Nutrilon infant formula (Nutrilon)

Nutrilon Natural Branded Dairy Products
are the benchmark of baby food in domestic and foreign
the market. Feature of dairy compositions is prescription.
the use of natural milk components, according to the latest
research scientists. Baby food is divided into several
dozens of species, each of which is designed for the baby
specific age, weight class, health status.
Consider the main types of mixtures, their composition and

Nutrilon 1 Premium
Nutrilon 4 Junior
Nutrilon Комфорт 2
Nutrilon Гипоаллергенный 2
Nutrilon Кисломолочный 1

Why choose Nutrilon?

As a rule, when choosing food, parents are guided by
package directions: categories by age, developmental features
baby The scientific approach looks different: every child
assigned a special composition of the components. Ideal for development
The immune system is considered breast milk. If opportunities
to feed in a natural way is not, or the amount of milk
limited, moms resort to partial or full replacement
natural nutrition artificial. Artificial milk is
dry milk based on cow’s milk and supplements.

Nutrilon products contain natural milk products.
components, simple forms of sugar, vitamins, minerals and
vegetable fatty acids. Essential components in milk composition
are fatty acids, proportional to casein and
albumin, the rate of absorption of substances, the amount of phosphorus and
calcium, vitamins. Each substance is responsible for the development
certain parts of the body. Nutrilon is closest to the chest
milk of a woman at a certain point of feeding, contains
vitamins and trace elements to regulate the digestive system,
веса, скорости развития baby

Mixes for babies up to 6 months

The category of goods for the smallest goes under the number.
«1». It is a mixture with the presence of dairy.
whey, vegetable oils (palm, rapeseed, coconut,
sunflower, mortierella alpina), lean milk, lactose,
prebiotics, minerals, vitamins, fish oil and other substances.
Composition for healthy babies with normal weight contains
components in proportions similar to natural breast milk with
useful supplements. As a stimulant used
рыбий жир, vegetable fatty acids. Per 100g diluted
composition accounts for up to 270 kJ.

For children with developmental disabilities
systems that are preterm, prone to allergies, have
inflammatory diseases developed by special
These are recipes with an enhanced complex of substances.
to regulate normal development or recovery.

For premature babies, use Nutrilon Pres under
number “0”. For those who gained weight 1.8 kg and above, is used
Nutrilon Пре �”one”. For those whose digestive system is very weak,
there are persistent disorders, doctors prescribe “Nutrilon
Comfort 1 or Sour-milk 1. The second composition is suitable for
babies who have undergone drug treatment of inflammatory or
another disease. Both species restore the composition of the intestinal flora.
and remove toxins. Brand for children prone to allergic
reactions, rashes, called Nutrilon Hypoallergenic 1.

Formulated for children with a lack of ability
digest any kind of sugar: Dairy Free and Nutrilon Soy.
Products almost do not contain natural milk and sugar. Stand out
compositions for babies with symptoms of persistent regurgitation (Pepti
Gastro) or lethargy intestines, inability to absorb digested
food (antireflux). Nutrilon Amino Acids and Pepti Allergies
designed for diet feeding.

Every baby before moving to artificial
infant formula must undergo a high-quality medical examination.
Nutrilon’s well-nominated blend will help cure your baby and
restore its natural development.

