Newborn baby – 5 questions and answers abouthealth and care

There are probably no more worried people than the parents of a newborn.
baby With his appearance, they have many fears and
questions: “Why does a newborn shudder in a dream?”, “How
to do a baby massage correctly ?, “Causes of heart murmurs
newborn “,” How to hardening? “, etc.

When a woman finds out that she is expecting a child, in her heart along with
joy settled anxiety for him. With the birth of crumbs such
excitement intensifies – parents are aware of immense responsibility
for his life. Newborn babies are so helpless! In adults
There are many questions to care for them: how many children
should sleep, eat, walk … Especially for those moms and dads,
who became parents for the first time. I want every action
was right, only benefited the baby and by no means
The case is not the other way around. To protect yourself from unnecessary anxiety, it is important
carefully examine issues related to newborn health
babies, as well as childcare regulations.

The content of the article

  • 1 Why does a newborn shudder in a dream?
  • 2 How to massage the baby?
  • 3 How to develop the crumbs up to a year?
  • 4 Causes of noise in the heart of a newborn
  • 5 How to harden the baby?
  • 6 Video consultation of the highest neonatologist
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    baby Newborn care

новорожденный ребенок

A newborn baby is truly an amazing creature! First
the day after his birth the baby is experiencing real stress
however, it tolerates such changes quite easily. Baby gets into
completely unknown to him environment, with unusual for him
earlier ways of breathing and feeding.

Why does a newborn shudder in a dream?

My daughter is 2 months old, and she very often shudders in her sleep. I
worried. Is this normal? Anna, Mariupol.

A healthy baby can sometimes wince during
. Such a reaction can provoke harsh sounds
nearby (for example, doorbell / phone call, barking
dogs outside the window, etc.), stomach cramps, as well as a change in sleep phases
(when the phases of sleep change from superficial to deep). Even in
waking period sudden noise is capable of scaring the baby. BUT
Here are the sounds of calm and calm, causing the child to respond –
he starts to listen to them and calms down.

To avoid frequent startle babies, you should try
reduce its nervous excitability. Neuro-reflex excitability
can be increased due to the stresses and pathologies of pregnancy,
birth trauma or developing rickets. Other symptoms of this
disease is excessive sweating of the head or its baldness
in the occipital region. Do baby soothing baths and
relaxing massage, ventilate the room, do not overheat and do not
переохлаждайте baby Create a calm and comfortable environment for
rest your little ones.

BUT вот если вздрагивания случаются очень часто, накатывая
waves one after another, the baby should be shown to the doctor. Such
symptoms are characteristic of childhood epilepsy. Neurologist will be able to give you
correct recommendations. At the age of 3 months the same specialist
must inspect the baby, even if there is no

ЧИТBUTЕМ ТBUTКЖЕ: Почему новорожденный ребенок
shudders in a dream?

How to massage the baby?

I очень много слышала о пользе массажа для младенцев. BUT может ли
Does he hurt a child? Lily, Moscow.

Revitalizing massage that a young mother could teach
nurses in the hospital, is not harmful. BUT вот если речь идет о
therapeutic massage – it can only be carried out by a specialist in
prescribing by the attending physician.

The only contraindication to
ordinary firming massage can be a disease
. No need to undress the crumbs and leave him
naked more than a couple of minutes if he has
fever, runny nose, or cough.

But there are also such massage elements that will help the baby
get well sooner: in case of a cold it is useful to massage the fingers
Crumbs, when coughing – rubbing and stroking the chest, with intestinal
Colic – gently massage the tummy in a clockwise direction, and
bend and unbend crumbs legs.

массаж ножки малыша

Restorative massage is best done in the morning, and on
ночь такой массаж желательно не делать — он возбуждает
baby For an evening massage, only light strokes are suitable.
Also remember that it is not advisable to massage the baby after a meal.
Give him time to rest – about an hour. Otherwise the massage procedure
will cause the baby to burp.

Massage is best carried out in a well-ventilated room with
fresh, but already slightly warmed air. First, the massage time is not
must exceed 5 minutes. All your movements should be soft and
gentle, but at the same time confident and clear. In the child laid
tremendous growth and development potential, therefore deal with it
carefully, but without fear. Do not be afraid to “break something”

ЧИТBUTЕМ ТBUTКЖЕ: Правильный массаж для
baby in the first three months of life (instructions in pictures + 7


How to develop a baby up to a year?

