�”Obstetrics” – an excellent online store for childrengoods (coupon for a discount of up to 50%)

Интернет магазин детских товаров «Акушерство»

Raising a child is always a responsibility and a lot
controversial issues for a young mother. Previously useful care knowledge
for small children handed down from generation to generation, from
mother to daughter. The possibilities of modern moms, fortunately
infinite: come to the rescue in all incomprehensible situations
all sorts of medical portals and forums for young mothers, where
You can get a qualified answer to the most seemingly
controversial issue relating to the education and care of the child.
Online store of children’s goods “Obstetrics” is another resource,
to do without which the young mother will be extremely difficult.

Интернет магазин «Акушерство» — это ресурс, с помощью
which a young mother can profitably buy all the necessary
attributes (from cots to clothes, and from children’s means
personal hygiene to strollers, plus products for mothers) for your child.
Of course, the choice of products for children must be approached more
seriously and thoroughly, and the quality of these products to present a special
prejudice, so it’s best to buy similar products in
verified places. Children’s Store
«Акушерство» — место, где не нужно переживать о
honesty of sellers and suppliers of goods, because here
value the health of the children of their customers and reputation

Features of the online store of children’s goods

�“Obstetrics” is not a banal store of children’s toys.
Here is an absolutely full portal for young parents.
In addition to the “Obstetrics” offers an extensive catalog of children’s
goods, here you can also find:

  • list of the best medical centers with real reviews
    shoppers and detailed recommendations;
  • A full-fledged forum for moms, where participants discuss various
    questions and share with each other important and verified information about
    how best to care for a child;
  • an extensive section of doctors that any wishing mom can
    ask a question for free (the value of such a service
    increases that all previous questions remain, i.e.
    the likelihood that your question is already with a detailed answer
    quite high);
  • various galleries where mothers share photos with each other
    his child, pictures with ultrasound and their own photos taken
    during pregnancy;
  • full-fledged “flea market”, where you can buy cheap
    baby items or sell your own baby stuff.

Ещё одна немаловажная особенность интернет-магазина детских
товаров «Акушерство» — это бесплатная доставка купленных
goods in Moscow. Also present in the online store
the possibility of self-delivery of the purchased goods – this is true in
when the thing is needed “yesterday”.

What is on sale in the online store of children’s goods

In fact, almost everything concerns children. Extensive catalog
things for children immediately inspire confidence in mom: here she will find something
that has been searching for so long, surfing the vast internet.
Catalog of children’s products available for convenience
users divided into sections:

  1. movement;
  2. health and hygiene;
  3. feeding accessories;
  4. goods for moms;
  5. children’s furniture;
  6. clothing and textiles;
  7. summer / winter goods;
  8. child safety;
  9. everything for baby bathing;
  10. baby strollers;
  11. feeding accessories for babies, etc.

Ensure a variety of baby products by going
в интернет-магазин детских товаров «Акушерство» — он
easy to use, which means that the difficulties when shopping
not even for those who are very poorly versed in
modern technology.

What bonuses and special offers are available
to count?

«Акушерство» радует покупателей не только большим выбором
children’s products, but also other bonuses. Go to the section “Promotions and
special offers “you are on your own to make sure that the programs
Loyalty and opportunities to save really a lot.

In addition to all offered discounts
в интернет-магазине часто бывают распродажи: периоды,
when there are special prices on the site. Regular customers
can also buy goods at preferred prices thanks to
скидке -3% на любой товар.

Moms who have no opportunity to buy one or another child
attribute, can purchase it as a discounted item. What is it
is it? Any product that has minor defects is sent to
category of discounted goods. The store makes serious discounts on these
goods, disregarding the fact that all functional and technical
possibilities are normal.

Страница с акциями и распродажами — АКЦИИ И

Страница с уцененными товарами — УЦЕНЕННЫЕ

How can I pay for goods in the online store

The store’s management understands that everyone has very different
opportunities, so the list of methods of payment for purchased goods was
maximally expanded. В нашем интернет-магазине детских
товаров вы можете заплатить:

  • upon receipt of goods in cash to the courier;
  • by credit card (if the order amount exceeds the minimum 2
    000 rubles);
  • cashless settlement of the invoice;
  • card the bank directly at the pickup point;
  • electronic money (WebMoney, Yandex.Money).

Thus, we can conclude: to make purchases
в интернет-магазине детских товаров «Акушерство» сможет
any mother, regardless of age and level of computer


ВНИМАНИЕ Скидки до -50% на определенные
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Телефон: (495) 933-52-52 8-800-333-13-22 (по
Russia – for free)

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