Non-hormonal drugs for menopause

Update: November 2018

When a woman comes such a period of hormonal adjustment
the body, like menopause, it faces a number of problems associated
both with a physical condition, and with psychological changes.
And most often to improve well-being, reduce negative
manifestations of this period in women, doctors recommend
hormone replacement therapy. However, treatment with hormonal
means has many contraindications and is not
to all patients. The greatest risk of steroid use
hormonal drugs is – the risk of developing malignant
tumors, so for women at risk or women who are
fear to take hormones, there are alternative means –
these are non-hormonal drugs for menopause: dietary supplements, homeopathic
drugs, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, drugs,
lowering blood pressure.

To improve the psycho-emotional state, the doctor may
recommend the use of different
антидепрессантов, седативных средств, чтобы
soften mood swings, increased excitability, improve
сон, чтобы снизить интенсивность tides

For women who have contraindications to
hormone replacement therapy, antidepressants for pathological
menopause can be a real salvation. Among all
antidepressants can be distinguished venlafaxine, on the pharmaceutical
The market for this active ingredient is as follows.

  • Эфевелон — цена в аптеках 430-500 rub.
  • Велаксин — 700-800 rub.
  • Велафакс — 500-600 rub.

Also Fluoxetine (Prozac, Profluzac, Fluval) and Poroxetine
(Adepress, Aktaparoxetine, Rexetine, Paxil, Plizil).

Scottish scientists have discovered that modern
drugs used to treat depression,
have such a side effect that with menopause
оборачивается своеобразным положительным  возaction.

These drugs normalize the state of the blood vessels, thereby
preventing or reducing the incidence of tides, in 60%
women taking antidepressants during menopause are significantly
improves well-being.

Therefore, with a pronounced menopausal syndrome
antidepressants may be appropriate, however, should
remember that hormonal and non-hormonal drugs during menopause
should be taken only on prescription.

Also обладают способностью снижать интенсивность приливов
противоэпилептические препараты, к примеру,
Gabapentin. It has anticonvulsant action than
helps to reduce the frequency of hot flashes in women with menopause. TO
medicinal products containing this active ingredient

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  • TOак избавиться от приливов при климаксе

  • Габагамма — цена 330-800 rub.
  • TOатэна — 400 rub.
  • TOонвалис — 420 rub.
  • Нейронтин — 1400 rub.
  • Тебантин — 800 rub.

Often antihypertensive drugs taken to reduce
артериального давления, такие как TOлофелин, также могут оказывать
positive action against tides, and the effect of their
application is comparable to the effect of antidepressants.
The expediency of using these means is also due to the fact that in
the period of menopause in most women are already beginning to appear
symptoms of hypertension.

Also к негормональным средствам при климаксе относят
фитоэстрогены — это гомеопатичесие препараты и
Supplements that are similar in composition to natural hormones,
the lack of which is observed during the menopausal period
women. Among this group of funds are the following:


Estrovel The preparation includes cimicifuga
racemosis, nettle extracts, yam root, soybean, vitamins B6, E,
folic acid, organic boron, hydroxytryptophan, phenylalanine.
It is a dietary supplement that helps increase estrogen levels, improves
psychological state, reducing symptoms of hot flashes, remedy
reduces the likelihood of osteoporosis, has a small
иммуномодулирующим action. Средняя цена  300 rub.

Klimadinon  Klimadinon и Klimadinon

 Supplements, which include extract
racimosa cimicifuga. These tools also have the property
alleviate estrogen, diuretic and
anti-inflammatory action, normalize the work of the vegetative
system. Средняя цена 280-330 rub.


complex homeopathic medicine, it contains
Tsimitsifuga racemosis, Magnesium phosphate, Pasque chamber meadow. It regulates
psycho-emotional state, has anesthetic, 
противовоспалительным и спазмолитическим action.

Feminine Feminine

This is an extract of red clover, which also eliminates the deficit
estrogen. Средняя цена 450 rub.

Femcaps  Femcaps

homeopathic remedy consisting of herb extracts
Incarnate passoflora, Vitex fruit, oil of oslinnik, oxide
magnesium, vitamin B6, alpha-tocopherol, evening primrose oil.
The main effect of the drug components is to reduce
sweating, stabilization of the heartbeat, normalization
emotional state. The price is 1200-1300 rubles.

Ци клим Qi-Klim

since it is also an extract of racimosa cimicifuga, he
helps to reduce estrogen deficiency, and reduces the severity
tides Price 150 rubles.

Red brush Red brush

herbal remedy that improves the immune system. Also
препарат нормализует гормональный  баланс в женском организме,
and it is especially effective to use it together with the Borovoy uterus
indications. Learn more about the beneficial properties of the red brush.
Цена  110 rub.

