Обвисла chest: после кормления, после похудения,what to do

Update: October 2018

Elastic and beautifully shaped breasts are female
pride and male admiration. Save beautiful breasts manage
far from all women, only 5% of the weaker sex
the strength of the features of the production of elastin and collagen that
due to genetics, does not lose the elasticity and shape of dairy
glands. The rest of the women sooner or later face a problem –
грудь обвисла и непонятно what to do. Saggy breasts are not
only an aesthetic problem, it forms complexes for a woman and
even able to drive into depression.

Notмного теории

The mammary glands are hormone-dependent, therefore
changes occurring in them are related to the content of hormones in
the body of a woman in a particular age range. Main
breast tissue is parenchymal or glandular, in
which are milk ducts. Parenchyma gland is divided
connective tissue or stroma on the lobules and lobes that are covered
fat layer. The main task of the mammary glands is the production
milk for raising offspring. Outside the mammary glands
covers the skin. The bodies of the mammary glands are supported by a special
ligament apparatus (Cooper ligaments), due to which the milk
glands are attached to the pectoral muscles. In turn, the pectoral muscles
are located on the edges.

Since the shape and size of the female breast are sensitive to
hormonal fluctuations, then these figures change over
of life. For example, the appearance of engorgement and sore glands before
menstruation, an increase in breast volume during periods of gestation and
грудного feeding.

Breast volume depends on the amount of adipose tissue than its larger
the greater the bust. Besides жировой прослойки на размеры и форму
The mammary glands are affected by the condition of the skin (elasticity), ligaments and
tonus of pectoral muscles.

Omission of the mammary glands and its degree

The omission of the mammary glands or mastoptosis is called
a condition where the mammary glands gradually and steadily lose their
объем, и обвисают, что сопровождается растяжением skin. Due to
this skin of the mammary glands loses its elasticity and elasticity, and themselves
the glands look flabby and “empty” because the fat and glandular
the tissues are shifted downwards, which gives the breast contour a hollow appearance.

Sagging breasts or mastoptosis have several degrees, each of
which depends on the location of the nipple in relation to the submammary
crease. Submammary fold is a skin fold that
is located at the base of the breast and forms a line of fixation
glands to the skin. This line conventionally separates the pectoral and abdominal

Degree of mastoptosis:

  • I degree – a small omission of the glands when the nipple is located on
    level submammarnoy line (place the palm under the chest, milk
    iron covers 1 – 2 fingers);
  • Grade II – moderate prolapse of the glands, nipple location
    is below the submammar line, but there are still tissues below the nipple
    glands (drooping chest covers 2 to 4 fingers);
  • Grade III – pronounced descent of the mammary glands, nipple
    located on the lower contour of the chest and pointing down (palm
    completely covered by gland).

A separate graph is pseudoptosis, when there is a droop
breast, but the nipple is located above the submammar line. Also
surgeons secrete glandular mastoptosis, in which the nipple is located
above the submammary fold, the breast is of sufficient volume, but there is
its strong sagging in the lower part.

Causes of mastoptosis

Why sagging breasts – a question that worries women of different
age 2 reasons lead to the development of mastoptosis: skin area
mammary gland increases due to the loss of its elasticity and
gradual stretching and reduction of the breast parenchyma
(glandular tissue) and the substitution of its fat. Predispose omission
Breast factors include:


In some women, the skin has good elasticity and elasticity,
while for some it is prone to flabbiness. Same
can be said about the ligaments. The production process of collagen and
elastic fibers in the skin and connective tissue
determined genetically, on which resilience and tone depend

Sizes of mammary glands

The larger and more massive the mammary glands, the higher the probability
their omissions (the law of world wideness). Significant in size
glands create a high load on the ligaments and skin, which leads to their
stretching, and it does not matter, large bust sizes are
natural or artificial (silicone

Hormonal fluctuations

The menstrual cycle has 2 phases: follicular (it flows under
action of FSH and estrogen) and luteal (due to the production of LH
and progesterone). Progesterone increases the rush of blood to the milk.
glands, causing their swelling and engorgement, which leads to stretching
skin, and, therefore, to the omission of the breast (read about the norm
progesterone in women).

During the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding dairy
glands also increase in size due to proliferation
ferrous tacna needed for milk production, so skin
the breasts are stretched and some women have stretch marks or
skin stretch marks.

