�“Newborn Passport” – download, printand fill

Any parent wants to remember the highlights of the first year.
life of your baby. Maybe that’s why resourceful
entrepreneurs released the albums “I was born!” and “I
was born! “. These albums immediately appeared in many families,
but only after a while, some of them began to talk

In particular, not everyone was satisfied with the sections “Astrological
predictions on my birthday “and” Important events that
occurred on this day. ” What predictions are we talking about? Is it
Did parents pay attention to them on such an important day? After some time
and nothing will be remembered. And the events around us? Who draws on
attention to them, if the most important event happened in the family?

Maybe that’s why I got a start in the so-called
«паспорт новорожденного». It is almost the same.
Album, but in a simplified form. Such pictures on the Internet
множество, нужно их просто скачать, распечатать and fill.
The lines to fill in them are typical, about the main points of the first
years of life crumbs, namely:

  • number, place and time of birth, weight and height;
  • prints of pens and legs of the newborn;
  • a table that records the increase in weight and height in the first year
  • the first achievements of the crumbs (the first word, when he sat down, stood up, made
    first step, etc.);
  • Information about the appearance of the first tooth and all subsequent ones.

The last pages of such a passport are reserved for mother’s notes,
and there are just empty ones. Here you are, on empty ones, you can manifest everything.
their design talents. You can put on them separate photos
or united by one theme. Space between photos
Decorate with beautiful pictures and funny inscriptions. Some
moms manage to paraphrase famous children’s poems

Such a passport will be different individuality. Let him be
unprofessional, but exactly touching and made with

And then after many years you (maybe together with your
child) can return to the past for a few minutes, with
trembling to review all photos and recordings. And your child, now
quite adult, be sure to thank you for these memorabilia
pages made with love.

Kid’s Passport:

Baby’s passport:

Another option:

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