Nose drops for antritis with an antibioticantihistamine, for washing

Update: October 2018

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the maxillary sinuses.
The disease is accompanied by swelling of the nasal mucosa, resulting in
the exits for cleaning of bosoms of the accumulated mucus are blocked.
The bacteria that cause inflammation begin to multiply actively,
provoking a deterioration in the general condition of a person.

Signs of sinusitis in adults – can rise high
temperature, severe headaches appear, smell is reduced,
nasal congestion, photophobia, lacrimation forms. Appears
feeling of constriction and pain in the affected sinus.

Treatment of sinusitis in adults

The first step is to create a good outflow of pus from
sore sinuses. And also to suppress the infection in the lesion –
maxillary sinus. Full course of treatment of sinusitis takes from 2 to 8
weeks, the running process is harder to treat.Капли в нос при гайморите

  • Sinusitis treatment with antibiotics: Here the most important thing is to choose
    the right antibiotic, the choice of which is based on the definition
    sensitivity, otherwise antibiotic therapy may not
    эффективной,  и затянется процесс выздоровления. Effective:
    Sumamed with antritis (azithromycin), Amoxiclav (or Augmentin),
    Cephalosproins 3 generations, etc. If intoxication is pronounced, then
    antibiotics administered intramuscularly. With signs of sinusitis,
    immediately contact the otolaryngologist, who will appoint
    appropriate treatment.
  • In case of strong pain syndrome, doctors perform washing.
    paranasal sinuses, and also, if there is a plentiful allocation
  • Для усиления эффекта  может быть назначено лечение
    sinusitis laser.
  • In chronic processes in the sinuses, puncture is used, or
    puncture of the sinuses. After which the sinuses are washed with an antiseptic and injected
  • Physiotherapy is also an effective treatment for sinusitis –
    хороший эффект дают  УФО, УВЧ, соллюкс, динамические

Which is better to use nose drops if you have sinusitis?

Antibiotic nose drops: Treatment of antritis can be supplemented
local use of antibacterial agents. Pharmaceutical
The industry is now rich in various sprays and products for
закапывания в носовую полость, содержащие antibiotics.

  • Izofra at antritis, the average price (2018) 300 350 rub.
  • Polydex with phenylephrine and hormones –
    dexamethasone, the price in pharmacies 350-450 rubles.
  • Sofradex – framycetin (antibiotic) and dexamethasone
    (hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs, the price is 300-380 rubles.

Синуфорте от гайморита —  вспомогательное средство,
cyclamen extract is not an antibiotic, but enough
effective drug, the price of 1800-2500 rubles. See list of all drops in


Drops with antiseptics:

  • Okomistin – 170-200 rubles.
  • Octenisept – 450-550 rubles
  • Protargol (Sialor) 240 -300 rub.
  • Dioxidine – 250 rubles.

Vasoconstrictor nasal drops: their use facilitates the nasal
дыхание и  восстанавливает естественный дренаж пазух. With their
using immediately removes swelling of the nasal mucosa and is facilitated
cleansing of the sinus of the nose. You can use them only 5 days, since
There is a risk of atrophy of the nasal mucosa.

  • Nazivin – the price of 120-180 rubles.
  • Длянос  — цена 80-120 руб.
  • Галазолин  — цена 30-40 руб.
  • Nazol – 130-200 rub.
  • Rinostop – 40 rubles.

In case of allergic sinusitis, antihistamine is indicated.

  • Cromohexal, Lecrolin – drops 90 rub.
  • Tizin Allerdzhi – 360 rub.
  • Allergodil – drops on average 350 rubles, spray 430 rubles.

and tablets:

  • Cetirizine – price 240-260 rubles.
  • Loratidine – the price of 15 rubles.

Как правильно капать в nose. First you need to clean the nasal
strokes from mucus, better to use:

  • Aqualor – spray 320 rubles.
  • Dolphin with sinus – the device and bags of the mixture for cleaning the nose,
    price ranges from 200 to 350 rubles.
  • Quicks – spray, the price in pharmacies 280-320 rubles.

Then drip vasoconstrictor drops and only then bury
antritis nose drops containing an antibiotic, antiseptic or
antihistamines. It is only necessary to drip on the side,
bury in that nostril, which is located below. Roll over
on the other side should not immediately, you need to lie down for a while,
so that the drops fall into the affected sinuses, only then drip into
another nostril, and also lie down for a few minutes.

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