Novosibirsk doctors named the reasonsthe occurrence of serous meningitis outbreak

Update: February 2019

Serous meningitis is a meningitis of viral origin, with
which causes inflammation of the membranes of the spinal cord and brain.
The viruses that cause it are poliomyelitis viruses, Coxsackie viruses,
enteroviruses, mumps viruses, echoviruses and some
others, up to a total of 100 different viruses.

Specialists of the Novosibirsk Center for Virology and Biotechnology
�”Vector” set what kind of virus caused the outbreak
serous meningitis in the Novosibirsk region this summer. it
enterovirus type 30, distributed worldwide in countries with
warm climate, for example, on the west coast of the United States.  Vomiting
fever and severe headache are the first signs
meningitis, including enterovirus origin.


Серозный менингит

Enterovirus serous meningitis

Enteroviruses that cause meningitis are most often transmitted through
воду, но откуда в сибирских водоемах появился вирус,
common in countries of subtropical and tropical
Although small flashes of meningitis in spring and summer
period is common, it is possible that the enterovirus in
Novosibirsk was brought from Southeast Asia, where heavy
outbreaks of serous and reactive meningitis, not rarely with lethal
the outcome

One of the main factors that provoked the most serious
outbreak of meningitis in Siberia lately, doctors call
an unusually warm summer of this year. It is the warm weather combined
with other factors led to the fact that by mid-August in
Novosibirsk already registered 430 cases of serous

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