Inoklim Inoklim

BAA, which includes soy bean extract and oil,
soy licitin, fish gelatin, titanium dioxide, glycerin,
sunflower oil. With long-term use, the agent contributes
reduce the frequency of tides, drops in blood pressure,
Inoklim стабилизирует сердцебиение, сон, настроение. Price 600-650



lipid-lowering drug, a component of which is dry
herb extract This remedy contains steroid saponins and
therefore, it improves the work of the female sexual glands, and
tonic effect. Цена  1100 rub.

Menopace  Menopace

multivitamin complex with minerals, it is shown at
hypovitaminosis in menopause and as a treatment for the symptom complex
during menopause. Цена 330-400 rub.

Bonisan Bonisan

This is a dietary supplement consisting of a soy bean isoflavone dry extract,
one capsule of the drug meets 58% of the need for isoflavones in
day. Цена 300-310 rub.

Climalanine Climalanine

anti-menopausal drug whose active ingredient
is the amino acid β-alanine. This tool has
direct effect on peripheral skin vessels,
contributing to saturation of neurotransmitter receptors and reducing
the severity of symptoms of menopause. Цена 270-350 rub.

Femwell Femwell

This is a dietary supplement that can be used for treatment.
menopausal syndrome, prevention of osteoporosis, with
dyshormonal disorders, as part of
isoflavonoids isolated from soy, they have hormone-like
action. The uniqueness of soy isoflavones is that they are
act selectively, depending on your own estrogens
женщины, проявляют как антиэстрогенную, так и эстрогенную
activity. Цена: 800-1000 rub.

Klimadinon Klimadinon

This is a drug that contains cimicifuga extract.
racemes rhizome extract, estrogen-like,
седативным, антиклимактерическим action. Eliminates
vegetative-vascular disorders, psycho-emotional in postmenopausal and
premenopausal period. Contraindicated in lactose intolerance,
in the presence of estrogen-dependent tumors, with caution
used for epilepsy, liver disease. Price: 320-370

Remens Remens

гомеопатическое средство, в состав которого входят секрет
cuttlefish glands, tsimitsifuga racemose, pilocarpus, sanguinaria
Canadian, snake venom surukuku. Remens снижает интенсивность
autonomic and psycho-emotional disorders, improves metabolic
processes, reduces the risk of weight gain and the risk of cardiovascular
violations. Цена: 450-500 rub.

Ladys Formula Menopause Ladys Formula Menopause

The composition includes vitamins E, B3, B6, B1, B2, manganese, selenium, boron,
chromium, magnesium, pantothenic acid. Used mainly when
neurovegetative symptoms during menopause. And also for
prevention of osteoporosis, ischemic heart disease, atherosclerosis. For prophylaxis
severe climacteric with climacteric
myocardiodystrophy. Цена: 570-600 rub.

Climactoplan Climactoplan

Homeopathic remedy, composed of – cicimituga racemosis,
sanguinaria canadensis, sepia offnalis, strychnos ignatia.
Is taken to relieve menopausal symptoms in
women. Relieves nervous tension, itching, improves sleep, reduces
интенсивность tides

Climax Climax

Homeopathic remedy, shown for menopausal
syndrome, with increased sweating, flushing, headache,
irritability, palpitations. Цена: 70 -100 rub.

Klimakt-Khel Klimakt-Khel

Homeopathy, production Germany, in the composition – sanguinaria
canadensis, strychnos of Ignatia, sepia officeinalis, Simaroub zedron,
stannum metallicum, lhesesis mutus. Used in composition
combination therapy in women in menopausal
autonomic disorders – headache, flushing, increased
nervous excitability. цена: 250 rub.

Ovariamin Ovariamin

The dietary supplement created from ovaries of goats, pigs, KRS, sheep. Possesses
tonic and tonic, has estrogen-like
property, serves as a means to support functional activity
ovarian with chronic adnexitis, with menopause.
Цена: 420 rub.

Epifamin Epifamin

BAA is a complex of nucleoproteins and proteins that are isolated from
pineal gland cattle. This remedy supports immune function.
system, has immunomodulatory properties, shown in
нарушении эндокринной системы, в климактерический период у women.
Цена: 950 rub.

It is worth remembering that any non-hormonal drug during menopause
can cause various side effects, individual
intolerance, allergic reactions, etc., so when choosing
anti-menopausal drugs worth considering individual
features of the woman’s body, concomitant chronic
diseases. Sometimes one remedy that is perfect and
helps one woman may not be completely effective
for another. Therefore, before using dietary supplements or homeopathic
remedies for menopausal syndrome should consult with
qualified technician.

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