Nutrition nursing mom – the opinion of the doctorKomarovsky

The diet of a breastfeeding mom should consist of
balanced and complete set of products. From that and
how a nursing mother eats, depends on the well-being of the baby, his
development and health for years. Famous Dr. E. Komarovsky in
his writings gives nutritional advice for nursing


Exclude from the diet

All the tips of the famous pediatrician are advisory in nature
however, in nutritional matters, the doctor holds
perseverance. В первую очередь исключаются
products that provoke allergies: citrus, chocolate, strawberries,
eggs, seafood. Mom, especially in the first days and weeks, should
carefully observe the reaction of the baby to the new one eaten by her
product. When in doubt about any product, the doctor
advises to eat a small amount of it first and, depending
from the child’s response, decide whether to further include it in

All products due to which milk can change the taste and smell
become unpleasant to the baby, are excluded from the diet. To this group
include sour, salty, spicy dishes, sharply smelling seasonings.
A number of products (legumes, cabbage, carbonated drinks) have
bad effect on the intestines of the baby. Their use can increase
flatulence and in some cases cause diarrhea.

To digest fatty foods, the body needs additional
effort, with high fat breast milk
suck, and mom – decant it. Therefore, saturate the food with fatty
products (fat sour cream, butter, pork, nuts), with
which milk will become more nutritious, but difficult to assimilate,
the doctor does not recommend. At the same time, vegetable fats are given
preference over animals.

Nursing mother’s diet

Mom’s complete nutrition is the main source for
obtaining a child necessary for the development of substances.

What to eat and drink:

  • Meat and fish (low-fat);
  • Молочные и кисло-молочные продукты (молоко, ряженка, кефир
    and etc);
  • Vegetables and fruits: cherry, watermelon, grapes, apples, pears,
    apricots We also read: fruits with HB and vegetables with HB;
  • Dried fruits (dried apricots, raisins) and compote of them;
  • Greenery;
  • Green tea;
  • Not dried and not salted fish;
  • Stewed, baked and boiled dishes.

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Do not eat and drink:

  • Fatty meals (including fatty broth);
  • Coffee;
  • Spicy, salty, sour dishes;
  • Smoked and fried foods;
  • All types of conservation;
  • Cocoa and cocoa products (sweets and chocolate);
  • Sweets containing butter cream;
  • Peas;
  • Citrus (oranges, tangerines, lemons);
  • Baking with yeast;
  • Red berries;
  • Mushrooms.

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The daily ration should contain at least 0.5 kg of fresh
fruits. If mom is slim enough and can afford
Komarovsky recommends eating a plate of semolina at night. Everything
products that mom teaches baby during pregnancy and
when breastfeeding, will subsequently be perceived
a child with pleasure, because it is a familiar food.

Nutritional advice


We read a detailed article on the nutrition of nursing mothers

Famous pediatrician advises very carefully to treat
присутствию в рационе экзотических фруктов или импортных products.
Such food is notoriously unknown to our digestive system and
its absorption by the body may not be complete. Load occurrence
the liver or pancreas adversely affects the chest

The doctor gives some more tips:

  • Avoid overeating. A little less good will be useful;
  • With an obsessive desire to eat anything forbidden, you can “knock down
    hunting “by a tiny amount of this product;
  • Doubts about the product should cause a complete rejection of it;
  • Do not eat at night;
  • If circumstances forced to drink alcohol, then it is permissible
    some red wine;
  • Reception of vitamin complexes should be regular.

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Beverage Issues

Dr. Komarovsky is quite clear about withdrawing.
additional forced drinking for nursing mothers
(хоть многие специалисты утверждает, что большой объем
drinking does not affect the production of milk,
многие кормящие mothers на своем опыте убеждается в обратном).
Pediatrician and in this matter most adheres to the principle
естественности: если у mothers и малыша все в порядке и молока
enough, then drink anything extra, beyond the desire of the woman, not
need to..

Если молока не хватает, то после каждого
кормления mother нужно восполнять потерянную жидкость и выпивать
300-500 ml of liquid. Night feeding should be no exception.
therefore, it is better to prepare the drink in advance.

Preferably consumed drinks:

  • Sweet green tea with milk;
  • Dried fruits compote;
  • Apple, grape, carrot juice (remember
  • Boiled and baked cow milk, fermented milk products
    (fat content of 2.5% and below).

There are various drugs, medicinal (nicotine
acid, pirroksan, apilak) and food (nuts, beer, yeast),
possessing property of increasing lactation. However, the famous pediatrician
advises not to overestimate their value.

Принципы доктора Komarovsky завоевали популярность
their simplicity and closeness to nature, they are advisory
характер, опираясь на естественные потребности кормящей mothers и

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a woman

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