Many young mothers say that big breasts sagged after
childbirth and cessation of lactation, which is associated with the return of dairy
glands to the same size by reducing the glandular lobules. Besides
In addition, increased breast volume during breastfeeding.
helps to stretch the ligaments and reduce the tone of the pectoral muscles, which
exacerbates the process of omission of the glands. Moreover, the more years a woman
become a mother, the higher the chances of sagging skin and omission
breast (reduced synthesis of collagen and elastin).

Weight drops

After losing weight (special diets or illness) when weight is dramatically
decreases in depletion of fatty tissue throughout the body, including
including in the mammary glands. Especially noticeable decrease in volume and
breast omission in women with large bust sizes.


The process of formation of elastin, which is necessary for
maintaining estrogen and skin tone of the ligamentous apparatus.
Nicotine suppresses their production, which affects the appearance
women in general and on the mammary glands in particular (thinning and
dry skin, loss of elasticity, impaired microcirculation and
grey colour).

Aging process

In postmenopausal women’s hormone production is sharply reduced,
therefore, the formation of collagen and elastin, determining
the density of the ligaments, so that they stretch and chest
goes down. Besides того, железистая ткань претерпевает инволюцию и
partially replaced by fat, which also contributes to mastoptosis.

Sports activities

The state of the glands is also influenced by sports, especially jogging.
Breast ptosis provokes refusal to wear special sports.
bras that are fitted with separate thick cups for
each gland that not only presses the chest to the body, but also preserves
the shape and natural position of the glands (prevents skin from stretching
and ligaments).

Hypodynamia and bad posture

Long stay in a static position (for example, for
desk) and a sedentary lifestyle leads to a stoop,
decrease muscle tone, including the chest, and sagging


Refusing to wear this toilet item, especially for women with
lush bust, leading to stretching of the skin and ligaments and mastoptosis. Not
less important is to choose a bra that matches the size and shape
chest Too tight and uncomfortable bra with narrow straps
impairs blood circulation in the glands, squeezes the chest, and promotes
not only its sagging, but also the development of mastopathy.

Natural breast lift

Natural methods of breast lift are rather
preventive measures than curative. But with mastoptosis easy
the degree of their compliance has a certain effect and raises

Weight monitor

Not стоит придерживаться строгих диет для похудения, так как
rapid weight loss primarily affects the condition
mammary glands, adipose tissue in them will become thinner and the chest will sag.
If, on the contrary, it is intended to gain a few kilograms, it is important
Do not overdo it, excess kilos will be reflected as on the figure in
on the whole, and on the mammary glands (the “grown up” breast will provoke
the appearance of strii).


The diet should include foods rich in vitamins and
minerals that maintain skin elasticity (grains –
sources of B vitamins, fresh fruits and berries are rich
ascorbic acid, carrots, sea buckthorn, liver and cottage cheese contain
vitamin A, and vegetable oils – vitamin E). For supporting
skin elasticity additionally take “Aevit”.

Correct posture

Hunched shoulders, slouched back do not support the chest, that
only aggravates its droop. Exercises for correct posture:
lean against the wall with the back of the head, shoulder blades, buttocks, gastrocnemius
muscles and heels, remember the position of the body and try it
keep when walking or worn on the head, trying not to drop,
any subject (book).

Choice of linen

Supports the chest and prevents it from dropping correctly
selected bra. It must be made of natural
fabrics, matched in size, that is, do not crush and not constrain
movements, lift the chest so that the nipple is located on
the middle of the line between the shoulder and the elbow, and its straps should be
wide and adjustable (they do not cut into the skin and do not break
circulation). And behind the bra should be located
horizontally. If the choice fell on a model with “stones”, it is desirable
that they were made of plastic, not excessively bent and sewn into the linen
(prevents skin injury).

Beware of the sun

It is strictly not recommended to sunbathe, including
tanning beds, topless. Ultraviolet rays not only dry and thin
skin, contribute to the appearance of age spots and early wrinkles,
destroy collagen, which provokes early mastoptosis, but also
predispose to the development of lactic cancer

Nutrition кожи груди

In maintaining the skin tone of the mammary glands will help folk
means: masks (sliced ​​cucumber, orange and lemon,
cottage cheese, cabbage and oatmeal) rubbing ice cubes out
decoctions (mint, hops, chamomile and wild rose).

