Nuts have a positive effect on brain function.brain

Update: February 2019

If you include nuts in your daily diet, you can
улучшить работу головного brain. This conclusion could be reached
researchers representing University of Health Loma Linda (USA,
state California). The experiment was led by Dr. Lee Burke.
The beneficial effect of substances in the composition of nuts is characterized by
streamlining the frequency of brainwave waves and improving
cognitive processes. These results were made public by themselves.
University of Health on their official account November 14, 2017
of the year.

Burke is far from the first to conduct a study of the relationship between
eaten foods and the health of the body as a whole.
The merit of the doctor was the discovery of antioxidant substances in
the composition of dark chocolate, so that the whole world started talking about
the usefulness of this treat. Now the researcher drew
close attention to a variety of nut varieties. The cause of it
experiments were successful results of past studies: nuts
have a positive effect on blood cholesterol values, and
also the condition of the heart and blood vessels.


Burke’s experiments involved the participation of two groups of people. First
the group was supposed to include nuts in its diet: peanuts, cashews,
pistachios, almonds, walnuts, etc. The second group was
control, that is, did not eat them. During the work, as well as before
its beginning and at the end the doctors performed EEG (electroencepharography)
the subject. Professionals interested in the state of the cerebral cortex

Lee Burke and colleagues were able to find out that:

  1. Pistachios had the greatest impact on gamma waves,
    therefore, on the processes of human cognitive activity,
    his learning and memory.
  2. Peanuts are most useful for delta waves, it strengthens the immune
    body strength, stimulates regenerative abilities and
    normalizes deep sleep.

As for walnuts, almonds and cashews, experts could not give
any particular data. But any kind of nuts is uniquely
beneficial to our health. Scientists are calling
think and start using at least one variety regularly
nuts. Of course, the researchers plan to continue studying them.

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