Newborn shakes chin

A newborn baby is not at all like the pink-cheeked baby dolls
which are shown in advertising – every mom knows this. Little,
wrinkled, often covered with hair on the back and shoulders, with
defocused look and slim legs and legs that
make strange movements.

почему у новорожденного трясется подбородок

у новорожденного трясется подбородок

Первые месяцы родители внимательно присматриваются к младенцу –
is everything okay with him, is he healthy, and those are amazing
the body movements that the kid makes can make them terrified.
Наиболее часто родителей беспокоит вопрос – почему у
newborn shaking chin? But is there a reason for panic and
what is the norm, and what goes beyond its boundary?

Chin tremor in the newborn

Newborn baby (baby from birth to
months), even if it is full up to the required 40 weeks
pregnancy, – not yet fully formed person.

All systems of his body are not matured, and during the first year
life will continue to evolve. Therefore jerky twitching
and shudder limbs of the child in the first weeks of life, – more often
just a sign of the immaturity of the nervous system, and not any

The centers that regulate the movement of a person are still at birth
not fully activated, so involuntary twitching and
random movements of the arms and legs – this is normal for
newborn baby.

One of the most worrying factors is jitter.
chin, pens, whole body. Let’s see what to do,
если у новорожденного трясется подбородок.

What to do if the newborn shakes chin

  1. Во-первых, необходимо быть внимательными к
    when trembling occurs – at rest or in nervous
  2. Во-вторых, нет ли других неврологических
    factors disturbing parents – poor sleep, uncontrolled
    trembling of the whole body, twitching not only of the chin, but also

Most likely, if there are no other manifestations of the disease, then
Chin shake itself shouldn’t bother

Chin tremor

In itself, chin tremor is not a pathology if
at the age of three months it appears during crying or
physical activity. In such a case, the tremor is caused by over-stimulation.
nervous system, which means it’s perfectly normal for tiny
person However, this does not mean that parents should not
делать – для новорожденного, у которого трясется подбородок,
mandatory massage, water treatments (relaxing baths with
lavender or chamomile), as well as consultation of a neurologist.

If the tremor is manifested in the child and at rest, such
factor may well be a symptom of a condition called
hypertonus. Muscle tone in babies remains on average up to a year,
but hypertonus is a serious disorder requiring treatment.

Head tremor

If the chin is not shaking, but the baby’s head itself, then this
may be a sign of a serious neurological disease,
caused, for example, asphyxia during labor. In this case
the child will need treatment from a neurologist.

In 90% of children, chin tremor goes by 2-3 months. If
chin tremor persists when screaming and, especially, in a state
rest after reaching the age of three months, you must visit
specialist neurologist.

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