Also effective is a douche that improves
микроциркуляцию в груди и exchange веществ, нормализует
lymphatic drainage.


Exercise will not return sagging chest in the former
position, but will strengthen and develop the pectoral muscles, will form a relief,
что улучшит и форму бюста, и состояние skin.
Recommended:как подтянуть грудь

  • push ups
  • squats (arms clasped at the back of the head or stretched forward)
  • backward deflection of the spine from a horizontal position (lying
    on the stomach, emphasis on straightened arms, bend back)
  • raising hands with dumbbells (lying, standing)

But it should be remembered that intense physical activity
(swimming, fitness, pilates are useful) burn excess fat and can
aggravate mastoptosis (the disappearance of fatty layers in the chest will lead
to reduce its volume and the appearance of excess skin).


Notсколько приподнять грудь и предотвратить ее дальнейшее
omission will help regular massage (no more than 3 times a week),
which can be carried out both independently and in the cabin.
Movement should be light, it is impossible to squeeze and knead the glands.
Stroking and tingling, patting and lungs are allowed.
rubbing. Massage нормализует кровоток в железах, улучшает
поступление кислорода к тканям груди, что стимулирует exchange веществ
and collagen synthesis.

Proper breastfeeding

If a friend or friend has sagged chest after feeding,
then, according to most women, should abandon the chest

The shape and tone of the breast is influenced not so much by lactation,
how many the number of pregnancies and deliveries and the intervals between them,
the age of the woman (at a young age the skin and ligaments are elastic and
breast restoration is faster), gland size, and
various aggravating factors (smoking, overweight).

  • But the most important thing when breastfeeding is
    correct selection of poses. Prevent sagging glands will help
    feeding from the prone position with the elbow planted
    a pillow.
  • It is also not recommended to express milk manually.
    молокоотсосом (излишнее растяжение кожи and ligaments).
  • Try to maintain the same volume of milk in both glands.
    (alternately breastfeed with one or the other).
  • Discard the front carriers to move the baby,
    which are mounted on the shoulder girdle, create a load on it and
    pull the shoulders and chest forward.

Notхирургический лифтинг

Most non-surgical methods of exposure to dairy
glands are only good as prevention of mastoptosis or
effective in the initial stage of omission:

Exterior Products

This group includes various ointments, lotions and creams that
applied to the neckline. Cosmetics are separated
into 2 groups: caring and containing phytoestrogens.

  1. The first group includes collagen, elastin, wheat and
    soy proteins, hyaluronic acid, plant extracts and
    vitamins. They are not able to lift their breasts, but they retain their elasticity.
    skin and its healthy appearance.
  2. Products with phytoestrogens carry out lifting and some
    increase in breast volume due to swelling hormones
    glandular tissue. But the result is saved only for a while.
    glands are treated with phytoestrogen cream, and constantly their
    not recommended due to the risk of hormonal disruptions
    in the body.

Injection treatment

The essence of mesotherapy is the introduction to the upper and middle
skin layers mezoroller (he creates microchannels with needles in the skin)
special cocktails. The cocktail contains vitamins and
amino acids, hyaluronic acid and minerals, vegetable extracts
и прочие активные компоненты, улучшающие exchangeные и регенерирующие
skin processes that tighten the skin and increase its turgor, as well as
moisturize and activate the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

With 2 – 2 degrees of mastoptosis and significant breast size
mesotherapy is ineffective. Correction of glands fillers, the basis
which stands hyaluronic acid (Macrolane drug) in
currently prohibited by the manufacturer (the probability of displacement gels
and difficulties in the diagnosis of breast cancer with
ultrasound and mammography).


With the help of hardware methods, you can not only increase the tone
the pectoral muscles, which will improve the shape of the bust, but also improve the quality of the skin
and eliminate its external defects:

  • microcurrent therapy – affect the skin cells by microcurrents,
    what causes its reduction, raises the tone, stimulates the production
    elastin and collagen (can be used simultaneously with creams and
    sera, which ensures their deep penetration into
  • myostimulation – the effect of a small current on muscle
    the cells that cause the muscles to contract, causing the chest
  • darsonvalization – gently stimulates skin cells and boosts
    skin elasticity, lifting effect is insignificant;
  • thermal lifting – the skin is exposed to heat that
    улучшает exchangeные процессы и стимулирует синтез коллагена и
    elastin, lifting effect is insignificant;
  • laser therapy – laser radiation activates exchange
    substances in the skin, starts the processes of collagenosis, eliminates external
    skin defects (stretch marks, wrinkles), but lifting effect