The range of mixtures for healthy children

  1. Nutrilon 1 Premium – the adapted children’s dairy mix for
    babies from birth.

Line of mixes for children with problems in

  1. Nutrilon Comfort 1 – Symptoms for Kids with Nutrition
    digestive discomfort
  2. Nutrilon Comfort 2 – Symptoms for Kids Nutrition
    digestive discomfort.
  3. Nutrilon Fermented Milk 1 – formula for feeding children from birth,
    specially designed for natural digestion improvement
  4. Nutrilon Fermented Milk 2 – formula for feeding children from 6 months,
    specially designed for natural digestion improvement
  5. Nutrilon Hypoallergenic 1 – Adapted Feed Mix
    healthy babies with the possibility of developing food allergies.
  6. Nutrilon Hypoallergenic 2 – Adapted Nutrient Mix
    healthy babies with the possibility of developing food allergies.
  7. Nutrilon Pre 0 – dry milk mixture adapted for
    feeding premature and low birth weight infants less than
  8. Nutrilon Пре 1 — смесь молочная сухая адаптированная для
    prolonged feeding of premature and low birth weight babies
    body over 1800 g
  9. Nutrilon Pepti Gastro – dry milk formula with impaired
    intestinal absorption. WITH of birth.
  10. Nutrilon WITHоя — смесь на основе изолята соевого белка. WITHмесь для
    dietary nutrition of children who need a dairy-free diet with
    of birth.
  11. Nutrilon Lactose Free – Lactose Free. WITHпециальная смесь
    for the diet of children with lactose intolerance with
    of birth.
  12. Nutrilon Amino Acids – Amino Acid-Based Dry Blend,
    baby food product (therapeutic and prophylactic)
    nutrition for young children. For feeding children with
    of birth.
  13. Nutrilon Pepti Allergy – Blend Dry Based Completely
    hydrolyzed whey proteins with prebiotics. For
    диетического (лечебного) питания детей с of birth.
  14. Nutrilon Anti-Reflux – milk formula with nucleotides.
    Complete special mixture for feeding children with the syndrome
    regurgitation and vomiting. C of birth.

WITHмеси Nutrilon от 6 месяцев

Children from the age of six months already have a system
digestion in a developing state. Start of active growth
bones, tissues and joints, requires changes in the composition of food. AT
to the female body, this transition is provided by changing the diet,
the expansion of products in the diet, the addition of fruits and vegetables.

WITHостав смеси для детей с нормальным развитием Nutrilon 2

  • the ratio of casein and protein shifts towards protein by 10%
  • fatty acids up to ten types of plant origin,
    fish oil stays the same;
  • taurine increases one and a half times;
  • lactose formula changes, its amount is almost 52 mg
    per 100g dry mix;
  • vitamins and trace elements increase by 20-50%.

Similarly with infant nutrition, types of blends for the older
группы делятся по признаку отклонений в развитии baby Their
названия аналогичны, а возраст обозначается цифрой «2»,
�”3″ – from the year and “4” – from 18 months.

Line mixes

  1. Nutrilon 2 Premium – the adapted children’s dairy mix for
    babies from 6 months.
  2. Детское молочко Nutrilon Junior 3. For питания детей от 1
    of the year.
  3. Детское молочко Nutrilon Junior 4. For питания детей
    older than 18 months.

How to choose the right product?

To choose a wellness nutrition course, you must pass
examinations in the children’s clinic, take into account the peculiarities of behavior
baby For example, if a child cannot digest correctly
food, his sleep will be intermittent. There will also be noticeable permanent
whims and sobs. Children with healthy intestines not experiencing
pain and discomfort, very calm, not naughty without
the reasons.

Violations can be noticed and the state, the frequency of feces.
The manner of eating is characteristic. The baby, which is difficult to digest
food, constantly turning away, eating intermittently, even if stays
in a hungry state. More visible signs of deviations –
insufficient weight of the child, sluggish state.

Читаем подробно: как выбрать подходящую для
baby mix

Benefits of Using Nutrilon Mixtures

  • provide full development of the body and prevention
  • it is a healthy diet for kids of any age;
  • Nutrilon имеет доступную стоимость (цена варьируется от
    345 to 2,000 rubles);
  • nutrition recommended by the health care system of the Russian Federation;
  • wide range of unique compositions for treatment
  • availability of international quality certificates for all products
  • the mixture is considered the best in many countries of the world;
  • each batch is tested in laboratories before sale;
  • заводы на территории стран WITHНГ производят питание по технологии
    из ЕWITH.

WITHмеси продаются в упаковках EazyPack («Изи Пэк») 400 и 900
gr., or in cans of 400 gr.

Where can one buy?

  • Интернет магазин Акушерство.ру — смеси
  • Интернет магазин Бабаду.ру — смеси

Proper nutrition – the guarantee of health and longevity!

  • Официальный сайт Nutrilon —
  • Телефон экспертной линии — 8 800 200 33

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