipation), hormonal changes, nutrition
    (passion for spicy, fatty, farinaceous food, alcohol, soda),
    work in conditions of elevated temperatures and dust,
    exposure to cigarette smoke, solar radiation.
  • Hormonal causes. Oily skin is characteristic of the period.
    puberty, the second phase of the menstrual cycle, menopause,
    pregnancy, prolonged stressful situations. It happens on the background
    hormonal treatment or prolonged oral use
    contraceptives, as well as a sharp cessation of hormones.
  • Disorders of the endocrine system. Hypothyroidism occurs
    general dryness of the skin and oily skin on the face.
  • Impaired immunity. A decrease in the body’s immune defenses can
    manifest and this symptom.
  • Improper hygienic care: aggressive skin cleansing
    alcohol-based cosmetics and scrubs, permanent degreasing
    problem areas, the use of fat creams, etc. Deletion
    surface lipid layer leads to an even more compensatory
    the work of the sebaceous glands. Frequent peeling injures the epidermis and
    activates the production of sebum, which is produced for
    protect the damaged surface. More fatty creams
    clog pores and mix with sebum. Therefore, the answer to
    the question why the skin of the face is oily should start looking for

Diseases in which one of the symptoms is fatty

жирная кожа лица

  • diabetes mellitus – polysystemic pathology affecting everything
    organs and systems;
  • cachexia, emaciation in women – lack of construction
    material for the synthesis of female hormones, on the background of which increases
    male hormone levels;
  • obesity – oily skin as a result of improper
    nutrition and excessive sweating;
  • ovarian tumors, polycystic ovary – a phenomenon, again,
    is a consequence of increased levels of male hormones;
  • hyperandrogenism in men – an increased level of male hormones
    representatives of the sex strongly against the background of bodybuilding hobbies,
    sports and the use of synthetic testosterone for growth
    muscle mass;
  • hypertrichosis – a disease characterized by excessive
    hairiness and changes in hormone levels, which, again, causes
    oily skin;
  • liver diseases such as fatty degeneration, hepatitis, because
    the liver performs an intoxication function, including, removes surplus
    hormones. A characteristic feature is oily skin of the nasolabial folds and

When to see a doctor

Actually, a doctor should be consulted in all cases when
such a symptom arose for no apparent reason, especially in the mature
age All complications – boils, carbuncles,

The fact is that sebum is an excellent nutrient medium.
for the development of bacteria, especially Staphylococcus aureus,
propionobacteria and streptococcus. Causing local inflammatory
the processes, actively multiplying bacteria can affect healthy
tissue and spread throughout the body causing an extensive
infectious process that can end lethal.

Characteristics of oily and combination skin


Most often it is the T-zones on the face: forehead, chin and nose. On the body
– back and chest. Often accompanied by greasy hair.


Oily, thickened, rough, untidy and shiny and
rough surface of the skin, with a grayish, dull color.
Often, the appearance resembles an orange peel – pores are good
visible and with proper care they are practically gaping or filled with liquid
fat With insufficient or improper care occurs
blockage of pores – comedones are formed, as well as eels and milia.
The phenomena of seborrhea and taleangiectasia are possible.

Oily skin has its advantages: always present
natural fat mantle protects the cover from adverse
external influences, prevents photo-aging and loss
elasticity. It is proved that people with this type of dermis,
age more slowly – wrinkles appear later and less noticeable.

What do its owners oily skin

  • First of all, negative impact is eliminated to the maximum.
    aggressive and unsuitable cosmetics and methods
    cleaning, which we talked about above, in the causes of the problem
    (alcohol-containing agents, frequent peeling, etc.).
  • It is excluded from a diet or, at least, is limited –
    fatty, fried, salted, smoked, pickled and sweet.
  • The basis of the diet should be lean fish, white meat,
    veal, vegetables, fruits, bran.
  • Do not go to bed with a decorative
    makeup on the face. Ideally, clean your face immediately afterwards.
    returning home.

How to get rid of oily skin on the face – treatment

The solution to this problem is always complex, and universal
pills that would normalize the condition of the skin without
exists. Treatment always begins with a blood test (on
sugar, hormones), studies of hereditary predisposition,
history, etc.

How to care for oily skin

Everyday care has several goals:

  • removal of excess sebum (but not overdrying);
  • opening and cleansing the pores;
  • decrease in activity of the sebaceous glands.

Oily skin care can be divided into professional,
which is held in beauty salons and beauty salons, and
home, accessible to all.

Home remedies for oily skin

Like any other type, oily skin needs
cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition.

  • 2-3 times a week should be washed using a special
    mousse, foam or gel for oily skin. These funds possess
    seboreguliruyuschim and cleansing effect, eliminate inflammatory
    phenomena, not overdrying.
  • When cleaning you can not use various scouring pads, sponges, and
    also alkaline soap and too hot water. Initially the effect will be
    very good, and cleaned derma will please dullness. But already
    in 10-15 minutes the oily sheen will appear again, because and hot water
    and mechanical action further stimulate activity
    sebaceous glands. Ideal to do everything with fingertips or cotton
    drive, without fanaticism, using warm or cool water.
  • Instead of water, you can use an infusion of herbs: chamomile, peppermint,
    nettle, lime blossom, or apply bottled water.
  • After washing the face is dried in a natural way and
    treated with a suitable tonic or lotion.
  • Finishing step – applying oily or combination cream
    skin. A good cream has a light texture, absorbs quickly, does not
    leaves traces and must protect from
    UV radiation.
  • Deep cleansing – peeling – can be carried out once in
    a week But for cleansing is not recommended to use scrubs in the form
    compounds that need to be applied on the cover and actively massage.
    It is better to use masks films that are effectively removed.
    fat, dead epithelium, dirt, without injury and activation of work
    sebaceous glands.
  • 1-2 times a week you can do homemade masks for oily skin.
    green or blue clay faces that have adsorbing
    effect, as well as fruit masks based on apples, kiwi, with
    adding lemon juice to help normalize work
    sebaceous glands. Hash oil has a positive effect.
    raw potatoes.
  • Weekly lotions with sea salt have a good effect.
    which make the basis on the basis of melt water (1 tsp salt per 500 ml
    water) and incubated for 5-10 minutes.
  • With great care should choose decorative cosmetics,
    Especially the foundation and makeup foundation – means also
    should be light, quickly absorbed and easy to rinse. It is better
    just do not use shades and powders.
  • During the day, you can not touch your face with your hands, because dirt and bacteria
    from their surface easily penetrate into the pores and exacerbate the situation.