Thread lift

The essence of the thread lifting consists in the introduction of soft tissue
mammary glands of the filaments – there are absorbable (polydioxanone,
polylactic acid) and not absorbable (gold and platinum,

The procedure is carried out on an outpatient basis, without anesthesia and lasts about 2
hours A special marking is applied on the mammary glands, according to which
the chest will be “stitched”. The threads are introduced in different directions,
thus forming a mesh frame supporting
gland. The threadlift not only returns the breasts back
form, but also stimulates collagenosis, which increases elasticity

The advantages of this method include a quick period.
restoration and non-use of implants and fillers.
The disadvantages of the method are its high cost (up to 100,000
rubles) and restriction of indications for performance (small mastoptosis
with preserved volume of breast parenchyma, prophylaxis after
performed mastopexy or surgical volume reduction
glands). Lifting is not performed with severe mastoptosis and
significant breast size.

Duration of effect when using absorbable sutures
makes 1 – 3 years, and with use not resolving – 5 – 10
years old.

Surgical Tightening

How to tighten sagging breasts and achieve maximum effect –
The only effective method of breast restoration is
an operation called mastopexy. Way enough
expensive, painful and radical, but guarantees the preservation
beautiful bust for a long time (from 5 to 10 years and

During the operation, the doctor excises the excess stretched skin and in case of
necessary (to preserve the proportions of the breast) moves the complex
nipple-areola in the original position, that is, up. Then the surgeon
displaces the body of the gland upward and fixes it to the pectoral muscle, after
what sucks the wound.

Mastopexy happens:

  • Periareolar or circular

A circumferential cut is performed, then the excess is removed.
stretched skin and cosmetic seam is applied. By
Circular suture skin tightened around the areola, where it forms
scar. Suitable for removing light mastoptosis.
The duration of the operation is 60 minutes.

  • Vertical

The incision is performed circularly over the areola and extended downward by
3 – 5 cm or to submammary fold. During the operation excised
skin flap up to 17 cm and possibly partial removal of glandular
tissue, and a decrease in areola nipple. Then the gland tissue is stitched to
pectoral muscle. The duration of the operation is 2 hours, of
deficiencies – the formation of a large scar, possible loss
nipple sensitivity.

  • T-shaped or anchor

The operation is highly efficient and traumatic.
Anchoring incision is performed: skin dissection is performed around
areoles, along the submammary fold and 2 vertical cuts, which
connect them. When the wound is sutured, the scar looks like an anchor,
because the operation is called anchor mastopexy.

Contraindications Mastopexy

Mastopexy is not performed in the following cases:

  • the presence of pregnancy or its planning;
  • cessation of lactation less than a year ago;
  • breast tumors;
  • mastopathy;
  • endocrine and autoimmune diseases;
  • exacerbation of chronic somatic diseases;
  • obesity;
  • acute infectious diseases, including
  • mental disorders (schizophrenia, oligophrenia);
  • a large area of ​​scarred skin (burns);
  • malignant tumors;
  • acquired and congenital immunodeficiency.

Possible complications

  • swelling, soreness, hemorrhage and inflammation immediately
    after operation;
  • the formation of coarse (keloid) scars;
  • asymmetry of the mammary glands;
  • loss of nipple sensation;
  • necrosis of the nipple and areola;
  • wrong new nipple position;
  • reducing the size of the nipples and areola.

Currently, mastopexy is combined with other
surgical techniques, so the operation is called
surgical reconstruction of the breast and includes:

  • reduction of areola circumference, return them rounded
  • correction of the shape and size of the nipple;
  • elimination of asymmetry of the glands.

In addition, during the hemming of the breast, other

  • lipofilling – is to transplant its own adipose tissue
    patient from either the abdomen or the buttocks (combined with
  • �”Filing” and reduction of the mammary glands (for large sizes
    chest, difficulty examining glands, thoracic osteochondrosis);
  • �Hemming glands and increasing their size by introducing
  • endoscopic mastopexy.

The cost of the operation to restore the shape and volume of dairy
glands depends on the region, the popularity of the clinic and qualifications
surgeons and on the type of surgical intervention (from 40,000 to 250,000

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