Night work contributes to obesity

Update: February 2019

This interconnection was noticed by Dr. Jie, who represents
University of Hong Kong in conjunction with a group of their followers. For
Confirmations of conjectures scientists conducted a large-scale study of
the results of which reported the magazine “Obesity Reviews”.

According to medical literature, obesity is an accumulation
excessive amounts of adipose tissue. Its main type is abdominal.
obesity – is such a cluster in the upper
half of the human body, mainly on the stomach. In addition, fat
accumulates and around the main internal organs, namely
liver, heart muscle, lungs.


Obesity occurs due to improper diet with increased
the content of “fast” carbohydrates and fats without concomitant
adequate physical activity of the person. Dr. Jie’s experiment
allowed scientists to identify an additional cause of this disease.
In general, researchers were able to carry out 28 mini-experiments in
framework of a large meta-analysis. The work of doctors from Hong Kong was
completed in March of this year.

The researchers analyzed the types of overweight,
available to people and their work schedules. As a result, it became
it is clear: those who worked at night, much more often suffered from
abdominal obesity. It is logical that these citizens will
it is incredibly useful to change the working schedule and go on shifts
in the daytime.

Do not forget that the excess fatty tissue in the body
provokes the development of breast cancer, heart disease and
vessels. Therefore, the population with heredity for this
pathology, you can not work at night at all. Scientists hope that
there are still many more reliable studies that will clarify
причину возникновения именно abdominal obesity.

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