Salon care procedure includes the following steps:

  • make-up removal using special bactericidal
  • cleansing and toning with tonics and lotions;
  • deep cleansing of the skin and elimination of hyperkeratosis one of

    • Enzyme peeling – cleansing with a special enzyme composition,
      that breaks down dead skin particles and
    • Disinfection – Galvanic cleaning using
      special solutions diluting old comedones and
    • Vaporization – the sparing effect of a steam jet of 40-50 С during
      20 minutes, which leads to the opening and cleansing of pores, softening
      dead epithelium;
    • Ultrasonic cleaning – exposure to ultrasonic waves for
      purification from desquamated epithelium, comedones. Ultrasonic waves
      also conduct micro massage, activating blood circulation, increasing
    • Tool cleaning – skin cleansing from comedones, black and
      white eels with tools – spoon Uno, loops, needles
      Vidal In rare cases, a special brush is used, however
      selectively, in the most blocked zones;
    • Dry cleaning – the use of a gel with glycolic acid that
      allows you to remove surface “plugs”, tighten pores,
      normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • applying ampoules of various serums;
  • sparing face massage (according to Jacquet, lymphatic drainage);
  • applying a mask that is anti-inflammatory,
    bactericidal, seborrhagic, keratolytic and
    immunomodulatory effects;
  • applying a special cream.

From hardware cosmetology a good effect has
darsonvalization, chromotherapy, phonophoresis, non-invasive
mesotherapy, mud applications, biorevitalization, laser
biostimulation, cryomassage. These methods dry the skin,
improve microcirculation and nutrition of tissues, as well as reduce
активность sebaceous glands.

At the end of the session, the beautician should advise the means and methods.
for home care and determine the frequency of the salon

Drug treatment of oily skin

Used drugs containing the following active

  • Azaleic acid – antibacterial, anti-inflammatory
    and exfoliating action;
  • Zinc – keratolytic effect;
  • Sulfur – inhibits the secretion of the sebaceous glands;
  • D-Panthenol, dexpanthenol – recovery after physiotherapy,
    cleansing, normalization of cell metabolism;
  • Adapalen – prevention of the formation of comedones,
    anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Benzoyl peroxide – exfoliating effect, promotes
    cell renewal;
  • Copper – regulator of sebum production;
  • Isotretinoid – splits the stratum corneum and inhibits synthesis
  • Bacteriocins and pyocyanines – metabolic products
    microorganisms that enhance the immune properties of the dermis and
    participate in its regeneration;
  • Vitamins PP and group B – a beneficial effect on the condition of the dermis,
    blood circulation and fat metabolism.

Hormone therapy

It is prescribed for menopause (Livial, Divina, etc.), hormonal
disbalance (Belara, Yarin and others) for a course of treatment (see
oral contraceptives – benefit and harm).

Antibacterial treatment

As a rule, antibiotics are not assigned to either place or systemic, but
only in case of bacterial and suppurative complications. For local
treatments use antiseptics and exfoliating drugs.


Appointed for local use. Concentrated Extracts
plants are bred in cool boiled water and used as
лосьон, для протирания после очищающих procedures.

  • Chamomile extract. Provides antiseptic, cleansing and
    softening effect. It reduces inflammation.
  • Sage extract. Characterized by soothing, regenerating,
    bactericidal effect.
  • Calendula. Heals damage, has a regenerating effect.
  • Кора дуба – дубильное, подсушивающее act.
  • Green tea extract. It has an antioxidant effect,
    cleans the surface of the dermis from toxins.

Oily Skin Oil

Oil is used instead of night cream, causing it to be a thin layer
on the cleaned surface. It would seem like fatty in itself
oil can improve the condition of the dermis? Oil formulations contribute
cleansing clogged pores of dirt and solid fat, regulate the production
sebum, help cell regeneration.

  • Hazelnut oil is a basic base that can
    used without additives or with the introduction of other oils. Cleans,
    tightens pores, smoothes and restores the skin;
  • Grape seed oil – moisturizes the skin and tightens pores;
  • Black currant oil – has antibacterial
    activity, maintains the elasticity of the skin, tones it.
  • Sesame oil – normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands,
    tightens pores.
  • Almond oil – cleanses pores, reduces redness.
  • Tea tree oil – relieves acne and normalizes
    biocenosis of the dermis.
  • Lavender oil – mattes the skin, has a pronounced
    anti-inflammatory effect.

Based on hazelnut oil (50% of the mixture) and injected into
other oils from the list above are 10% higher. Can be used and
essential oils (sandalwood, rosemary, juniper, bergamot,
grapefruit, cedar), but they should be added 1-2 drops to
base oil mixture.

With proper care and a healthy lifestyle, oily skin
ceases to be a problem, but rather turns into dignity,
preserving the outer youth of the face and protecting it from adverse
external influences.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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