Ninth week of pregnancy


  1. What’s happening
  2. Feel
  3. Signs
  4. Tips & Tricks
  5. Ultrasound scan

The 9th week of pregnancy means that the woman has already been two months is in an “interesting position”. On this term occurs active development of a small organism, and future mom gradually getting used to his new role.

Further in the article we will talk about the changes taking place in the body of the woman and the fetus, signs of pregnancy, sensations, and We also provide useful tips and recommendations of specialists.

What’s happening

9th week of pregnancyTo the future mommy gradually old things become too small. The body is gradually adapting to pregnancy and begins to slowly gain weight.

Some women also lose weight slightly, it’s also normal if well-being continues to remain satisfactory, and no severe toxicosis.

By the 9th week, the baby’s body is almost formed completely:

  • The cerebellum appears in the fetus (it is a section of the brain, who is responsible for the coordination of movements);
  • Gradually, the tail transforms into the tailbone;
  • The membranes between the fingers disappear, gradually forming palms;
  • The lower limbs are developed a little less, they are stretched forward, feet will soon form, fingers not yet divided;
  • The eyelids are fully formed and now cover their eyes;
  • The embryo straightens slightly;
  • A neck is marked at the base of the head;
  • At this time, the formation of swallowing occurs. reflex
  • Adrenaline begins to develop in the adrenal glands;
  • Water is exchanged in the kidneys. When the future baby swallows amniotic fluid, they are disguised as a prototype urine
  • Lymph nodes and nerves are laid;
  • On a small face, you can distinguish the upper and lower lip.


Right now, a woman begins the first manifestations of toxicosis. Although everything is very individual – someone is more lucky and toxicosis practically does not make itself felt, but someone is constantly suffering from nausea and vomiting.

But with food oddities, almost everyone pregnant.

The future mother may have the following sensations:

  • Feeling of drowsiness, lethargy, depression;
  • Nasal congestion (it even got the name “runny nose” pregnant “);
  • Fatigue;
  • Difficulty concentrating;
  • Various emotions (from positive to negative);
  • Hypersensitivity of the nipples may appear;
  • Many women constantly feel stuffy.

Sensitivity to smells. Too harsh aromas often make you feel irritation up to nausea.


9th week of pregnancy

  1. External signs. At such a short time, the future mother may well hide his interesting position from prying eyes, After all, it practically still does not make itself felt. On the 9th week, as in the previous one, a slight change is possible gait and figures. The uterus now corresponds in size grapefruit, but a slightly grown tummy is difficult to see under clothes.
  2. Chest. A characteristic swelling of the chest. The future mom will have to Consider purchasing more suitable underwear. If breast and before pregnancy it was impressive in size, it is important to buy bra with support function. And he is by no means should be small and squeeze the chest.
  3. Leather. The first stretch marks may appear. At week 9, the condition skin is individual. In some women every now and then arise pimples, and others cannot get enough of their tender and smooth skin. Manifestations from the skin are controlled altered hormonal background.
  4. Allocations. Normally, slight vaginal discharge may occur. the amount of mucus is white or yellowish. Wary in case of brown discharge, they should definitely be tell the doctor.
  5. One of the first symptoms of a miscarriage that has begun is bleeding. If you notice any spotting – urgently seek medical attention.
  6. Body temperature. This indicator during pregnancy may be slightly increased due to exposure to the hormone progesterone. Normally, the temperature should not be more than 37-37.4 degrees. If 38 degrees or more are detected on a thermometer – this is a clear sign of the disease.

Tips & Tricks

It is very important to get a full food.

Eat more natural foods and less “chemistry” – E-shek, stabilizers, preservatives, flavorings.

A pregnant woman is recommended to eat:

  • Meat (but only low-fat varieties);
  • Fatty fish (they contain healthy food acids);
  • Dairy and dairy products;
  • Porridge
  • Natural sweets (honey, fruits, berries).

Also, if necessary, the doctor may prescribe optional vitamin complexes, folic acid or drugs gland. At this time, the future mom should be registered in the female consultation. A number of analyzes are mandatory and studies, including:

  • Blood sugar test;
  • Determination of the presence / absence of various diseases (including genital infections);
  • Diagnosis of the general condition of the body.

It is important for a woman to monitor her physical and emotional state – do not bother yourself with hard work, rest more, avoid stressful situations, as well as negative emotions. A mandatory point is the rejection of bad habits.

You can’t visit the sauna, bathhouse, stay for a long time in direct sunlight.

Ultrasound scan

On ultrasound, a small little man. Just at this time, he is already starting to do his first movements, though only ultrasound can catch them so far.

The child receives nutrition through the placenta, through it returned products are returned.

At the 9th week of pregnancy, the length of the embryo can vary from 22 to 30 millimeters, and its weight is about 4 grams.

The future mom has a lot of time ahead to thoroughly prepare for the birth of the baby. Important at this time keep calm, experience positive emotions and Feel the care and support of family and friends.

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