Our Lenechka is 6 months old. Tell me how to develop
baby at that age? What can you teach him? Yuliya,

The most important thing you can do is stimulate
развитие своего baby
This will help you such

  • Lay your baby on the tummy, place in front of him a favorite toy
    and interest him with it. Let baby try to crawl to
    a toy;
  • Lift the toy so that the baby starts to reach for it;
  • To get started, encourage your baby to get on all fours, and then on
    legs. In this case, the support must be absent – support the son under
    mice to “dance” on your lap or bed;
  • Teach your baby how to interact with toys: put in pens
    light rattles (one in each hand). Showcase
    baby, how can they knock on each other;
  • Give the child a comfortable toy with a pen from which he can
    he “extract” sounds;
  • Take the baby’s open palm and gently swipe your
    open lips and cheeks. Talk in a gentle and calm voice.
    with the baby, repeating the syllables that are accessible and understandable to him (agu, la-la,
    Mama). Repeat the exercise several times. This technique helps
    rapid development of infant speech;
  • From the age of 6 months with a baby, you can begin to engage in
    developing cards. Iркие и красочные изображения фруктов,
    animals or transport along with a clear pronunciation of their names
    Mom perfectly stimulates the development of speech.

ЧИТBUTЕМ ТBUTКЖЕ: Календарь развития ребенка
by month

Causes of noise in the heart of a newborn

Our Matthew is a month and a half. While still in the hospital, the doctors discovered
his heart murmurs, and an echocardiogram showed a small defect
interventricular septum. Doctors said that later this
the defect will be delayed. How can we help your little one now?
BUTнастасия, Воронеж.

Дефект межжелудочковой перегородки (ДМЖП)
congenital heart disease characterized by the presence of a defect between
right and left ventricles of the heart.


This partition has three parts, which, like a constructor,
interconnected. If for some reason such “details” are not
are connected, then a hole is formed in the partition. Before the appearance
such a defect does not play a role to the world and does not affect anything,
but after the crumb takes the first breath, the pressure in the left
ventricle rises, and blood from it enters through the existing
hole back to the right ventricle. This is the nature of noise in
a heart. In 75% of cases, these openings close themselves.
The main thing in this situation is to be monitored by a child.
а также беречь малыша от инфекций, чтобы он не
получил осложнений на a heart.

How to harden the baby?

I really want our Masha to grow up healthy. It is now a month.
I уже могу начинать как-то закаливать ее? Marina, Krivoy Rog.

Hardening a child can and should be from the first days. Special
важно поддерживать правильную температуру в комнате  (от ~18
to 22 ° C) and humidity in the room. And do not worry if not
began to harden his daughter before. In fact, you have already carried out
hardening when the girl changed clothes. After all, at least a couple of minutes
baby spent naked, taking a useful air bath.
Gradually increase their duration.

закаливание новорожденных

Every mother wants her baby to grow up healthy. This will help
закаливание и три главных его принципа: постепенность,
constancy and individual approach.

If everything turns out well, then after a month, except air
baths, baby can also add hardening water. So that
hardening was not sudden, gradually reduce the temperature of the water
when bathing from 36–37 ° С (in the first weeks) to 26 ° С (according to the doctor
Komarovsky). If so invigorating water temperature you
alarming, stop at 30 ° C, but be sure to
pour water over the baby with a temperature of 5 degrees lower at the end
water treatments.

Extreme parents give their kids cold
water after bathing, but not everyone will decide on this. But those who
they decide, as a rule, then do not know what a cold is.

After a few months, the child can recommend useful
contrast baths for legs. They are well done before the day
сном baby To do this, you will need two basins. Into one
water is poured at a temperature of 36 ° C, and the other is steamed water
degrees colder The baby’s feet should be lowered into the first bowl until
mid-calf for a couple of minutes, and then in the second – by 10-15
seconds The procedure is repeated several times. It is important that
the temperature of the water in the second basin should decrease by degrees
every week. You will need to stop at indicators 17-18

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Take care of your baby, follow the schedule of the day,
develop and temper your baby – give him your love in each
new day.

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Video consultation by a higher neonatologist
категории: выписка из maternity hospital. The first days of life
baby Newborn care

Doctor’s advice on caring for a newborn baby following discharge from
maternity hospital. Romashina Marina Valerievna advises:

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