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Moms who are preparing for double replenishment in
family or have already become parents of twins – this article is for you. Of
you will know her: how best to organize the feeding process, how
choose a stroller, cot for kids and how to cope with
difficulties in caring for newborn twins.

новорожденные двойняшки

Feeding features

At first it will be very hard for mom to feed two children and care
for them yourself. After giving birth, the woman’s body is weakened, and
to cope with her two newborn babies will not be easy.

Feeding the twins is desirable at the same time, choosing the maximum
Comfortable position: sitting up best – babies are applied to the chest,
turning them to one another.

кормим грудью двойняшек

Since the intervals between feeding newborns are very small,
this will not only save time, but will also contribute to
prolactin production (increasing in turn the amount of
breast milk).

The “feed on demand” mode with double replenishment in
family is unacceptable for many women, as it takes
significantly more time (especially if each baby eats very
slow); and if there is a third child in the family, then he almost doesn’t
get my mom’s attention.  As people who have experience say
в воспитании двойняшек, если ночью один малыш
got hungry and woke up, it is best to wake up for feeding and
– всё это способствует выработке единого
mealtime, and mom will not need to feed all night
little ones take turns.

Однако некоторым мамам приходится кормить little ones take turns.
The reasons for this may be different:

  • I can not find a comfortable position for simultaneous
    feeding two children;
  • недостаток молока (как увеличить лактацию). In this
    случае  происходит чередование  кормления грудью и
    with a mixture: in one feeding the first baby gets breast, the second –
    mixture, and in another – the opposite.

If the new mother of twins there is no one to help (for example,
during the day when the husband is at work), it is better to buy a special pillow
for feeding twins – it is attached to the waist with a belt,
quite comfortable and will help to feed as comfortably as possible
at the same time two newborn babies.

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Основные и главные советы
nursing mom on the organization of HB

Do I need to buy two cots?

Двойняшки до 3-4 месяцев спокойно могут спать в одной
crib, besides, it will be quieter for them (after all, they are 9 months
провели в животике у мамы бок о бок :) ), а родителям – удобнее, не говоря уже об экономии
space (of course, one “bed” for two children
must be, until they become cramped and uncomfortable).

двойняшки в одной кроватке

However, not everything goes perfectly. Sometimes it happens that babies
sleep uneasily, interfere with each other, and translate them into one mode
It does not work. In this situation, the purchase of a second bed
becomes a necessity. If babies bother each other,
the apartment (house) makes it possible to put two cots, it is better
to place them separately – it would be better for children if together
they don’t get along.


In 3-4 months the babies will grow up, and they will be cramped, and even they
very quickly learn to roll over and strive to explore
surrounding area.  That’s when it’s worth buying
special bed for twin or second bed.

кроватку для двойни (виды кроваток)

Double clean bathing

The first six months, until the children learned to sit on their own,
удобнее  будет купать их отдельно друг от друга.

  • It is necessary to immediately prepare all the accessories that
    when bathing: shampoo, sponge, towel, cream, baby
    powder etc. Everything should be at hand.
  • Initially, you need to bathe the most restless child, otherwise
    there is a high probability that he will become awkward in the midst
    water procedures of his (his) sister (brother).
  • After bathing, the first child is fed and placed in the crib, and
    then proceed to bathing the second.

Partition of duties is especially convenient: mother bathes one
baby, and dad – the other.

купание двойняшек

When the twins can sit on their own, then you can swim
make a joint. This is where the real fun begins.
Stock up on toys – water treatments will deliver to children much
more fun when you can splash together in warm water
and play with each other. If both parents bathe, then after water
procedures kids can simultaneously attach to the chest – because
joint feeding after bathing will only contribute to schooling
to one mode.

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Как правильно купать

�”Together in the open air” or “How to choose the right stroller
for twins? ”

Walking in the fresh air is very useful for children: strengthen
immunity, promote growth and development. Well, what are the walks
without a stroller? Even for one child, buying a pram is not spontaneously
worth it, but the choice of “first transport” for twins should be considered
especially serious. What should I look for?

коляска для двойняшек

  1. It is necessary to clearly understand where the stroller will be stored and
    Is there enough room for her in the apartment? Ofмерьте соответствующую part
    rooms, as well as the doorway and the entrance to the elevator – strollers for twins
    are quite dimensional.
  2. Weight is very important. If there are people who will be constantly
    make you a stroller, you can not chase the choice of the easiest.
    And if you have to lower it all the time, you have to do it
    purchase, based on their physical abilities.
  3. If mom and dad always go together with twins on
    walk, then you can buy two separate strollers.
  4. Appearance is important: one parents like double
    strollers, where the kids are sitting next to each other (“side by side”), and
    to others – where a locomotive type arrangement is one place for
    to others. There are still transformer carriages that are from double
    With the help of simple manipulations are converted into single.

ЧИТАЕМ ПОДРОБНО: Как выбрать коляску для
двойни (виды колясок)

The first year of life of twins is a very difficult time for
parents. This period requires maximum attention from all
family members. In difficult moments, it is important not to forget that once
difficulties with the kids will end – mom and dad will gain experience, and
a real double will come for the change of constant excitement for children

Growing twins over time becomes easier and
simpler ;)


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