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Even infants can be given an enema, although a similar the procedure should be followed with extreme caution. Enough often even infants have problems with emptying, especially those who have been fed mixtures since birth.

For such children, evidence of constipation is the lack of stool on for a couple of days. It is also important to clearly know how to baby put an enema, and do it only after the recommendation of a doctor. This is because there are cases of colic. constipation due to other situations:

      • Pneumonia;
      • Hidden infringement of a hernia;
      • The presence of acute appendicitis;
      • Symptom of intestinal torsion.


      For enemas, special solutions are used for newborns, which are prescribed by the pediatrician. It could be:

      • Weak chamomile decoction from a spoonful of flowers taken in a glass boiled water;
      • Another enema for a baby is made from a weak solution of kitchen salt, taking half a spoonful of product per 250 ml boiled water;
      • The use of soapy water gives good results. to get, you should shake the baby soap in the water until it appears foam;
      • Soda water is also characterized by its excellent properties – in order to take a spoonful of soda to make it, diluting it with water;
      • Boiled water with vegetable oil or glycerin – quite a spectacular remedy, for such an enema you need to take a liter water and a couple of large spoons of oil.

      Enema for the newborn should be required boiling, while having a temperature within 28 degrees. Himself the enema device should have a fairly soft tip – this will ensure the safety and painlessness of the procedure.

      To perform an enema, you will need the following components:

          • Rubber bulb;
          • Thick oilcloth;
          • Baby Vaseline;
          • Boiled water.


          Now we will consider how to do an enema of the baby. Before the procedure a newborn is placed on a barrel or back. Required spread down oilcloth.

          “OlderTo take rubber bulb equipped with a soft tip, draw water indicated temperature. The volume of water required for the procedure is taken according to age:

          • From birth to three months – up to 50 ml;
          • After three to six months, approximately 100 ml;
          • Up to a year – 150 ml.


          How to make a quality baby right cleansing enema? Lubricate the soft tip of the device petroleum jelly. When the child lies on the back, raise it slightly with your hand up legs. When the baby is on its side, it is necessary to breed carefully buttocks. Before setting an enema, read how to get rid from constipation in infants.

          Advice to mothers: solving the problem of bloating in the baby.

          How the weight of babies changes by months – read the detailed Information. Take a balloon and then lightly pressing it on a pear. release the remaining air inside. After the tip of the pear enter into anal passage to the maxima by five centimeters, promoting the facility first, a little forward, and then, when the sphincter is passed – down and forward again. Now you can, slowly pushing the can, send a portion of water inside the rectum. Next with your left hand squeeze the little buttocks of the baby a little, and slowly pull out the right tip. Children’s buttocks need to hold in a compressed state a pair minutes so that the water couldn’t leak out of time intestines.


          Experts do not recommend such cleaning measures for infants are very often so as not to cause weaning child’s body from natural functions.

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