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  • What is a creatinine test done for?
  • Creatinine Detection Methods
  • How to pass a creatinine test?
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  • Low creatinine: causes of decline and manifestation
  • What negatively affects the results of the study?
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Creatinine, the norm in men by age (the table is presented in
article) which is different, is the final substance in
protein transformation. Its content in the body depends on
the amount of muscle volume. Determination of creatinine in biological
fluids (blood, urine) plays a significant role in the diagnosis
renal impairment.

What is creatinine?

Substance occurs due to the decay of energy in various
organs Place of localization – the muscles. Then he gets into the current
blood through it – in the kidneys. Excretion occurs with urine.

Creatinine is a source of creatine (about 2 g per day).
The latter belongs to the nitrogen-containing structures and is necessary for
ATP energy production. In normal amounts, creatine does not harm:
it provides muscles with energy, accelerates their recovery. In other
In cases, the substance leads to renal dysfunction, weakens bone
the cloth.

The creatinine level is affected by several

  • Floor.
  • Race.
  • Age.
  • Diet.
  • Weight category.
  • The absence or presence of inflammatory processes.

Muscle mass, with rare exceptions, changes rapidly, and therefore
creatinine content is more or less stable.

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What is a creatinine test done for?

The basis for the analysis of creatinine is
suspected kidney disease. To guard
The patient and the patient himself are capable of the following points:

  • The weakness of muscle tissue, its loss.
  • Difficult urination.
  • The presence of failures in the endocrine system (dry mucous membranes,
    increased hair growth).
  • Progression of urogenital diseases.

Blood for research is collected from a finger or from a vein.

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Creatinine Detection Methods

There are 3 ways to determine creatinine levels, each of
which is different in its informativeness.

  1. Blood biochemistry. Improved results suggest that
    defeat pathological process of the kidneys. Lowered data says
    in favor of muscular dystrophy.
  2. Clearance substance. The method is based on the speed of passage
    blood through the kidneys. Such ratio is fixed: enzymes in urine
    to blood volume. It is considered that the analysis most reliably reflects
    picture of the patient’s health. Material for research – daily
  3. The ratio of 2 substances to each other: nitrogen to creatinine. Such
    proportion helps to establish the degree of dehydration.

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How to pass a creatinine test?

If blood tests are required for analysis, then the patient

  • Take it in the morning. Before analysis is prohibited
    there is.
  • A couple of days before the diagnosis you need to remove the meat from the menu.

Before obtaining urine for analysis, it is recommended to carefully
wash the genitals without the use of hygiene products. One day before
studies need to take up to 2 liters of water.

Urine collection takes place within 24 hours. What urine is suitable
for analysis? We do not save a portion of morning urine for the analysis, all
we collect the subsequent in capacity. The last portion should be
urine received the next morning. It is imperative to keep collected
material in a dark and cool place so that it is not

Attention! The minimum concentration of creatinine in the urine
fixed in the morning, maximum – in the evening.

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What are the standard creatinine values?

The amount of creatinine decreases as the person ages. Him
the content is directly dependent on the amount of muscle tissue. Last with
age is getting smaller. On the abundance or deficiency of creatinine
affects the state of the renal apparatus.

The values ​​of creatinine in the stronger sex in the blood
according to age:

Age (years) Digital indicators (µmol / l)
From 18 to 60 Not less than 87, not more than 150
From 60 to 90 72 to 111
Over 90 From 61 to 114

The ratio of N (nitrogen) to creatinine is reflected in such a digital
span: from 10: 1 to 20: 1. From 122 to 220 µmol / kg – these numbers
meet the creatinine norm, which should stand out along with
urine per day.

Clearance (speed of release of the body from
biological fluids) creatinine is presented below:

Age (years) Valid values ​​for men (ml / min)
Up to 40 From 106 to 140
40-50 98 to 132
50-60 From 90 to 126
60 and older 82 to 118

High creatinine: its causes and complications. It is important to know! When
kidney disease is developing rapidly, the creatinine content in
the bloodstream becomes longer, and his stay in the urine –

On the increase in creatinine in the bloodstream
affect both the physiological characteristics of the organism, and

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Physiological causes (lifestyle, nutrition) that
contribute to the emergence of high creatinine:

  1. A sharp increase in muscle mass for competition (in
    bodybuilders, weightlifters) using growth hormones either
    intense workouts.
  2. A high protein diet.
  3. The use of antibacterial agents.
  4. The use of anti-inflammatory drugs. To those
    owned by “Nurofen”.
  5. Shock condition.
  6. Long hunger strike.
  7. Violated drinking mode (dehydration).

Elevated creatinine is found with such
pathological cases:

  1. Kidney failure (acute and chronic
    flow). Acute conditions are observed in nephritis, obstruction.
    renal tubules, attachment of infectious agent. Chronic
    the form is provoked by pyelonephritis, amyloidosis.
  2. Oncology.
  3. Injuries to muscle tissue (its rupture, incision).
  4. Prolongation Syndrome.
  5. Radiation Disease.
  6. Burns
  7. Diabetes mellitus.
  8. Endocrine disorders (diseases of the thyroid gland with
    production of its hormones).
  9. Heart failure.
  10. Prostate

Kidney problems, if not treated, can
end for the patient with the following complications:

  • Regular discomfort in the lumbar region. With time
    discomfort will grow into pain. It is expressed in
    intense pains of whining character.
  • Edematous phenomena.
  • Persistent increase in blood pressure.
  • Problem defecation. Urination may not be
    either they become too frequent. In the latter case
    the amount of urine released per day can reach 2 liters.

Important! Creatinine assay will not be used for early detection.
pathologies of the kidneys. An increase in performance is observed with lesions
significant part of the kidneys.

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Low creatinine: causes of decline and manifestation

Пониженный toреатинин редtoо выявляется при исследованиях. is he
хараtoтерен для людей с проблемным метаболизмом, в частности – с
обменом белtoов. Причинами сниженных поtoазателей

  • Anemia.
  • Атрофия мышечной тtoани у лежачих больных.
  • Диета с отсутствием в ней белtoовых продуtoтов.
  • Лейtoоз.
  • Liver disease.
  • Злоtoачественные опухоли.

Пациенты ощущают слабость в мышцах, частые головоtoружения. Have them
decreased performance and memory.

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What negatively affects the results of the study?

Недостоверные результаты получают, если забор toрови был выполнен
неправильно (toровь была взята слишtoом быстро тоненьtoой иглой).
Исtoажение итогов анализа случается toогда:

  • The patient is dominated by muscle mass. Results will have
    завышены, однаtoо проблемы с почtoами не будет.
  • Наtoануне диагностиtoи проводился прием леtoарств («Цефазолина»,
    асtoорбиновой toислоты).

The analysis is carried out taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism.
the patient.

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