Nutrition nursing mom: myths and truth

мифы о питании во время гв

The topic of feeding a nursing mother is definitely important. Now
you need to think not only about your diet, but also about the reaction
baby on different products and about the quality of breast milk. Around
breastfeeding and nutrition of a nursing mother at all times
discussions flared up, no wonder there is a saying “how many people
so many opinions. ” Practically in any sphere of our present
There are many myths and prejudices and nursing food
женщины не стало исключением. In our conversation today, we
tell about all the existing myths and voiced small
comments to each of them.

  • Myth one. Be sure to drink cow’s milk and
    dilute them with tea. This increases the amount of breastfeeding.

Whole cow’s milk is a great allergen, so we do not recommend
use it in its purest form. Are you sure that this is not
Will it affect the child? In addition, with a well-established process
lactation, an increase in the amount of milk is simply not required. Him
It is produced as much as your baby needs. Moreover,
increased production of breast milk can cause such
common diseases like lactostasis and mastitis.

Mixed drinks are poorly digested, so tea with milk is better.
eliminate from your diet. Moreover, he does not possess those
lactogonic properties that are assigned to it. Much more useful
use yoghurts, kefir and other dairy products. For
thirst quenching, you can drink compotes, weak tea and mineral water
(only choose the one that does not contain gas).

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  • The second myth. You need to eat citrus fruits, kiwi and mango,
    they have a lot of vitamins.

Citrus fruits occupy the top lines in the list of allergenic
products, so it is advisable not to abuse them. And indeed to
Our bodies are not accustomed to various exotic fruits. Why do you need
Do you need this unjustified risk? Eat better apples and those fruits
that are cultivated in your climate zone.

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  • The third myth. Vegetables are red, orange and yellow
    cause allergies in a child.

If you have never had an allergy to vegetables of these flowers,
You can eat them safely. But for the health of the child, of course, follow
need to. Any new product needs to start eating in small portions,
while carefully watching the reaction of the organism crumbs. And color
here does not play any role.

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  • Myth Four. Meat needs to be eaten in a limited

The meat contains a lot of “goodies” that need
the body of the nursing mother, and the child too. You only need to carefully
to choose him. Pork, for example, is too fat, its really
better to limit. Duck meat is also undesirable because
poorly absorbed. But chicken with beef – to health.

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  • The fifth myth. Nursing mother should drink a lot. it
    увеличивает количество milk

In the body of any person there is a hormone responsible for
water-salt balance. Excess fluid is discharged, and if present
thirsty hormone does not allow the body to release water. Milk
can really become less if the nursing mom is experiencing
thirst on an ongoing basis. But if there is a lot of water in the body, then
oxytocin production decreases and milk starts to stand out worse from
ducts. Stand out, but not worked out!

Remember one simple truth – milk is formed from
blood and lymph under the sensitive “supervision” of prolactin. Plentiful Drink
Moms have nothing to do with it! 

From here a conclusion: it is necessary to drink in those volumes in which it demands
your body. He knows better what he needs and what he needs.

  • Myth six. When breastfeeding can not eat

It makes no sense to completely deny yourself this pleasure. With
breastfeeding it is important to eliminate excessive cocoa intake and
sugar, therefore, from the diet remove chocolate and all sorts of
cakes There is nothing wrong with mom eating
marshmallow, fruit marmalade, marshmallow or drying.

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  • The seventh myth. The quantity and quality of breast milk
    depends on the diet of the nursing mother. Need to eat as much as possible
    more high-calorie food.

We have already mentioned here that breast milk is not produced from
those products that a woman uses, and therefore his
quantity can not be associated with malnutrition.
Even with a very bad diet of young mommy, the amount and
The quality of milk can satisfy all the needs of the child. Question
in the other – how all this will affect the health of the mother herself, because
the body will use to make milk all possible and
impossible reserves. With недостаточном насыщении организм просто не
will withstand such a load. Therefore, you need to eat well, but you do not
there will be no benefit if you start overeating or forcibly
force yourself to eat.

  • The eighth myth. Nursing mom must abide by

To those foods that are usually eaten in your family, baby
accustomed to even during intrauterine life. Therefore, dramatically
changing your diet is more harmful than helpful.

  • Myth the ninth. Sports activities have a negative effect on

Negative effects on breastfeeding can
render only power daily loads big
duration If you want to attend to keep fit
gym a couple of times a week, there will be no harm.
Try not to overload the chest. Daily charge
does not count at all, there will definitely be no harm from them.

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Food of any nursing mother should be first
queue balanced. You know your body better and quite
able to make their own diet. Feed on
varied, tasty, and most importantly – with

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